Windows live photo gallery: original photos lost the transfer to the new computer

photos to the new computer, and the originals have not been transferred as im guessing they're saved in the software/program that cannot be transferred.

If there is not a way to transfer original and edited photos to the new computer, is there a way to return all original with a single click, so that I can transfer the originals on my new computer?

Thank you.


Thank you, you saved my originals... I copy paste, but can not work how to connect my pictures changed to the originals so that I can click on my modified photos and click on 'back '.

Thanks again

Sorry, but I don't have the exact solution for re - associate the
originals with edited versions.  The only thing I would like to know
to try would be to place the originals in the original Images
folder on the new system.

Maybe... I say just that maybe if you copied the photo gallery
exclusive database of the old system and used it to replace
the database on the new system. (Just copy and paste the file in)
the appropriate on the new system folder, and when you see
... dialog box you want to replace? with? Select Yes.

Also... you could instead of replace your new database...
rename it... Pictures.OLD for example. So if the replacement
do not re - associate files... you can remove the replacement
and rename the OLD version in what it was and the Gallery
must be as it was before the change.

Depending on the version of your photo gallery might be the database
Pictures.PD5, Pictures.pd6, Pictures.pd7...

The path to the version of Win XP is:

C:\Documents and Settings\ > user name<\Local>
Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Photo Gallery\
Pictures.PD4, Pictures.pd5 or Pictures.pd6

Windows Vista:

Windows Photo Gallery\Pictures.pd4 or pd5 pd6

Windows 7:

Windows Live Photo Gallery\Pictures.pd6

(Sorry, but I'm not sure of the path in Windows 8 but if you)
do a search for PD6 PD7, you should be able to find it.

The former article is a user experience
with the shifting of the database... maybe it would offer a few ideas:

Database migration Vista Windows Photo Gallery

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    Photo Gallery Windows comes pre-installed on Windows Vista and it is not possible to uninstall Windows Photo Gallery.

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    After starting, the system leaves me alone until I try to open a j - peg or some file im trying to open.
    then the cycle starts again. further investigation, saying that I lost a dll.

    I tried to find microsoft photo viewer download to try to repair the photo of microsoft program and concluded that the
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    Hello captain_crunch0,

    In addition to the steps proposed by Ajay, you could try and download and reinstall all Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011.
    This link should be just for the photo gallery.

    Please reply back and let us know if this can help.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Try to create a new administrator account and see if you can install the program. If you can, your profile is corrupt.

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    It's getting REALLY BORING every time as I add photos or look at photos when I get these pop-ups saying how info is sent to MICROSOFT.  For as many times I have to click to "SEND the INFO... I MUST HAVE GOT a RESPONSE or the problem SOLVED!  I would like to know how to 'fix' this problem MYSELF!  It is restarts even once I click on CLOSE OUT the program!

    Maybe the exclusive database is corrupted.

    Read the following article.

    Stops Windows Live Photo Gallery (944221)
    answer or does not start
    (according to version, database can be
    Pictures.PD4, Pictures.pd5 or Pictures.pd6)

    When you rename the file will force Live Photo Gallery to create
    a new database on the next launch file.

    Know that the gallery will be as it was the first time that you
    open and some metadata and labels may be lost.

    Good luck...

  • Windows Live Photo Gallery crashes with the error "library stopped working.

    Hey everybody,

    I use Windows 7 on a PC

    Yesterday, the windows live photo gallery was working fine

    No version update has been made, and today its no longer works.

    The following message is displayed immediately after the opening of the miniature window with the button Edit is:

    "Photo Gallery stopped working.

    "A problem caused blocking the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. »

    I've done any writing in the community

    a. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft essentials

    b. repair Microsoft essentials on the control panel

    c. download fix - it and search for problems

    d. research %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Photo Gallery - not found any file Pictures.pd4 or Pictures.pd5 here, but just in case where I deleted all original images

    e. tried to look in the NVIDIA Control Panel but did not find anything which could be relevant here

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    You can run the Microsoft Fixit to the below mentioned link and check if that does the trick:


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    Hope this information helps.

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    I suggest to associate as the default Windows Photo Viewer to display photo files and try to view the image files directly.

    (a) open default programs by clicking the Start button, and then click default programs.

    (b) click on associate a type of file or Protocol with a program.

    (c) click on Protocol or file type that you want the program to act as the default value.

    (d) click the program of change.

    (e) click the program that you want to use by default for the selected file type, or click the arrow next to other programs to show other programs. (If you don't see other programs or your program is not listed, click Browse to find the program you want to use, and then click Open. If no other programs are installed that are able to open the type of file or Protocol, your choice will be limited.)

    Check out the link:

    Change the programs that Windows uses by default

    If you want to uninstall Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can follow these steps.

    To uninstall a program, follow these steps.

    (a) click Start, and then click in the Start Search box.

    (b) type appwiz.cpl , and then press ENTER.

    (c) in the list change or remove programs , click Windows Live Photo Gallery , and then click Uninstall.

    (d) follow the on-screen instructions.

    Hope this information helps. If you need additional help or information on Windows, I'll be happy to help you.

  • Cannot install the update to Windows Live Photo Gallery

    Original title: window 8 photo gallery update.

    I've tried everything. I can't update my photo gallery

    Hello Sheryl,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are facing problems with the photo gallery.

    This update will be offered to customers who have a 2008 version of Windows Live Photo Gallery. These updates will be automatically installed if you chose to activate updates must be installed on the system automatically.

    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. Significant changes have been made on the computer before this problem?

    2. What exactly happens when you try to update your photo gallery?

    3. Get you any error message\ code by updating your photo gallery? If Yes, please indicate the error error code complete message\.

    4. You are able to open the photo gallery?

    5. You are able to install other updates to windows successfully updates?

    I suggest you to refer the link given below:

    Information about the update of Windows Live Photo Gallery

    Please update with the information to help you further on the issue.

    Thank you

  • I get a message that the request for assistance does not exist when I try to open a jpg file or files in excel attachments. I have associated use windows live photo gallery

    I went to tools, Options, attachments and there are associated programs that should be able to open files - Windows Live Photo gallery for the Microsoft Excel for excel files and JPG files. I actually download and save the files and then open them. Is there any solution for this?

    Go back and delete associations and start again by opening one of these files. Thunderbird will recreate the Scriptures based on your choices and they will then probably work.

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