Windows email will not be printed and give this message "email error unexpected call to the method"

Windows email will not be printed and give this message "email error unexpected call to the method"

is there a solution for this?

Yes, I uninstalled the upgrade to IE9 and rebooted and unfortunately I can print my email again! No more unexpected call to the method.  Check my IE and it's IE8.

Problem solved!

Thanks for the replies.

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    You really need a little more information such as operating system, memory, etc.

    Usually a mistake like this happens because a background process is running and interfere with the available RAM, not enough virtual memory (Windows), drivers of HW obsolete or just an incomplete installation.

    Or, one of the biggest problems is add-ons in internet browsers.

    Alternatively, another problem of Lightroom, no sufficient permissions on the directory where you import image files.

    Please provide a little more information.

  • Windows 7 will not be printed with the photo viewer and Picture Manager.

    Everytime I open an image file with Windows or Office Picture Manager Photo Viewer and try to print, I get 4 message boxes that said "your photos cannot be printed because this error occurred.

    There is nothing else that a button OK - not even one error code.

    The strange this is I can print almost anything with any other program very well. Firefox, Photoshop, all those print without problem. It's only the viewer Photo and Picture Manager that do this.

    The printer is an Epson RX595 with 64-bit drivers.

    My Office Picture Manager calls a dialog box that has a dropbox to define the printer. If you create an image of a document (*.mdi) you know it's the printer driver that has a problem.

    Messages rating helps other users

    Mark L. Ferguson MS - MVP

  • Printing to shared HP 1020 on the machine XP Windows 7 will not be printed until you restart

    I have a HP 1020 printer on a windows XP x 86 machine that prints well locally.  However, I shared it with a 64-bit Windows 7 computer.  Printing from the Windows 7 machine will not print until the XP machine is restarted.  I have updated the drivers on both machines.  How to solve this?  Thank you

    Hi countrytechie,

    Method 1: Run the printer Troubleshooter and check.

    Open the printer Troubleshooter

    Method 2: You can follow the steps mentioned in the article below

    You cannot print to printers shared from Windows 7

    Method 3: Follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    I can't print to a network printer.

    (Link applies to Windows Vista, not valid for Windows 7)

  • Browser Microsoft Edge of Windows 10 will not be printed in Adobe PDF format

    I have Acrobat Pro XI full license (no subscription). I use print to Adobe PDF with Internet Explorer to save and check in the files of web page with no problems. Upgrade to Windows 10 and it's new edge browser. Print to Adobe PDF crashes during the process of creating Adobe PDF. Every time.

    Print to Adobe PDF still works with Internet Explorer and other applications like always. Edge will not print to the Adobe PDF format.


    Hi Ksquid,

    Microsoft Edge browser does not support the Acrobat PDF plugin.

    Please refer to this Blog Acrobat DC, now on Windows 10 | Adobe Document Cloud.

    Kind regards


  • Windows Update will not be updated, and then will not start

    I just got an update for Windows Update on my computer last night.  He kept saying 'installation' for HOURS.  Finally, I turned the computer off and tried to restart.  He said "insufficient sytems API resources."  Ok is pressed, and stops when you restart it, it does the same thing.  I can not in safe mode.  Please notify.

    Hi Candy_992,

    ·         Updating what windows you are referring to?

    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1: Try to boot the computer using the last known good configuration, you can check the link for the steps below.


    How to start your computer by using last good known Windows XP Configuration

    Method 2: You can also read the article and check mentioned below.


    How to fix a computer that does not start

    Let us know if that helps.

  • Printer Dell AIO 944 installed with my laptop Compaq (Windows Vista) will not be printed.

    I had an old Compaq Office of four years who developed problems that would cost me more trouble that it's worth.  I had been printing it to a Dell 944, which I then installed in a new laptop Compaq with Windows Vista.  The installation seems to have been systematic and successful, but I can't get the Dell print.  The message I get is "Incorrect Port detected.  The current print job has been cancelled.  This printer is designed to work with USB cables only.  The current software setting is not set to USB port.  Make sure you use a USB cable (and) the printer are set to a USB port. "I followed the instructions to set the USB port, and it seems that the port is, in fact, enabled.  I know that USB cable works, because he worked with the old desktop computer.

