Windows Live 2012 Plugin for Firefox is not compatible with V18

There is a Live Writer Plugin for Firefox blog. However, it is not compatibile with their latest version 18. How can I get an update the plug-in (the file is in binary code)?


Hi BearlyALive,

Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Communities. Because the problem is with the Firefox web browser, I suggest you to contact Firefox support for more help and information.

Thank you.

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    When I downloaded Firefox and checked my extensions, I've been informed that Firefox is not compatible with the prevention of malware from my Webroot security package. I use it successfully with Windows and just renewed for another year. What do you do to protect myself? I'm not a computer expert, so if you can answer in plain language that would be appreciated. In addition, we stream video much and I noticed that DivX is also not compatible. What should I do about it? Thank you.

    Firefox has had its own fake Web / since 2008 malware protection.

    Firefox Add-ons developers are responsible for these add-ons up to date as new versions of Firefox are available. Check with Webroot & DivX on updates for their Firefox extensions.

    That said, the modules that are hosted on the official website of the AddonsMozilla.Org are tested and 'hit' by compatibility automatically, if these modules are considered to be compatible with a new version of Firefox that is about to be released. For modules that are not "compatible", the developer of the add-on Gets an email telling them basically what needs to be fixed. AMO extensions hosted are automatically updated as required by Firefox. The 'check' available updates each time is that Firefox is open.

    For modules that are not hosted on AMO, there is a 'updateURL' function that allows to have Firefox check for an update across the internet, the a particular extension developer said. Unfortunately, too many developers take advantage of this feature and needlessly let their users to search an update themselves. who then need to manually install the hotfix or update version.

    It's like a bunch of clowns of circus without master ring to 'bring in the clowns' at the right time in the show.

  • 20 of Firefox is not compatible with my computer, how can I go back to Firefox 19?

    20 of Firefox is not compatible with my computer, how can I go back to Firefox 19?

    Hello, you can simply download the latest version of and install it on top of your current installation to go back.
    It shouldn't be so compatibility issue with firefox beta on windows xp - have you experienced specific problems?

  • I have an infinity of transformer Asus Pad and Android Market says that Firefox is not compatible with my device, but your site says that it is. How to do it?

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    Your Web site lists compatibility with this camera twice, once as got TF700T and then as Infinity Pad transformer.

    The transformer is up-to-date with all the software, and I am running the latest version of the Google game.

    If you are having problems with the Google game to download Firefox for Android tries to download these versions: .

    Don't forget you must enable this settings: allows you to install app from other sources than the Google game

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    The problem is that the graphics are like seeing double, literally two principals semi-molten you close them; they never completely merge, and most things, except the bottom, are very blurry.  I already have bad eyesight; I want a clean game.

    I have tried to adjust the game to play in the uncluttered window, but it remains only purified until the credits have finished the race.  Then, the game returns to the full screen, wide and I think it's the wide screen that is the cause of the problem; the credits are great!

    At Ms. really bring out a game duded up before Fable 4 only to have it be unplayable on pc with the newest Windows operating system?  Or is it possible to work things so the game is playable in fact and you can use a bow without guessing where is the target?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

    By chance, I reinstalled the game (that I hadn't played for a long time) on Windows 7 x 64 a few weeks ago. Guess what? It works without too much fiddling.

    Maybe it's that you will get a screen that says "incompatibilities with this version of Windows" every time you start (just click it away), and most likely, you will encounter an inactive 'fable.exe' process that must be completed before starting the game a second time (happens only once per Windows session). The second start focus also slowed down as the first, but after a while, the game will go up.

    Things to do during the installation: run 'setup' as an administrator (do not use the 'autorun' option) with the following compatibility setttings 'XP SP3', 'disable visual themes', "Disable desktop layout" (this avoids some flickering). Start the game with the same settings. If you are given a choice of setting up your video card (the game is not identify him because it uses a completely outdated XML list of video cards caves), select "primary, no LNP. Resolution of 1024 x 768 x 32 is fine.

    Note that the game dimensionnera full screen, even if your screen size is larger than 1024 x 768, but it will keep the old 4:3 picture format, you will have black borders on both sides of the screen.

