Windows Live Essentials installed successfully, but only appears in the list of programs

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I uninstalled windows live essentials. I tried several times to re-installed windows live essentials and although, according to him, it installed successfully, the program does not appear on my list of programs or anywhere else that I can find

In addition to the search for the application, check if the program is actually installed:

Click on start, and then navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows Live
If you are using 64-bit Windows, navigate to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Windows Live

None is?
If there is, try to open one of the programs files and run it to check if its working or not.

Assuming that the programs do not work, you could create a new shortcut to the programs. Otherwise to see if the problem is with a corrupted profile, try to create a new user account and check whether or not the programs are listed.

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    Hi JohnHyde,

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    My apologies: I misread your message original & thought you had problems to install Microsoft Security Essentials, not Windows Live Essentials.

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    First of all, try to enable Active Scripting in the areas of Sites Internet Options, security settings, trust.

    You should also add a corrupted on.

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    Try the free version of revouninstaller to remove it:

  • is the only way to get windows mesh by installing windows live essentials. I want only mesh

    I don't want all the other stuff that comes with the essentials.

    I have Windows Live Essentials on my computer and I do not run or use all that and it doesn't cause problems for me, so one option would be to simply not use the other stuff.  The only negative I can think of is that it would take place a small amount of space on your hard drive. The other option would be to uninstall the things you don't want.  You can go to the control panel > uninstall a program and select Windows Live Essentials and then click on the Uninstall button very early during the uninstall of the process and you will see a window where you can select individual within Windows Live Essentials to uninstall programs.

  • Windows Live Essentials is not kept up-to-date, the installation or uninstallation.

    I went to Windows Live Messenger, and he told me that I had to update before using, but it will not be updated, nor will uninstall the old version so I can just install it all over again. I tried to put to day, and even though I closed all other programs, he said "Please close these programs" and listed ' Windows Live Messenger '. I told the installer to continue anyway, and installed 100% before falling back to 0% quickly and say "could access the location %APPDATA%\ network." "and" she looks like a different program prevents the installation of work program, hr:0 x 80070643 "I'm not sure if the 'another program' has something to do with the 'Windows Live Messenger' who was supposed to be a program open, even if I left out of it? Anyway I tried several solutions, which turn my firewall Windows, but nothing does. Help, please.

    I also tried to install Windows Live Essentials, and he had a similar problem. However, when I went to programs and features to uninstall any previous version of Windows Live, he listed "Windows Live Essentials" as having been installed yesterday - though I can't find anywhere in the files on my computer, and I can't uninstall it.


    they will help you with your questions/problems Messenger when repost you the link below in the Messenger forums


    For the different Forums for Windows Live Applications, select the link below
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  • Uninstall Windows Live essentials 2011 manually (I have not deleted the folder so no wlarp.exe)

    So, I was disappointed by the new version of Windows Live Messenger and I decided to uninstall Windows Live Essentials 2011, of course, be the fool that I am, I deleted the folder for it. Now it won't let me install the old versionor the new version, because he thinks that I have installed the new one. Now I know where the problem lies, there is supposedly a registry key or file (s) system in windows that the program is still installed, I was hoping to find out where these files / registry keys were, so I could remove them.

    Hello DevotionTrance,

    Please post Windows Live Essentials Forum for assistance with problems in installation and uninstallation.
    Click here for a link to the forum.

    They are dedicated to the features of Windows Live Essentials. They will be a better place to post your question.


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  • executable file does not appear in the list of programs

    After installation of my executable it does not appear in the list of all Windows programs. I've built a lot of executable and installers before but this is the first time I see this. The folder is created in the Program Files (x 86) directory and the program performed well when I double-click on the .exe.

    This sw was initially developed with LV10 with WinXP then moved to LV2012 with Win7 64 bit and then to LV2013 and it uses a plugin architecture (I'm still not very familiar with this).

    I also have these following questions:

    1. I don't remember so many folder created after building an exe file (see photo "filelist.png") before moving this application to LV2013, why all these dataX folders are created? (associated with the plugins?). Except for the data folder containing my ini and xml configuration files these folders all contain a single mnu file.

    2 - Why are there some records of pilot instrument included in the compilation? (Agilent, Keithley and Tek) I'm also using other equipment, and they do not appear in the construction. These problems with the build because of their tree VI live I had to either check turn debugging on or off the use of the diagram structure on these screws diagram which is certainly not the right way to do it.

    3. probably the most important, what would be a document of reference on how to create an executable and a Setup program for an application architecture plugin.

    Thank you


    You use LVOOP you use the NI Report Generation Toolkit, which is implemented using OBJECT oriented programming. Already this explains some of the additional folders that you see.

    Other components are of course part of lvlibp (packed project library) and where it will not integrate the EXE itself. Also their dependencies... which may explain support directories (data1, data2,...).

    Referring to other settings, the log file does not help much. So we can not tell you why the installation program does not create a program shortcut in "start > programs". If you check the "shortcuts", you should be able to see if there is a routine in the Setup to create such a link or not. If the parameter is there, but the installation fails to create, it can be connected to the user rights that you use to run the installer...


  • Program always appear in the list of programs after the uninstall

    Partial uninstallation of the program.

    Tried to uninstall a program.  He disappeared from all programs, but continued to appear in the control panel > programs > programs and features > uninstall or change program.  How can I get rid of it from there?


    Try the free version

    reinstall again then uninstall it if necessary

    and also read about this program

    do not use the registry cleaner in there

  • I have set up a Windows Live Hotmail alias successfully but never received a loan from email.

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    original title: sent Mail not in the folder

    I've just set up Windows Live Mail on a new laptop using Windows 7 Outlook came not with my desktop software. Why don't emails I send appear in my folder "sent items"?

    Sorry to have troubled you - problem solved. To set up my new Windows Live Mail I thought I need to establish a Windows Live account, so I did. Is not familiar with the presentation of Windows Live Mail, I didn't know that there are two accounts on the left side and one has been expanded, the Windows Live Mail account. My Westnet email accounts has been listed but not developed. As soon as I expanded it here, he had the sent mail another folder which included my recently sent emails! Outside of embrrassed, glad it is resolved.

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    I need to remove gamevance from my computer and it shows on the C drive, but does not appear on the functionality of uninstalling the programs so I can't uninstall it. McAfee can not uninstall and says I need to manually add or remove programs. But since it does not appear there I can't uninstall it. Any ideas on how to uninstall it because it shows on the C drive, but does not appear on uninstall/remove programs functionality?

    Yes did not work because it would not actually be disappeared from my computer but by messing around after that you suggested, I found another person here who was sort of a similar problem and microsoft team recommends that they download a revouninstaller. If after that it still didn t in the revouninstaller but it allowed me to do a right click on the files and uninstalling this way.

    Thank you for your help and give me some ideas!

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