Windows does not wake up from sleep/hibernate implementation using the mouse button, doesn't work by using the Start button

Windows used to wake from sleep with the return key or the mouse, now needs to press the Start button on the desktop every time.  I have not changed anything.

that's happened?   can anyone help?

Please click the Start button, type security in the search field and then click on "check the status of security" in the list.

What do you see? make a screenshot of it + post here.

For example, I have Microsoft Security Essentials and I see:

What do you see when you click on "View installed antispyware programs? Make a screenshot + post.

For example, I see:

How to include a screenshot, see:

What is the exact name of your Bullguard product?

Please try to be as specific as possible in your answers, right? :-)

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  • Presario CQ56-115DX: cq56-115dx windows 10 not wake up from sleep mode

    My CQ56-115DX upgrade Windows 10 fine and for ovaer a week is fine.  And then after a few updates wonderful Microsofts that he wakes up mode not sleep.  Tried to remove the battery, F8, repeated restarts, insert in WIN 7 recovery disk and even the original hard drive hoping that it would get better.  He did not.

    I'm afraid that the BIOS is damaged.  How can I change the BIOS when the machine will do nothing other than the without wire lights up red, cap lock flashes blue and the cd drive growls but does not start the disk in it?    I've used up all my tricks and need for a new approach.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    I had once with a different system and it is solved with a hard reset.   First, remove the battery and unplug the power plug.  Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Reconnect to the electrical network (leave the battery for the time) and press the power button.   Windows should now start normally...

  • Computer laptop Windows 7 wakes up from sleep, Hibernate and shutdown

    I have a laptop running Windows 7.

    My laptop stop or switch mode standby/hibernation, only to wake up a second later. BUT, it does so only when my power adapter is plugged. I was able to disable this to happen before using the command prompt. After update, however, my laptop seems to have this setting reverts? It would be the third time I had to correct this problem. The problem is, I was stupid and did not write down the command, I used to fix the first time OR the second time and I don't remember what it is.

    When I use the command line powercfg - lastwake brings nothing to the top and nor powercfg - devicequery wake_armed. If it does not help things.

    Anyone know which command I would use to stop my charger to wake up my laptop?


    Disable allow timers wake in power options

    Also uncheck allow this device out computer under powermanagement management properties - network - peripheral cards
    hope this helps

    Wake timers have already been disabled and "allow this device to come out computer" was already unchecked. Sorry, but none of those who have the problem. The charger is what wakes up my computer...

  • Qosmio F20 with Vista: display is not wake up from sleep/standby

    I hope someone can stop pulling my hair out - please!
    I have a Qosmio f20-136 that I upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. I managed to install Ultimate Visa on what actually works very well. I get a score of 3.4 Visa which means Aero works very well. The lowest score of void is actually the CPU (the 1.6 GHz Pentium M) with following 3D graphics to 3.9 with the Geforce Go 6600.

    However, I have an annoying problem.
    Hibernate works very well - he hibernates and returned very well. I have the power button set for the Hibernate now and also in the start menu power button.
    If I close the lid it goes to sleep and when I opened the lid it picks up perfectly. There is the sound of a device connection / disconnection when I open and close the lid.

    However, here's the problem. I would like to use the power button to sleep rather than hibernation and I don't want to wear and tear on the hinges of the screen by keep opening and closing the lid. So, I tried to set the power button to sleep and also tried selecting sleep in the start menu options. In both cases, the machine goes to sleep but then a problem when I try to resume.

    The powers of the machine upward but the screen is black. Everything is alive, but I don't see anything.
    If I unplug the power cable and plug again (which changes the brightness of the screen), then it comes to life. If I close and re - open the lid, it comes to life. Nothing else he raises.

    Some would say that I'm picky because I'm almost there with vista, but I dearly would solve this issue. Can anyone help please.

    Currently using the video driver 97.52. I installed the added G30 package (without the energy control) that works. FN buttons not working (although the multimedia keys - if anyone has a solution for that I wouldn't be thrilled!.) I tried support button for the G30 but does not work).

    Please help if you can.


    Try to install Nvidia Driver 156.72

    from there: -.