  • 16.0.2 Firefox is not compatible with the zone alarm Forcefield AGAIN. Please, help users with that. No current positions

    Before I updated to the current version, I checked for "reserves" and found nothing to indicate that the Zone Alarm Extreme Security, ForceField was not compatible with the Version 16.0.2. If I had known that I would not have updated. Y at - it no use for those of us who have this problem. ? The only post I noticed on this problem is 'closed' and dated about 8 months ago.

    Thanks for the reply, the old Fox!

    I agree with you 100%. This occurred without fault to each new update of Firefox.

    I wish that Firefox had warned users of the incompatibility issues with ZA ForceField, as they have done with other problems before users downloading the latest version of Firefox.

    Thank you also for the link to the "release notes", which I didn't have before. It is a help in the future.

    Warm greetings,

  • The latest version of Firefox is not compatible with my McAfee software and now I have no virus protection. How can I go back to a previous version of Firefox?

    When the latest version of Firefox has been installed it gave me a message that the McAfee software was not compatible and so I have more protection against viruses. She added that when it became compatible I would be informed. I cannot afford to be without my virus protection and want to revert to an earlier version of Firefox.

    I hope that the problem is that Firefox 5 is not compatible with some of the additional modules of McAfee. It will be rather worrying if she has a problem with McAfee security programs themselves. Please specify exactly what software and the version that you have problems with.

    There are problems with McAfee Site Advisor /questions/839953 #answer - 205178 known but we hope McAfee that will resolve in a few weeks.

  • vCLI for Linux is not compatible with vSphere 5.1?

    I installed vSphere CLI 5.1 64-bit on CentOS 64-bit 6.3.  The problem I have is that if I try to run resxtop on a 5.1 ESXi host, I get the error:

    Connection failed, reason: HTTPS_CA_FILE or HTTPS_CA_DIR not set.

    So I export the following environment variables:

    export PERL_LWP_SSL_CA_FILE="/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt".

    export HTTPS_CA_FILE="/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt".

    However, I still get the same error when I try to run resxtop.  I even tried to modify the module for SSLeay perl directly, but it does not help with vCLI.

    Connection failed, reason: HTTPS_CA_FILE or HTTPS_CA_DIR not set.

    Here's the thing.  If I do my own perl script to test the connection to the host via SSL, it works and hope the certificate.  Also if I don't have openssl s_client-connect it returns 0 so that the certificate works.  That is the question in vCLI 5.1 release notes seem to suggest that resxtop is not compatible with the 5.1 ESXi hosts.  Is it possible?  It seems that it would be a big gap. Here's the exact quote:

  • resxtop fails to run against targets of vSphere
    When you run resxtop against a target of vSphere 5.1, an error occurs.

    • If the SSL certificate is defined in the client vCLI, results in the following error:
      SSL Exception: Verification parameters
    • If the SSL certificate is not set, the error message following the result:
      Login failed, reason: HTTPS_CA_FILE or HTTPS_CA_DIR not set

    Solution: If your environment supports it, run esxtop in the Shell of ESXi. Otherwise, no work around.

    Is - this average resxtop is not all compatible with ESXi 5.1?

  • Hi djsupreme,.

    The last 5.1 vCLI which includes resxtop is compatible with ESXi 5.1, but unfortunately there was a bug introduced that now requires the validation of SSL certificates (it was supposed to be an indicator not required & optional) when executing against an ESXi host. As Matt mentioned, it is a known problem that we are currently working.

    To successfully connect to a 5.1 ESXi host using the last resxtop, you will need to actually set two environmental variables:

    HTTPS_CA_FILE and HTTPS_CA_DIR, this is not a statement 'or' as shown in the error message but was originally intended to direct the user to check that these variables ENV could be configured by Miss. It is necessary that you define two variables.

    Here is an example in my lab environment after establishing a properl SSL certificate, to say that your CA file is located in /home/vi-admin/cacaert.pem

    Then you run the following command:

    export HTTPS_CA_FILE = cacert.pem

    Export HTTPS_CA_DIR = / home/vi-admin

    Then, you will be able to use the resxtop command to connect remotely to your 5.1 ESXi host:

    resxtop - vesxi51-4 - username root server

    A solution alternative, but is not ideal, it is you can always use the local esxtop if you need to collect statistics immediately or you can even use a resxtop 5.0, which is part of vCLI 5.0 (has no bug check SSL, but you won't see any 5.1 News stats).

    We apologize for any inconvience this has cuased and rest assured, it is being developed and we hope to get a fix for this soon.

