Windows Explorer closes and restarts (?) when I right click on a file photo.

One time, I installed a software to go with a slide scanner. The software changed to the default program for photo files and then proceeds to seize up after that about 12 slides have been scanned. I removed the software, but every time I do a right-click on a file photo, jpeg, gif, bitmap, etc., or try to open the file menu when one is highlighted, close all Windows Explorer Windows and icons in the taskbar and desktop disappear for a while. The last two return after a minute or two, but not all open windows. Other programs such as Internet Explorer or MS Word are not affected.

I suspect that the defective scanner software installed an entry in the context menu. Search for it and delete it using the ShellExView free program: - ShellExView

Make a right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menus management -
Manage the entries in context menu for folders, readers, and the Namespace objects - MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

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    It says that I have to choose the right fix or otherwise it will be haarm my system, I just need a step by step help and how to choose the right fix for my problem, thank you!... Wait ill the resp0nse, thanks again...


    go to this site:

    and click on "downloads of patch view and application of ', select the platform (x 86 or x 64), and type your e-mail twice and type in the captcha announcement click request hotfix ."

    After 1 minute, you have an email with the link to download an exe file. Use the password is contained in the email to retrieve the update.

    Install the update and restart, now the problem is solved.

    Best regards

    "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

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    It could be Aproblematique with the codecs trying to preview the files. Go to the Control Panel, reports on problems and Solutions, click on "View problem history" on the left pane, scroll down to Windows Explorer, under click twice on the problem that correspond to the date and time that you have encountered the problem. Note the name of the file next to the heading ' fault module name: ', google for the file to see what program it is. Uninstall, update or reinstall the program.

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    In Windows Explorer, and on the desktop, when I right click on a file he hangs up.  No menu opens.  I have to force it closed with the Task Manager.

    In addition, in Windows Explorer I had readers appear I do not exist.  Here a URL to a JPEG image of my Windows Explorer that shows records 'newly visible.  I pointed out 2 discs I've ever seen elsewhere.

    It's here:

    Thank you!

    Bill Bowers


    Check if SFC helps you to get riid of this issue, see the link below

    Good luck!!

  • I have a problem on my windows xp sp3 operating system when I right click any icon I got accident error?

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    This problem is likely to make for an extension of the shell badly installed on your machine.  The way to solve this problem is to download and install the free software "ShellExView".  When you run this program, it displays all shell extensions that are installed on your machine with a checkbox next to it.  By unchecking the box, you can disable this particular shell extension.  By trial and error, you can find the one that is causing your problem.  Once you find it, the solution is usually apparent (usually UN-installing and re - install an application associated with this file extension).

    ShellExView: <> >


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    This can help (from turingtest2):

    Fix iTunes for Windows security permissions

  • When I right click on a file to move it or copy it why don't the drop down menu not give me the options ' send to ' or ' copy to ' with an arrow and a submenu with options

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    This should help you.
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    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:

    Start the computer in safe mode and check if the same problem occurs:

    Method 2:

    Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:

    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that you put the computer in mode normal startup such as suggested in the article.

    Check if that helps.

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    When I right click on the files or icons on the desktop, the normal menu does not appear, but only the outline of a box.  The menu appears that if I slowly slide my pointer on the box.  Here is the menu starts with open but ends by properties.  All the help and get a fix on this issue, so it appears immediately as it did before?


    I suggest that you reset the Visual effects, then check if that helps.

    (a) click Start, click Run, and then type sysdm.cpl

    (b) click on the Advanced tab

    (c) in the course of execution, click settings

    (d) click the Visual Effects tab

    (e) If you have custom settings, note the configuration in a document.

    (f) set it to adjust for best performance

    (g) click on apply

    (h) repeat the above steps and reset your settings favorite again.

  • How do you add a location to send it to the list when you right click on a file or folder?

    How do you add a location to send it to the list when you right click on a file or folder. I am trying everything I need to go clean my hard drive to a USB key. There are seven choices on the list but I need to change the list, so change 2 of the seven choices. Thanks for any help.

    original title: moving files and folders


    When you plug in your USB key and installed the drivers for it; It should then appear when you right-click on a file > Send to.

    See you soon.