    Hi jwfinnashville,

    According to the Dell website, this can happen if the printer drivers are not installed properly.

    On the Dell site, they suggest to install a fix to uninstall all the drivers printer completely from the computer, then restart the computer and then reinstall drivers from the Dell website and check out them.

    Download the patch here to remove all printer drivers

    See also:

    Then download the printer drivers for Windows vista 32 bit from link here and check

    For additional support, post your request in the Dell forums.

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows 7 will not shut down or restart my computer. I tried all of the suggestions I've seen previously displayed.

    My computer shuts down fine with Vista (64-bit), but not with Windows 7 (Home Ultimate, 64-bit).  It disconnects me and shows the "Stop" screen, access the drive hard as if he does something, but never closes my computer (or monitor) off the coast.  It's the same thing when I'm saying Windows restart my computer.  I always hold the power button to turn off.  Occasionally, the next time I start up, I get a message saying that the computer has been shut down unexpectly, but usually not.  Although I don't think that this issue is damaging physically my computer, it is still an annoying problem.

    So far I have tried:

    -Modification of the settings in my BIOS ACPI.  I don't have the ability to toggle ACPI, only to change between 1 & 3.  I tried them both.

    -Method of "Clean boot" Troubleshooting Microsoft.  Even with all non-essential services and startup items disabled, I always have this problem.

    -Disable Windows Fax.  Only one had this problem, and so I thought I would give it a shot.  Not good.

    -Another forum suggested turning off the M-Audio card.  Tasted it.

    -Yet another forum suggested changing "power settings" in the device to the IEEE Bus controller Manager 1394, allowing the computer stop the computer, or something in this sense.  I see no option anywhere to change the power settings.

    Suggestions of new, I can add to the list?

    After reading a lot on the forums and tried almost everything, patches, disabeling energy efficient features on IEEE 1394 and usb. He hit me, everything indicates that the acpi on the motherboard and the table mps. Changing from 1.4 to 1.1 in the bios MPS table solves the problem and win 7 shutsdown correctly


  • Network management problem, computer laptop Windows 7 will not find other computers on any network, however all other computers on the network can access Windows 7 laptop.

    Basically, the issue I'm having is that my laptop does not connect to any other computer to access the actions or other files.  Other computers on the network can access my computer laptop shares and files without any problems.  Operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium x 64.

    What I tried:

    uninstalling and reinstalling the files and printers, sharing maps and restart after completion
    all disabled firewall
    tried with IPv6 enabled and disabled without change, so it is currently enabled
    tried on a Wi - Fi and the differences are listed below in the section work (work is wireless)
    able to ping other comptuers
    access to other computers is permitted by other computers

    problem extends over several networks, IE I noticed it at home last night and the followed problem my laptop at work this morning.
    The problem is slightly different on the two sites.

    At home:
    I can see the other computers on the network, but I am unable to access it, even if I have permission, but other computers can access to my laptop.

    At work:
    Cannot even find other computers on the network but they can find and access my laptop.

    I have worked on this problem of non stop for several hours and did much more than what is said, but I am unable to remember everything.  I should have been taking notes: P

    Here are the results of the ipconfig/all command (I removed the physical addresses for security reasons):

    Windows IP configuration

    Name of the host...: Radiation-G72
    Primary Dns suffix...:
    Node... type: hybrid
    Active... IP routing: No.
    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    Wireless Network Connection 2 wireless LAN adapter:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapt
    Physical address.... :  **
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Ethernet connection to the Local network card:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    Description...: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Physical address.... :  **
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Wireless network connection Wireless LAN adapter:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Atheros AR928X Wireless Network adapt
    Physical address.... :  **
    DHCP active...: Yes
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes
    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::f4e3:cd1c:6952:eb4d % 11 (Preferred)
    IPv4 address: (Preferred)
    ... Subnet mask:
    Lease obtained...: Thursday, February 4, 2010 10:50:32
    End of the lease...: Friday, February 5, 2010 08:29:36
    ... Default gateway. :
    DHCP server...:
    DHCPv6 IOOKING...: 234890707
    DHCPv6 DUID customer...: 00-01-00-01-12-4C-6E-91-00-25-D3-3D-FC-9A
    DNS servers...:
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: enabled

