Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 works with Windows XP SP3?

Windows AIK for windows 7 works with windows xp sp3... the docs said windows XP sp2



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    I have a Sony CCD-TRV608 camcorder and can not find drivers for it to work with Windows 7.  I've been on the Sony website and they do not have something there that I can find... most of the options you can choose to say there is nothing available after you select them.   Problem #2 - I do not know what kind of cable I need to connect the camcorder to the computer.  Any ideas?  Thank you very much!

    Hello JacquieXU,

    You will need a USB cable to connect the camcorder to the computer. You can directly connect the USB cable which you would have received with the camcorder and would appear as a plug-and-play device. If you have the software Camcorder installed on the computer, it will directly load the default drivers when you connect the camcorder.

    If the USB generic drivers are unable to load when you connect the camera, check if the camcorder is compatible with Windows 7.

    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers.

  • Trying to install Vista Automated Installation Kit but no configuration, click on?

    Instructions in the download page to install the Automated Installation Kit Window Vista, pasted below. I spoke to the long step 4 OK, but there is no "Windows AIK Setup" to clikck on. I missed something? are there missing steps?

    Thank you!!

    1. click on the download button on this page to start the download
    2. click on save or save this program to your computer. Windows AIK is distributed in the form of .img file.
    3 burn the img recorded on a DVD
    4. Insert the DVD into the machine
    5. click on installation of Windows AIK to begin the installation.

    You must burn the IMG on a CD/DVD file using a program that can convert the IMG file in its native format of CD/DVD.  Just burn the file IMG on a CD/DVD will not work.  I recommend this:

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    Menus grayed implies that you're working in Live View mode.  You cannot change the models in Live View mode.

    Switch to Design view.  See screenshot.

    Nancy O.

  • Ideas for why HttpConnection works with some clients and not others

    Hi, I have an application that downloads and analyzes an xml file. This works perfectly for some users and does not at all for others. They can even access the XML on the web, but it won't work with my application. Some said they used a bold font, other OS 4.5. Here is an excerpt from my source:

    HttpConnection conn = (HttpConnection);conn.setRequestMethod(HttpConnection.GET);String _node, _element;DocumentBuilderFactory docBuilderFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();DocumentBuilder docBuilder = docBuilderFactory.newDocumentBuilder();docBuilder.isValidating();Document doc = docBuilder.parse(conn.openInputStream());doc.getDocumentElement().normalize();NodeList list = doc.getElementsByTagName("*");// .. parse data

    Edit: formatting is all messed up

    Not necessarily. You * can * make your app to use BIS-B if you are a partner of the Alliance and I recommend this, but this is not necessary.

    Your customers can also connect using WAP 1.1, WAP2 or direct TCP. I would recommend that you try WAP2 first, this requires no info gateway APN or WAP. You can get the WAP2 info directly from the maintenance book.

    Try the code in the example (in the white paper that I attached earlier).

    Your best bet is to develop some hueristics of network connection using the CoverageInfo class (see the documentation of the API).

    We are doing something like this, at the bottom of the list:







    I think that in the USA, CA, UK and Western Union, BES and BIS - B cover approximately 90% of users. Once you walk out of those areas, it starts to be more exciting.

  • Pre for Mac can work with xVid .avi files?

    Well, I have some of the xVid .avi files and wonder what I should do to get the first Elements 9 for Mac that allows to work with them. I can't seem to find the right codec and I don't know if that would solve my problem even. Yes, the codec would read QuickTime files, but El first would be able to work with them?

    I also thought I could use the Super video converter (free app) on my PC to convert these files to something other than Premiere Elements will love. I guess that .mov would be preferable. I don't really know if this might degrade the video, but I suspect it would be.

    What do you think guys what is the best approach?

    Thank you very much!

    A DVD uses MPEG2 format, transcoded VOB to DVD - take a look at a DVD 'Hollywood' sometimes to see the structure of directories and files

    XviD/divx are variants of the MPEG4 codec... and cannot be directly used to create a DVD... they must be transcoded

    Because thay are not intended to be edited (they were designed for delivery, often via streaming video on the ' net) you will need to convert for use in PrEl

  • Aero does not work for me, but works with the guest account.

