Windows Media Center will not recognize TV tuner Digital stations live

I am trying to display and record all my content from TV on my laptop using my hybrid analog/digital TV tuner card. So far, the WMC recognizes the analog content. But my cable provider provides many channels of ClearQAM I can see on my TV without a decoder, just using the QAM tuner in the TV. My tuner card is supposed to recognize the QAM signals, so I should be able to view all unencrypted content (users) that comes through the coaxial feeder on my portable tuner. But no luck so far. When I set up the TV signal in WMC, the menu only listed setup analog cable my cable box, even though I know that my cable company provides digital content.
I had actually upgraded my Windows Media Center to include the TV pack (downloaded from Engadget) but even this last version does not recognize digital channels. If I try to change the Program Guide and add them manually, all I get is static when I select the. I am at a loss to know what to do next. Is this a problem that should fix a new TV tuner? I heard good things about the AverMedia card, maybe I should just go that route? Can anyone recommend a new tuner card?



See this link:

This has all of the compatible TV tuner cards.

See you soon.

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    Thanks for reporting the good news. Enjoy!
    Saturday, June 19, 2010, 08:16:25 + 0000, bleedingwolf wrote:
    > Hi Barb,
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    > Cordially.
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    at ServiceBus.UIFramework.UserControlPoint.Launch (System.String)

    Support Microsoft Search, community and Internet research and

    Tried the following with no results:
    -System restore
    SFC/scannow (no error)
    -Enable Windows features and disable.
    -WMC disabled WMC, restart, turned his back on back
    -Turned .net framework, stop, reboot, turned their backs
    -Re-record files associated with Windows Media center.
    -regsvr32 jscript.dll
    -regsvr32 vbscript.dll
    -Windows Media Player DVD - No problem
    -Windows Media Player Library-corrupt-fixed
    -Windows Media Player settings-fixed
    -Rebuild the Media Center data store.
    -%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome\mediaCenterDataStore.DB (the file does not exist)
    -Ran as administrator

    This error points to the mcstoredb.dll which can indicate a corruption of the data bank:

    GIS [3]. Name = Signature of the 04 problem
    GIS [3]. Value =mcstoredb

    Try the following method 2 in the MS article to rename the mcepg2 - 0.db and other file with extension .db in the folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome to rebuild the Media Center data store.

    Article is for Windows 7, but should also work for Windows 8.

    You may have to restart the computer later,

  • Windows Media Center will not scan digital channels using a dual tuner (analog/digital)

    I have an AverMedia Volar Max tuner which is analog and digital double Windows 7 Professional
    Media Library 'sees' the tuner as an analog tuner and properly identifies all the analog channels, that I see on TV.
    However, none of the digital channels are detected. I have not found a way to "force" a search using QAM256 or any other research of digital formats.   Using the tuner, cable and connections the same BUT with a linux sotware (mythtv) all digital channels have been identified.
    Is the problem because its analog and digital modes? How can I force Media Center to see the digital capacity of the tuner?

    Might have been a better place to look for information on the AverMedia Max Volar tuner AverMedia USA site.

    If you had looked here to find the latest drivers or to read support information, you would have found:

    The support of the AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX QAM signals on Microsoft Windows Media Center?

    Currently, Microsoft Windows Media Center does not signal QAM. You will need to use our AVer Media Center in order to receive the QAM signal. Please download the application on our website programs:

  • Windows Media Center will not show images

    My windows media game will not display images in the library.  They appear as being there but have no photo attached.   If I open them it says "cannot display the image.

    Videos seem to work very well.

    Help, please.

    Hi sjeri,

    If you want thumbnails to display in your library, you can do the following:

    1. click on the "Start" button, type options files and click on the link 'Options folders' that appears.

    2. when several tabs 'Folder Options' dialog box is displayed, click the "View" tab

    3 always check "show icons, never thumbnails" to disable the generation of thumbnails. Clear this check box to enable the generation of thumbnails.

    4. click 'OK' to close the dialog box.

    Please check if you get a symbol of locking for images icons in windows Explorer.

    You can also visit the link below:

    Change the thumbnail size details and file

    Hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.


    Rehman - Microsoft Support

  • Windows Media Center will not load DVD

    To the right;

    The Windows Media Center does not load DVD. Please notify.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ted Chalkidis

    To the right;

    The Windows Media Center does not load DVD. Please notify.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ted Chalkidis

    What happens if you try the same outside Media Center?