    Tunnel adapter isatap. {1797D168-6FC8-4DDF-8338-4E214119C26D}:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Microsoft ISATAP adapter
    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP active...: No.
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Card tunnel Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP active...: No.
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes
    IPv6 address: 2001:0:4137:9e74:4ea:2920:b81a:cdc5 (Preferred)
    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::4ea:2920:b81a:cdc5% 13 (Preferred)
    ... Default gateway. : ::
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: disabled

    Card adapt 6TO4 tunnel:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected
    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :
    ... Description: Microsoft 6to4 card
    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
    DHCP active...: No.
    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Asked this question in the Windows 7 forum also because the problem was between windows 7 and Vista.


    If it has started, you can try a system restore - an update "might" have caused the problem.

    1. try a system restore back to a point before that happened. And immediately thereafter enter
    Control Panel - Windows updates - top left settings and set it to download and informs you instead
    Automatic. Leave it until you are sure that everything is OK and then you can add them one at a time
    to troubleshoot BUT click right on and HIDE all the driver updates. Also stop at day of drivers like below
    and let this value - manually search for drivers when you think you need. (See how and why to)
    stop day of drivers below.)

    How to make a Vista system restore

    To uninstall an update if you determine that there are problems - Panel - updated Windows - down left-
    Updates installed - uninstall

    I had completely forgotten the system restore!  While looking into the system restore, I found that when I moved into my new House and has cable Internet installed, the cable technology installed a program of comcast on my computer.  This caused me to not be able to connect with other computers.  After rolling back to install it before it works!   Thank you.

  • I have a HP9050 printer and continue to receive an error 59.10 on the main screen.

    I replaced the cartridge and the DC controller and the Assembly of the main engine, but it did not help.

    any ideas?

    Thank you!!

    Hi Jankster2,

    Generally, an 59.le xx error message is due to a temporary printing error occurred and requires you to restart the printer. The 59 error is related to a main engine failure. There are a few parts that you will need to look below.

    1. the cables on the DC controller PCA

    2. run the test of the Service and give me the code

    Service test verifies that the print engine is working properly. This test is very useful for

    isolate the printer problems. The test can be performed with this attached paper handling accessories,

    but it will not activate the engine accessories, switches or sensors.

    To perform a service test

    1 . turn off the printer.

    2 . make sure that the printer paper path is clear of all the media, and that the left front and right

    the doors are closed.

    3 . open the tray 2 and tray 3.

    4 . turn on the printer, and when the printer is ready, press to open the menus.

    5 . use or to scroll to the DEVICE you want to CONFIGURE, and then press.

    6 . use or to scroll to the DIAGNOSTICS, then press.

    7 . use or for SERVICE TEST highlight, and then press. The service test can take up to two

    minutes to complete. The TEST EXECUTION SERVICE message on the control panel.

    8 when the test is finished, the message SERVICE TEST PASSED appears on the Control Panel, or

    up to five sets of four-digit numbers are displayed on the control panel. If none of the anomalies have been identified,

    (0000 0000 0000 0000 0000) appears. If abnormalities have been identified, the four-digit codes

    appears in parentheses (0101 0111 0132 0000 0000). Note these codes

    3. it might be Assembly of registration or the main engine causing the blockage.

    If it does not always help I'd consider having a HP authorized service technician come out and diagnose the error.

  • I just replaced the black cartridge on my HP Officejet 6310 printer and get a message that I need to replace the cartridge. What is the problem?

    Officejet 6310 printer will not print.

    Again - the cartridge and DATED?  Did you remove all plastic covering the nozzle before insert?  Have you read in the Quick Installation Guide that you have when you first set up the printer?

    If still no joy and it's a genuine HP cartridge, contact HP and get them to replace it.

  • Windows 10 could not be installed-how remove this message from my first screen update?

