Windows Live Mail not send or receive e-mail messages from a Hotmail account

I hope that this has not been answered previously, I searched the site for answers, but nothing helped.

Quick description of the problem:

As a result of an impending change of internet service provider & lose the long date E-mail address associated with the supplier, thought that it is appropriate to create a Hotmail account to avoid losing another email address in the future.

Windows Live Mail 2012 is not playing ball, but when you add the Hotmail account details that have been set up, I get an error message which is: -.

Can't send or receive messages for the Hotmail account (NRaccts).

Server error: 3219
Server: ' '.
Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x8DE00005

I use Windows 7 Professional & have not had any problems before with Windows live mail.

I note that a new Hotmail folder has been configured in Windows Live Mail & when I click on I see a message that says that "Windows live mail is synchronize the accounts.»  Check back in a few minutes"However this updates never & when I press send/receive I get the above error message.

Would appreciate any assistance with this question please.

Thank you




I assume you have an hotmail/outlook/live email address.

Microsoft migrates all users to a different format.  WLM can be used, but may not be used in 'delta-sync '.  It must be used via IMAP.

You must have the latest version of WLM

You must remove the current account (after the registration of your data) and reinstall using IMAP


Server of incoming IMAP mail

Server port for incoming IMAP mail: 993; Encryption: SSL

Outgoing mail SMTP server

Outgoing SMTP mail server port: 587; Encryption: SSL (TLS)

Server requires authentication (THE)

For more information go here

IMAP for MAC does support IMAP and SMTP.

Incoming server:
IMAP: imap -
Port: 993
Encrypted connection: SSL
Outgoing server:
SMTP: smtp -
Port: 25 or 587
Encrypted connection: TLS
Username: your username
Password: your password
This does not work on mac os x mail unless you disable the pop in your first account. If you have mac os x mail and you do not disable the pop in your account first, mail will be automatically set up pop and smtp.

When you are ready, we will be happy to walk you through it

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    Depends on what version of the year of your WLM 2009 or 2011.

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    Thank you.

    But not sure you have checked the "where the to line of contains people" and "where the CC line contains people".

    These are a bit old but give the idea of basis - (OE) - and (WLM)

    EDIT 1 - although having tried everything, I can't answer either :-(


    EDIT 2 - I'm working, I think. In the rule description message between "to" and "cc:" I had to change the AND from where. Then I got an error report telling me that the response has not been sent because he would have been sent to my own account. I don't have any other accounts to test it with.

    PS - is your POP account? He said something about the rules doesn't work don't not on IMAP.

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    Change the default program.

    How to change or choose the program that starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP

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    Can't send or receive messages on behalf of Roadrunner (xxx). A timeout occurred during communication with the server.

    Server: ' pop -'
    Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC19
    Protocol: POP3
    Port: 110
    Secure (SSL): No.

    For the Road Runner, he has different settings in different States.
    Call your rr in your State for the appropriate settings.

    Off your error message, you already have a mistake.
    Your Server must have the name of your State.
    Entering example: server: pop -
    outgoing server: smtp -


  • Windows Live Mail lost from the storage boxes

    I have also returned to Windows 7 from Windows 10 and have lost 2 subfolders of storage that contains about 1000 emails.

    My Telco provider said it is not their problem, because I can still send and receive mails to my optus email address.

    Help, please.  Thank you.

    Your email provider is correct.  Not their fault.

    Many of my clients use WLM.  I've seen this before.  Quite frankly, in all cases I've seen, is the user who did this to themselves by accidental deletion, or involuntary movement of a folder inside or another folder.  In the latter case, the file I not lost, just misplaced.

    Watch very carefully each of your folders displayed on the initial screen of WLM.  Some of them have very light yellow color on the left arrows.  These arrows mean that there is a folder inside this folder.  They can even be nested many layers deep.  Investigate all these cases and see if you can find them.

    If you do regular backups, this could be retrieveable.  Here's how:

    How to back up the usual way WLM:

    Mailing address:

    1. Click on this same arrow at the top left, choose Export mail, emails, Windows Live Mail
    2. It will ask you where to write the file and you can direct to your external storage device


    1. Go to the section Contact in WLM (the third icon in the lower left)
    2. Choose export values separated by commas
    3. Navigate to the location where you want the backup to be stored on your external hard drive and the name of the file, click on save, then place a check in each box, click OK

    Restoring this backup is another story.  I'm not going in there now, but if you need further assistance on that come here.

    Here's another tip WLM.

    WLM contains all your data in a folder that is located about 7 levels deep.  It is hidden.  There is no good reason, I don't know to bury him there.  I move just at the level of C: in a folder named (email yourname).  Then when I do backups, I copy this folder to my back upwards as well as the usual WLM backup procedure.

    The beauty of this record is that if you ever have to move to another computer, you can move this folder to the new computer and have everything just as it was in the old.  This includes even calendars providing no se backup feature.

    To move:

    Click on this small blue rectangle with the arrow inside, then choose Options, mail

    Click the Advanced tab, then interview, and then store the file

    Click on edit and then move into the new folder that you just created to C: or whenever you choose.

    And then click OK.

    Nothing will change until you stop WLM and then restart.  At that time there WLM to happen to the new location.  Nothing will be lost or changed

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    The error that says: "Cannot send or receive messages on behalf of Juno." Your server suddenly put an end to the connection. The possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.  ' Server: '' Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC0F Protocol: POP3 Port: 995 secure (SSL): Yes " sometimes, the Windows Security window displays first, asking 'Please verify that the user name and the password are correct for your mail server' with user name and password. Then I'm stuck in a vicious circle of this.
    I deleted my Juno e-mail account and recreated. I disabled the antivirus and firewall, the same problem. Juno Tech Support tried having me change many parameters, including the outgoing '' "" mail server, different port numbers, turned on/turned off authentication and SSL for both incoming and outgoing... they said they got me all try and they can't help me. And it has worked for years.
    As a solution, I could get my Juno emails sent to my address (Gmail) IMAP, which then channels it in my Windows Live Mail, but I can't use filters to sort the mail coming this way, and it's just a waste.  HELP Please? This takes about 5 months.


    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Mail and would be better suited to Windows Live help community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

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    Samsung CLX-3185 printer and well check all parameters is a small part on the left side is cut off when I print messages.

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    A question of Hotmail or Windows Live Mail?
    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

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    Thank you

    WLM also works to win 10.  Just to be sure that I copy the WLM file to another location just in case.

    The folder is located here C:\user\your user\app data (can be hidden below live \local\Microsoft\Windows mail\your e-mail account (there may be several if you have several configured email addresses))

    If data app are not visible, you can go to control panel > folder options > show hidden files & folders.

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