  • Media Center will not recognize the internal TV tuner from Sony

    Original svl24 title: sony + tv tuner + multimedia
    Win7 Media center won't recognize the internal tv tuner Sony (Bravia). The installation program rises "tv tuner" not found. What is interesting, is that Sony SVL24 can detect and be able to use the TV without Media center option.  Anyone have a solution?

    you have a link to your model of machine somewhere on the Sony site? the info I have
    found the third sites indicates that there is no accessible software
    TV for Media Center tuner. This information shows that you can watch TV without the
    computer is turned on.
    To me, this indicates that the TV tuner is the type that you would have in normal
    only TV (which is not capable of Media Center) support.
    You can probably add a USB tuner to this all-in-one and watch/record TV via
    Media Center, but it doesn't look like the 'tuner' in your computer is a
    "computer" tuner
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
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  • Windows Media Center will not be updated to allow the Blu Ray


    I have an Acer laptop that supports Blu Ray disc, but when I go to play with Windows Media Center there is a pop up that says that "an essential element must be updated", but whenever I click "update", it tells me that my internet connection is not working it may not update. I checked and there is nothing wrong with my internet connection and library still refuses to update. Is there a way to force it to update? Or another program that will support the Blu Ray?
    Thank you
    There is no native support in Windows for the Blu - Ray, including Media Center. You
    need a third-party Blu Ray player. What Blue Ray software supplied with your
    computer? It works as a standalone program?
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
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  • Windows Media Center will not receive a TV signal

    My Windows Media Center worked very well and I was receiving many channels of television to the present. This morning I had to uninstall my 2009 trend micro software and then install the software of micro trend 2010. All this went well and it had no effect on Windows Media Center. I then tried to watch TV and I get an error message saying: TV stations must be offline or check the attenna. I get channels on my regular TV so TV stations broadcast. I disconnected my attenna and plugged into a different attenna. Still nothing. I tried to reconfigure WMC for a tv signal and I get a message saying that nothing can be found. I try manually configure and I get a message saying that a Hauppauge WIN TV 885 is available but is not selected. So I guess there is a problem with the Tuner? Everything worked fine yesterday.

    Hi trialbyfire,.

    You can read the following article and check if it helps:

    Error message when you open Windows Media Center TV Pack and tune in to a channel that is listed in the electronic Program Guide: "TV Signal No."

    You can also check out the following link and check if it helps:

    Solve problems with watching TV on your computer

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    On Wednesday, July 22, 2015 03:14:30 + 0000, SolarMaximum wrote:
    > Was never able to provide feedback via
    you need to login and create an account to see the Feedback tab on the
    MVP Windows experience
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  • Media Player or Media Center will not recognize DVDs, but will play CD

    I've had my laptop for about a year now. The media play would play a DVD without problem. Up to what a month ago I noticed that it would take more time and more time for the Media Player play a DVD. I can't have the media to listen to anything except a CD. I noticed a rattling when I inserted the DVD. Now he not only recognise a DVD, but when I insert a DVD, nothing will happen. I tried uninstalling the driver rest nothing is that nothing happens. Do I have to replace the whole player. In Media Center, it lists a DVD as being stored in the library, I the HELP JUST DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE DEVIL IS VA ON?


    Hi Roy,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    Apology for a late reply.

    I suggest you TURN the Windows media feature in the list of Windows features in Control Panel. Check the results. Check out the link and follow the steps to do this:

    Please let us know the results.

  • Windows Media Center will not record on a disc hard exFAT formatted using Windows 7 Pro

    Running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.
    Have 80 GB NTFS boot disk and 1 secondary format to exFAT.
    Can't set TV recording on disc of exFAT as media player does not recognize as a viable file system exFAT. Strange behavior, assuming exFAT is a file system for Ms.

    Media Center only allows recording of disks formatted in NTFS.

  • Windows Media Center will not record shows?

    I just brought a new model of the series Gateway ZRX 6971, with touch screen

    I have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro

    Get the free download for Windows Media Center

    Previously recorded shows that has been saved so I still had Windows 7 has played without problems in Windows 8

    However, it won't save poster now because I have "insufficient disk space".

    But I have over 900 GB of free space!

    I tried to tweak the settings in the settings options and even tried to disable recording of HD!

    Still no luck!  Help!

    See my post "Windows 8 - record TV with Windows Media Center problem"

    The answer to my problem is in the penultimate position...

    I managed to solve it now by running a recovery job in the computer management application.

    In case anyone else has this problem, here's what I did:

    1. close Windows Media Center

    2. open the computer management application and navigate to the bottom of the tree in the left panel by selecting system tools-> Task Scheduler-> Task Scheduler Library-> Microsoft-> Windows-> Media Center

    3. at the top, the central panel find the "MediaCenterRecoveryTask" task, which should have a status of "Ready".  Right-click on the task and select run (status changes to "Running")

    4 wait for the task to do his stuff (the status does not change) then right click on the task again and select end (State dates back to "Ready")

    5. open Windows Media Center, which will realize that there is a problem and that it is necessary to rerun the configuration

    After the execution of the task above and completing a successful installer of Windows Media Center, I found I could record once more tv!

    Guess I'll never know exactly what was wrong, but I'll settle for having working again!

    Hope that works for you

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