Windows Media not recognize that there was a blank CD inserted when you try to burn a.

I am trying to burn a CD and follow the instructions clearly for an engraving. When Windows Media then asks me to insert a blank CD I expected to continue burning once it recognizes the Virgin CD - R has been inserted. But it's not... It is not simply acknowledge that there is a blank Cd inserted. Can someone help me? I am running Windows 7. Thank you.


Well it's good news that sfc found no problem. It seems that the problem is with the optical drive itself. It is perhaps simply that the lens needs cleaning that can be done with a disk designed especially for the readers of pc, or you can take a chance to do it yourself with a very soft brush and a Tickle very gently around the area of the lens, assuming this is a laptop and you can see the lens - otherwise you will need the disk.

Otherwise you may need to consider the purchase of an optical drive usb (external) - they are relatively inexpensive and often provide better results than the built-in readers in laptops. Try to clean everything first well... Best, Ric.

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