Windows Media Center Vista 64 - pack TV that I need to install to receive the cable QAM channels?

I am running Windows Media Center on a version under official license of Windows Vista 64 (on a Dell computer).

1. where is the download link for the appropriate TV Pack that I need to install in order to receive the cable QAM channels? (All the ones I tried to forbid me to apply the update)

Thank you!


Hello withtheeye,

Thanks for posting on the Microsoft answers Forum.

SP2 is cumlative and includes SP1.

If you're still having problems with Windows Media Center, I suggest you post at
This is a sponsored Microsoft site and only have questions for Windows Media Center.

They should be better able to help with your questions of WMC.
Click here for a link to the message of your problem.

Sincerely, Marilyn
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