  • The latest update of firefox is not compatible with trend micro security and people with disabilities, it's when I clicked on install. How to bring back my trend micro?

    I downloaded a firefox security update. When I clicked on install (or apply), I was told it disabled my security from trend micro, and there is no version compatible with trend micro. He told me they keep control and let me know what is available. NOT GOOD. I paid a lot of money for my trend micro and want it to be functional. Help! I didn't click on finish. Does that mean the upgrade is not installed and that trend micro still works?

    I seem to have fixed that by going to the site of Trend Micro and upgrade to the latest version of Trend Micro Titanium 2012 V5.0. It uninstalled the previous version on my computer and then install the latest version. Trend Micro is working now and I can browse with Firefox. The upgrade was free.

  • I just tried to install Firefox 14 on my Acer A500 Tablet and says that Firefox is NOT compatible with my device. When is this corrected?

    Hello! I just tried to install the new version of Firefox (version 14 I think) on my Acer A500 Tablet and I get a message telling me that my device is not compatible. This seems very strange, new versions of Opera and Chrome that both work. I've been using Opera because older versions of Firefox were not very good, but I want to use the same browser on the desktop of my PC and on my tablet.

    In simple terms, development could not finish in time for our first outing, and we did not want to delay by a few months.

    You can test what is available for tablets as an overview with every night, our developer channel builds at

  • New version of Firefox is not compatible with the modules I want to use.

    I've just updated recommend Mozilla Firefox to the new 10.0. -Unfortunately it seems now that my Microsoft. NET Framework Assistant 1.2.1. AND my Norton Toolbar 2011.7.4.3. are not compatible to most and have been disabled.
    Is it possible to reactivate or I'll have to uninstall the new Firefox?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    original title: Please help!  The module extensions disabled!

    2011.7.5.2 is the correct version.

    You may need to do something similar with LiveUpdate when Firefox 11 is released.

  • Apple made the new version of Adobe Flash, the former has been compromised; Firefox is not compatible with the latest version of Adobe Flash, can you help me?

    The new version of Adobe Flash works in Safari. Apple thought that the old version of Adobe Flash had compromised safety, so Mac users can no longer use the old versions of Adobe Flash. A few settings in Firefox are not letting the update to the latest version of Adobe Flash work.

    New version: 11.6.602.167

    Please see that 11.3 Flash does not load video in Firefox

  • 13 Firefox is not compatible with Real Downloader, but I can't uninstall it using the window. How to uninstall?

    After turing off dom.ipc.plugin to "subject: config" I can see the video, but Firefox has become unstable. It crashes when I tried to download a program or open a site from time to time.

    I do not want to continue to use Firefox 13, but downgrade to a lower version (previous version), so that I can resume the video download with RealPlayer downloader.

    Problem: I'm not able to uninstall or remove Firefox 13 applying the tool "Uninstall a program" window. Y at - it another way that I can I uninstall Firefox 13? »

    Hello, this is a problem between the extension real downloader and the last update of the plugin adobe flash version 11.3, who brought architects in the plugin changes - decommissioning of your firefox version will not solve the problem.

    Please refer to the instructions in 11.3 Flash does not load video in Firefox and disable the safe_mode Adobe & reactivate dom.ipc.plugin accordingly.

    go to to find an alternative to the true downloader to record video content on your pc:

  • 31.0 Firefox is not compatible with Norton Toolbar 2014.7.2.6. How to solve this?

    I just installed Firefox 31.0. I received the message that Norton Toolbar 2014.7.2.6 is incompatible. My Norton Identity Safe does not work. I tried the corrections indicated for older versions of Firefox, but they do not work.

    Thanks for the link. Although my problem is not really solved, this shows that the necessary update is not yet available. I will continue to follow the link. So I'll mark this as resolved for now.

  • Each update of firefox is not compatible with the latest version of Java (including 90% of the internet use), how can it be fixed right NOW so I can use firefox?

    I don't like updates of firefox, trying to be more and better than the competition, I get it. However, each update is incompatible with Java 100% and where people who work together and makes these updates are not aware, the world wide web all use Java. Why would anyone want to use firefox, when they can't even use the internet?

    JavaScript is not Java, as said and JavaScript is part of Firefox, so nothing to update.

    Regarding the Flash go to to see if it detects and if you have the latest version.

    The is underway while the suggested that the post above is not to update the flash plugin.

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