    From: Tony Burke

    I have a new laptop with Vista Home Premium. Aero works OK when the guest account is connected but will not work for me in my administrator account - all settings etc are correct, but when I set to Aero, he returned to Vista Basic.

    Any suggestions?

    From: Paul Smith

    There is probably some software running which disables it.  Stuff as Java always calls the API legacy to draw graphics that allows Windows to the old mode rescue.

    If you click Start, and then type "Defender" Windows Defender should appear, from there, you can use the 'explore software' (under Tools) to try to disable all applications that are running on login.


    Paul Smith,

    Yeovil, United Kingdom.

    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.


    * Remove nospam. to reply to the e-mail

    Another response of the community of Windows Vista discussion groups

  • I need help for my Dell AIO 924 printer to work? Is there a driver for it that works with the MSW 8?

    Dell said that they won't support their 924 on W8, but I think that it can be used here.  Someone at - it any help?

    The response to Windows 7 that I can remember, was to run the driver in Vista compatibility mode.

    If this does not work and Windows 8 does not automatically install a driver even for basic printing, Dell you said is the truth...

  • Impossible for Typekit to work with localhost (in addition, another weird issue with copy + paste)


    I looked through the other posts already and I * think * I tried all the solutions, but I still can't get on my machine typekit fonts.

    I try to use the font "speaker-std".  In the editor of 'kit', in the 'Kit-kit settings > settings' tab I name "localhost" (without quotes) and the right areas '' (without quotes).

    Then (AFTER saving the settings on this tab), I'll be back in edge animate, I start a new font by clicking that + sign next to "fonts" in the "Library" tab  I put list "police rescue" to "'speaker-std', sans-serif" (w / quotes, without quotes), then back to the browser open and move the 'embed' code, copy the two lines of javascript, back onboard, animate, and... nothing.  It doesn't let me change ANY text in this area more after that window loses focus.  I have to press 'Cancel' and then try again.  So this time, I just type in the speaker-std... blah blah, as well as the last time, but paste into the code successfully because he was already in the Clipboard and I didn't need to lose focus of the window.  Okay, so I click on 'Add fonts' and apply the police to my text.  Nothing happens.

    Huh... well the image "of the T police' appears at the bottom right of my screen, it's weird.  I'll listen to some extracts in chrome, still ugly old without seriff, also with the logo 'of the T police' down right.

    Well, I say to myself "probably takes just a second... or one minute... or w/e as the message said."  It was at least an hour ago so something is not always well.

    I would just delete the fonts and start over again... maybe something got screwed up along the way and he would fix things to start all over again.  Well... "Sorry," said edge animate... can not allow you to delete!  Tab "libarary", there is only one visible font, it says 'speaker-std, sans-serif' (without quotes).  If I right click on it, the only option is to 'delete' and it is grayed out.

    I tried to make one with arial instead of lineal just now, still does not, but everything now presents itself in arial instead of lineal... so that's something I guess.

    My apologies if this is just a simple problem that I'm not just sort of seize.  Please accept this legitimate bug as a means of payment report... re copy paste bug, I want to say...

    Thank you!


    Hi Trevor,

    I'm sorry you troubles here. Typekit may be used locally. However, there are a few steps which if left empty, causes the fonts don't not to return. To use Typekit locally, it must:

    1. run a local server when you test your site in the browser. You can tell if you are running a local server with the URL of the local site. If it starts with: file://, then you just look at a local file in a browser and it works does not from a local server.

    If the local URL starts with: http:// then you're running a local server.

    2. the domain of your local server must be part of the list of field in your Kit. So if your local server uses: localhost, you will need to add this to the areas of your Kit.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us directly: [email protected]

    See you soon,.


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    There is no Firefox browser for iPod! Or iPhone or iPad.

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    If you please repost Lightroom SDK in the forum, and I'm sure someone will help you: Lightroom SDK.