    The deadline passed free installation. Everytime I open Windows Update (in Win7) I get no updates to accept or decline. Instead, I see a update initial screen that says "Windows 10 could not be installed."  How can I get rid of this message and feedback Windows Update for its normal operation and display, now that the thrust of Win10's past?

    I had the same problem. Go into the registry and remove the key from 'Dismantling' at the following location fixes the problem.


  • V40 HP on office xp and is shared via the wireless network. laptop with windows 7 will not be printed on v40.

    Cannot print from laptop (windows 7) via the wireless router desktop (windows xp) with attached usb HP v40 .for all-in-one.

    (7) - wireless laptop router - desktop (xp) - usb - HPv40

    Has worked for laptop is running xp.

    Laptop of the coils of print job at the office and apparently complete, but the bureau simply ignores the print job.

    No error message.

    printing from office very well.

    I reported this as resolved. I submitted this problem. The problem started when the update of my laptop computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. When I did, the Lexmark printer to my desktop worked find with the new system of the laptop. The HP V40 has failed. The Office has just received each print job submitted from the laptop (via a local wireless network) and scrapped it. I could see the print job come in the V40 print queue and could disappear.

    Here's what I did to solve the problem:

    I tried a dozen or so combinations of withdrawal and installing the printer on my Windows 7 laptop and my Office Windowx XP (with the V40 attached via USB) and manually removing and installation of printer drivers on my desktop PC, it works finally. What have I done? I have no idea, but I think that deleting manually pilots v40 on the office was part of the solution. While view printers available on my XP desktop computer, I clicked on file and one of the tabs has led me to a place where I could remove the drivers for each printer (I just removed them for the V40).

    Here's what I DIDN'T DO:

    I'm not following the advice of the HP support person I contacted by phone. This Board had to reinstall Windows XP on my desktop. That clearly was not the problem when I talked to him. But he would NOT listen to reason. Luckily I have enough knowledge to know PC than its low of false tips

    I am pleased with the resultant availability of the V40 again.

    I have no idea how to officially close this problem.

    I would be happy to discuss with someone else who has a similar problem, but when I submitted this problem with my name and email address, the moderator has deleted my presentation of the problem. Therefore, I think that all those who want to know more is out of luck.

  • Computer laptop GATEWAY with Windows 7 will not be updated, and I searched this site for instructions.

    I followed the instructions to make sure I don't understand the "update notification" on stop downs and other tips, but I have more patience at this point.  This has been going on and I can't the system up to date.  I made every effort (by previous questions and answers) to ensure that the free trial of Norton has been removed from this computer.  It is a laptop.

    Applications, (Norton and McAfee) are notorious for not not upgrade (or uninstalling) itself.

    [You may want to print these instructions for reference offline. If a step said to reboot, reboot.]

    1. download the Norton Removal Tool, save it to your desktop:

    2. close all open applications (that is, anything with an icon on the taskbar).

    3. After completing some you have a copy of your handy product key, uninstall all Norton software (including LiveUpdate and everything Norton Add ons) via Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a program (or Control Panel |) Programs and features, if you are using the classic view).

    4 IMPORTANT! -Online activate Windows Firewall immediately after the restart.

    NB: Now you're "working without a net": no to ANYTHING else online (e.g., navigation, reading e-mail, chat) until you have completed step #7 below!

    5. right click on the file that you saved in step #1 above, and then select run as administrator.  DO TAP not your keyboard until the race ends, then restart.

    6. do a clean install of Norton 360 2011 (using your product ID, if need be) & reboot. CF.

    NOTE: Do NOT activate or install additional modules of Norton (for example, Norton Anti-Phishing) immediately.

    7. manually and repeatedly run LiveUpdate (Norton) until you get a prompt "no update more".

    8 reset the advanced settings of the IE by

    9. open IE8 32 bit (only) to [ignore if APPLIES to article] & run it in DEFAULT and modes difficulty then AGGRESSIVE. [1]

    10. restart once again & test.

    [1] full Disclosure: the difficulty operating in AGGRESSIVE mode will remove your update history but not the list of installed updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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