    Good luck

  • HP LJ MFP M425dw 400 does not wake after entering sleep / Auto mode


    After you have installed the latest version of the firmware 20140521 (May 21, 2014), the device is not trampled after entering sleep / Auto Off mode.

    The configuration of the device and save the settings listed below.

    Tell me how to solve this problem?

    It could be a hardware or a firmware related issue.

    You try to perform a reset of the base unit and also try to send new firmware.

    The device may need to be tested with additional troubleshooting steps, so I would say to make an appeal for support through your regional HP Support channel.

  • Satellite don't wake up from sleep or hibernation when the lid is closed

    It is a problem that I had with my laptop from the outset - if the laptop is in sleep or Hibernate mode and the lid is closed, or the lid is closed and will switch "standby" from there, it won't wake up or respond to the switch once again opened.

    Even holding down the power button has no effect, the only way to turn it back on is to remove the battery, put it back and turn the phone back on, lose anything I had opened.

    I fear that the laptop could be damaged by this, but there is no other way.
    This isn't a problem with the settings of windows, I had the same problem with the function suspends in ubuntu.

    Anyone had similar problems or know anything than either could have caused this?

    What model of Satellite L do you have exactly?
    What system is pre-installed? Have you tested this problem with laptop recovery fees?

    BIOS is up to date? If it is not updated in the BIOS.
    After update BIOS, set the default BIOS and test the features of the laptop.

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • .doc) "Windows does not recognize format". How can I remove the)?

    My computer suddenly inserted a ")" to the file extension when I tried to save my document files.  It will now save except via a temporary file.  Somehow, it must be possible to remove this bracket, so that I can return to normal.   I have Windows XP.

    • In Control Panel, open Folder Options (under appearance and themes if not use the classic Control Panel)
    • Click the view tab
    • Make sure that the checkbox for "Hide extensions of known file types" is not checked
    • Click OK
    • Navigate to the folder of files using Windows Explorer
    • Right-click on the file and then click Rename
    • Delete the) end and press ENTER.


  • BSOD after wake up from sleep/hibernate development

    I bought the new laptop, installed fresh windows but get lots of bsod.
    All dump files are in this archive:! 107

    + 2 first file (061213-7082-01, 061413-7862-01): I go more than 15 minutes, my laptop goes to sleep, when I come back and turn it on, it shows bsod.
    + 3 following files: I checked my drivers with verifier.exe, after some tests, I find that driver bluetooth has error, it causes a bsod whenever my laptop restart (with verifier.exe). I removed this driver.
    + the last file (11481-061613-01): spent 5 minutes, she alo crashes after waking up from his sleep. The chrome is updated (Version 27.0.1453.110 m).
    More info: I install windows on the second disk (SSD).


    I went through your minidump files and I see that you get and Stop error 0x0000007E SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and this could cause due to a timeout problem in the GPU. This causes a reset which let the GPU in an inconsistent state.

    I suggest you follow the methods provided for in the given article.

    Method 1: Put the computer in a clean boot state to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow the steps in the link to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    Method 2: Update the video card drivers. ' t-work correctly

    Note: Refer to the section that says download and update a driver yourself.

    You can also install the patch that is available in the article.

    For your reference: resolve stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7

    Note: After you perform troubleshooting steps to clean boot, follow the steps in the link to start the computer to Normal startup mode.

    Important: when running chkdsk on the drive hard if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data may be lost.

    I strongly recommend to back up all your important files and folders on an external storage device before performing any type of repair operating system or upgrade.

    System Restore warning: When you use system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    If you need help with the Windows operating system, just tell me and we will be happy to help you.

  • Mac Pro (2013) will not wake up from sleep after that put 10.11.2 up-to-date


    After that Mac Pro goes to sleep, keyboard and mouse enter don't wake him. Disconnect and reconnect the monitor will not help either. Unplug the monitor wouldn't be helped either. Hotkeys to stop will not help either. (I use Mac since 1986, so I know more tricks). The only thing I can do to start to use my Mac is again holding down the button of physical power for five seconds and make a hard stop.


    It is a problem that sometimes in the past. However, it is not reproducible and usually one of the steps above might work, such that unplug the monitor (a Dell 4 K 27 ") of the power supply and then plugging.

    I use physically connected (USB) keyboard and mouse.