  • If I was here and they reset my password. That works, but it requires a password to the final installation and my password in working with my name that appears is; Michael Dost not E-mail

    need to find the password to install final to Michael Dost

    When you install the software you is usually requested a password. This is not the Adobe password, or the password of any web site. It is the administrator password for your computer, that you (or someone) has chosen the first time you've turned on your computer. No one can tell you that it is, or to reset.

  • Scan HP PSC 1410 all in one printer works well, does not work with Win XP SP3

    I am well satisfied with my computer HP 2006, Win XP SP3; However when I had to reformat the HP PSC all-in-one printer that works well will analyze any more.  Microsoft says that it does not recognize the drivers for the scanner.

    Try to download software and software updates of the HP Web site.  See if that helps.

  • Tecra M10 - Sound does not work on Windows XP SP3

    TECRA M10 sound does not work with Win XP SP3

    1. the drivers from the toshiba web site.
    2 chipset drivers and audio drivers were reinstalled no luck,.
    3. no mute FN + Esc
    4. feature eat that all drivers ok


    If I understand your right all devices listed correctly in the Device Manager and you don t have yellow exclamation points?

    Normally, for high definition sound cards, you need two patches from Microsoft:
    KB835221 and KB888111.
    Normally, these patches are integrated into SP3 but it works only if you install the audio driver after SP3. So, if you have an older version of XP without SP3, you must update to SP3, all first and then install the display driver.

    So in your case, you must delete the current sound driver and restart the laptop. Then use CCleaner to clean the registry and system files. Reboot the laptop. Then download and install the driver of his newest Realtek Hompage.

    Good bye

  • Third monitor does not work with Eyefinity more

    I am trying to run 3 monitors on my ATI HD 5770

    I have two computers that, for years, have worked with several thin monitors... until very recently.  Through all my updates to the OS, they continued to work.  I don't remember exactly at what time each card has ceased to power its third monitor.  Each of my "third monitors" would come on periodically until they all finally stopped.

    All monitors are working fine as I juggle the cables and adapters each refreshes and lights up but not all at the same time.

    Here's what I have available for troubleshooting.

    I have two Mac Pros below.  (OS 10.11.6) on one and (OS 10.7.5) on the other.

    Each tower has (2) 5770 cards installed that each have a DVI and 2 mini ports.

    So I have a total of (4) cards and is starting the new one that I got on ebay last week.

    I have LG E2350V 23 "monitors (6) and (3) 22" ACER monitors

    All my cables are active and I have several active adapters

    I just bought some passive extra and many very active adapters to the experience and trouble shooting with.

    Thanks in advance for the help and time!

    DisplayPort and its variant electrically identical but small size Mini DisplayPort and the implementation which is a subset of Thunderbolt, any differential use (push-pull) of signals pilot very low voltage. They are MORE immune to noise than old methods because the signal is encoded on the difference between the two signals, not a single signal referenced to a "everybody" on the ground. If possible, you must connect all screens with DisplayPort [full-size] or Mini DisplayPort. These put a lot less load on your system.

    When you convert this very low level signal to an "inherited" display, the map is short of ability to directly signal levels in the car high enough to be recognized after connection of TWO monitors legacy of any kind. If you choose to use a DVI or HDMI port supplied directly, that still counts as one of your two "free" conversions (It is also possible that a very fussy display is moved even earlier).

    All display "legacy" beyond the first two requires ACTIVE description adapters. Adapters ASSETS contain re-drivers of signal and are therefore more expensive than ordinary adapters. Typical prices are of the order of $ 40, but competition has lowered some prices slightly. Mini DisplayPort has a descendant-comparability mode requested by the regular cards, who can get to produce a Single-Link DVI signal to up to 1920 wide, but a regular adapter not pushed the signal levels.

    The Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual-Link, which is used for DVI displays wider width of 1920, is more complex and expensive and requires extra power beyond all signal re-pilots. This power is usually taken on a tail of pig USB, USB data are generally not used by the adapter, so a different USB power source can be overridden.

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