  • Just updated to 38.0.5 and now when I right click on a bookmark to edit, the context menu is grayed out and it won't let me. Why?

    I read a lot of web comics, so I change the bookmarks for them on a daily basis on the last page on each site. I just tried to do that tonight after you install the 36.0.5 update, now when I right click on the bookmark in the menu, I have yet to get the context menu, but all the options are greyed out. He was most certainly not in this way the last night before the update. That is what it is?

    Oops, it's probably the bug to customize. After using customize it, most of the items on the context menu are gray to the bookmarks Menu in the classic menu bar.

    It does not affect the button drop-down bookmarks menu *, and it does not affect the bar Favorites (Ctrl + b). And if you launch a new window (Ctrl + n), he works on the menu bar, too. Very strange.

    I don't know when this is going to get it fixed but at least you know a few places to access the properties for the moment.

    Which doesn't seem to be the problem?

    One on the taskbar near the star

  • 'Always available offline' is not visible when I right-click on a file in the network.

    I assumed that putting computers in a home group could solve the problem, but I get an error that IPv6 is not available.

    Connectivity IPv6 is not supported by my router (linksys WRT150N).  Y at - it solution or a wireless router that works?  I am running Win 7 Pro 64 bits on a computer and Win 7 Pro 32 bit on my laptop.  I can see the network files and transfer them OK.

    What I really need to work is the offline files feature.  When I see the network files and right-click on the files, the option 'always available offline' is not visible.  I have to be in a homegroup for offline files work?

    Hi DickCookVS

    If the offline files option is disabled, you will need to enable it, if you want to work with files offline to a network folder.

    a. open offline files by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type offline filesand then in the list of results, click manage offline files.

    b. on the general tab, click enable offline files.

    You will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    See the help link - below


    I hope this helps.

  • What happened to the option to send a file or a folder to another folder under the options "send to", when I right click on a file?

    I'm running Windows 7 Pro.  On my last machine, I was able to right click on a file or folder, go down to "send to" and one of the options was 'send to folder '.  Now, this option is not available.  Is it possible that I can get this option in the options for places I can send a file or folder, or is it simply not an option in this version of Windows?  I am sure that I always had this option when I upgraded my old laptop to Windows 7 Pro.

    Which is now only in leModifiermenu Windows Explorer, move to folder... / / copy to folder...

  • Why don't "play to" appear in the menu when I right click a folder of photo

    For a year or two I was streaming photos from my computer to our Sony TV.  This evening "play to" show up in the menu when I right click a folder picture.  I checked the TV is on the network, and I went through all the homegroup and sharing option routines.  Without checking that all media on my computer can be listened to, etc.  You would be grateful for the help.

    Thank you
    try restarting your router and restart the computer. Check the TV menu that
    the TV has a valid IP address. Make sure they are on the same network.
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
    Please mark as answer if that answers your question
  • Registry access denied when I right click on a file to copy

    original title: registry access denied

    I reinstalled Vista family premium, a few weeks ago and now whenever I try to open certain programs is to say (iTunes, Autocad, MS Office) I get a

    Message: registry access denied.

    I also get access to the registry refused whenever I did a right click on a file to copy.

    The account I'm logged as definitely is an administrator account. I changed the owner of the C: and all files on my admin account. When vista was reinstalled the installation program was initially assigned the owner as trusted Installer.

    I also tried to set up another admin account and I get the same error under this account.

    Is could someone please tell me what I need to change to get the stop to receive this error message. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply Rami

    I had already made A step.

    All my documents, etc. had my account admin as the owner of the file, but when I went in the C: and through the steps of A which was where the Trusted Installer has been listed as the owner.  I had changed it, but he did not set the message boxes to come whenever I loaded a program or trying to copy a file (the program would be the load and copies the files if I clicked ok in the Message box).

    I couldn't do step C since there is no restore point to go as I wiped the drive and reinstalled Vista.

    Step B - I ran and he has a message to check the log file in c: Windows/logs/cbs, that I didn't have access to read the same file with admin access.

    To fix it, I finally just reinstalled vista again and this time I do not get the Message box registry errors when opening programs.  The c: once more the installer of trust as owner, but the rest of the files are under my account.  I don't ' know
    What is different, but it works again without these errors of annoying message box.

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