    Current state:

    After the 10.11.2 system update last night, my Mac Pro shows this problem every time he sleeps.

    He has already hit a critical delivery photography and currently affects a submission of work for the city.

    This is urgent.

    Other users have reported the same problem after 10.11.2. I've not seen a solution

  • computer will not wake up from sleep or hybernation HP Dv9000

    Hi, I have a laptop HP Dv9000 which came into hybernation mode and I can't wake him up.  I tried restarting several times, with and without the battery installed, press the power button, try control alt del and other things without success.  Any ideas?  The laptop is also under Vista.

    Thank you.

    Hi jagarner,

    1. what happens when you restart the laptop?

    2. are you able to see the computer manufacturer's logo when you try to restart the laptop?

    I suggest that you do power off the laptop and check.

    (a) turn off the laptop and then remove the battery.

    (b) do not connect the main power, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to discharge static electricity.

    (c) then reconnect the battery and start the laptop

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • keyboard and touchpad does not work once the PC wakes up from sleep/standby

    Please help find the diagnosis and explain in detail what to do with the following problem: keyboard and touchpad for PC with Win 7 Ultimate stop responding when you wake up from sleep/hibernate implementation modes. If you plug the USB mouse, the cursor move again come back to turn off the PC is to reload the OS from scratch. Where to look in the PC software?  Thank you for your competent answer.

    I suggest that you follow the steps below and check out them.
    You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.
    1. open Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click on the Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    2. in Device Manager, look for the keyboard, and then double-click the device name.
    3. click on the tab power management and then check the option "allow this device to wake the computer".
    4. click on Ok.
    5 locate the touchpad and repeat step 2 and 3.

    See also:

    You can also try to update the drivers for the keyboard and the touchpad.
    For more information: ' t-work properly

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Swati Keni-Microsoft Support Engineer

  • Satellite L750 - does not wake from sleep mode


    I just bought a Satellite L750 and he didn't wake up from sleep mode. I force with button stop / stop each time in switching mode 'sleep'.

    Any ideas?

    Are you using the original pre-installed OS that you got with your laptop?
    Have you noticed the same problem with the hibernation mode?

    Did you install additional software?

  • Make a right click on the folder responds slowly and sometimes get an error "windows does not.

    original title: pc maintenance

    Make a right click on the folder responds slowly and sometimes get an error "windows does not.

    Make a right click on the folder responds slowly and sometimes get an error "windows does not.

    This could be due to so many things. Malware, applications in resources, solutions anti-virus, hard drives damaged, damaged file system, processor ram capacity limitation...

    can't tell what your problem exactly, you can use the reliability monitor, event viewer to discover additional problems...

    What does it mean when a program is not responding?

  • Kuler window does not appear in my illustrator cc 2014


    I'm looking for kuler window inside my Illustrator


    The window does not appear in my illustrator.

    In the last update CC, Kuler is replaced by the menu window > color themes

  • W510 does not wake from sleep

    When I close the lid or let it expire and go to sleep he does not wake up when the cover. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens about 8 links on 10.

    You can tell it's still on, but the screen remains black.

    I searched and didn't find any resolution that worked for me.

    A recommendation was disable incident reports, and that did not work.

    I preformed also all updates of the firmware as well as the upgrade to windows 8.1.

    The problem is exactly the same point 8.1 as it was in windows 8.

    Just to follow up.

    I did a factory reset the origin of windows 8 and the problem disappeared.

    I think it may have been originally caused by my being too aggressive when bloating. I have uninstalled something I shouldn't that caused the problem in the first place.

    In any case;

    problem solved.

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    Hello I received my new Yoga 2 13 a few days before, after I used it 2 times it began to beep sounds every 2-3 minutes, without any reason, I could see. There is no low battery, and I use too many keys at a time (it happens when im typing, for exampl

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    my system seems to be hunging and blue screening. I have norton and checked the large mother said it was ok. I made a mask and found what they say the regstery my dab to buy this program - help

  • "ajiloruz.dll" error on Windows XP Startup.

    Original title: error at startup of Windows XP He also says at the start, error, ajiloruz.dll. What is c? Can someone help me get this resolved immediately too! I appreciate it. Thank you.

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