Windows error message "cannot find the file K:\$MFT or K:\System Volume Information.

Original title: Windows Error Message.  Cannot locate the file K:\$MFT

Periodically, I get an error message stating that Windows cannot locate the file K:\$MFT or K:\System Volume Information.   In this case my computer loses contact with K (my backup drive).  The only way I can get the command back up and running is to shut it down, restart windows and then reconnect the drive.  I have absolutely no idea where, why, or what this message is not irritating and a nuisance.  How can I stop this?

My problem is back and I guess that I does not after all.  It was suggested that more info on my system could help find answers.  I am running Windows XP. SP3.  My HD is 500 GB.  Intel Core 2 CPU.  6600 GHZ, 3 GB of Ram.

In addition the cannot locate the message file, it sometimes indicates that a "delayed write failed" and I should save the K:\$MFT file also.

As far as I can tell, I have solved my problem.  Windows 'Restore' was trying to save my disk backup for future use, and I think it's whence came the message.  I changed the settings to restore now ignores my backup disk and the problem has not happened since.  I hope it's the end of it.

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