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I'm running on windows 7, 64 bit. When I open windows media player and click on albums, all my albums are displayed. The size of the album icon is square about an inch. When I click with the right button on a selected album icon and select (open), it will open and give me a list of all the songs of this album. My problem is that the album icon should always be the same size, one square inch. However he some how size is reduced to about a quarter of an inch. Why? What may have caused to change?

Larry D


It is also possible that the Album column is too small. Resize the column to expand the album icon. Tim Baets

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    I started Windows Media Player and clicked on my music folder.  Media Player immediately started downloading album art for all my music.  I found the setting to prevent that from happening in the future, but it's already too late for music, I cuurently.  I had previously spent hours using Media Monkey to remove all my music album art.  Now, I can't understand how to remove Media Player album art.

    Hello @TwoDrummers,

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    I see that you want to delete the album art of the media player on your HP Pavilion laptop. I want to help you with this question.

    I did some research online and came across this possible solution:

    How to remove album art Images embedded in MP3 files

    This is not a link to HP and does not contain the HP software, use at own risk.

    What version of media player do you use?

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    Try to restore the system to the date and time when the computer was working fine.

    Click on the link below.

    If you are still experiencing a problem, I suggest you try to post in the link mentioned below.

  • Windows Media Player Album Cover Art disappeared after the installation of 11 Explorer (Windows 7)

    A large part of my cover art of the album disappeared from Windows Media Player after installing Explorer 11 (using Windows 7). It's hundreds of albums and for art that was already present before installing Explorer 11. The number of albums is to manually replace the work a tedious task seriously.

    It's the same thing with the installation of Explorer 10, but less than albums, so I learned to live with it. But it's now on a ridiculous on the part of the library.

    Can someone tell me where the art is gone? And why?

    If there is a way to replace it without doing a search for each album with missing art?

    If she is still on my computer somewhere, but is no longer connected to the media player?

    Where the cover of the album art in general is maintained? I can not even understand this, using my computer or go to my account to backup Carbonite.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi Jamie...

    Your album covers on album is in application data files and it will always be there. There is obviously a problem somewhere and it can be if you rebuild your library of wmp that the work will return. I guess you can still see the piece in the album files ok - Yes?

    First of all if I should run the Fix It tool and the sfc scanner - after that restart your pc and see if anything has changed. (The scannow sfc tool will report if there are errors, it cannot fix)

    Fix - download and run the tool for WMP (all problem areas)

    sfc scannow - follow the instructions here.

    After making such a report and we will then rebuild your wmp library if necessary.


    Afterthought - memory I got a screenshot of the cache of art, so here it is. It is also a "hidden" folder (you can tell by the gray look), that's why you don't find it easily!

  • I have a problem with the Windows Media Player sound quality, it seems all make it sound like the chipmunks, where can I fix it?

    I am running XP, it seems not important to know if the file is coming from internal or external hard disk.  have not yet tried a cd, but suspect it will be the same.

    I am running XP, it seems not important to know if the file is coming from internal or external hard disk.  have not yet tried a cd, but suspect it will be the same.

    Sounds like Chipmunks...

    If you have a Realtek Audio Driver...
    This can be caused by the karaoke
    settings in Realtek Sound Effect Manager.

    Go to the control panel and open Sound
    Effect of Manager / sound effect tab...
    Karaoke set to + 0

    More info...

    Using the sound effect Manager

    The card Realtek HD Audio Driver user manual [1] .pdf

    Why my music sounds like chipmunks sing?
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    Hey I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but it is anyway I can add "Pockets" to the videos I added to my library windows media?


    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    I would have you to refer to this article and check-in

    Let us know if it works for you.

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    The problem is that the traditional method of doing such things (i.e. the cut/Paste and Rename commands in Windows Explorer) will cause the damaged Windows Media Player library. It seems that all the changes to the paths of the multimedia files must be made in the Windows Media Player interface. However, I'm unable to find options to move or rename files or folders in WMP.
    I am aware that there is a way to move and rename all the files and the folders that contain media files automatically, but not what I'm looking for. As far as I know, it does not allow me to select only the files and folders, and it offers very limited options for what could be the new places and names.
    What is the feature I want to exist in WMP? If not, is it possible to do outside WMP which will not cause the damaged WMP library? (Also, if not, why not, Microsoft?)
    Thank you


    You can change the location of folders in Windows Explorer.
    After changing the location, I suggest you to rebuild the Windows media player library.
    You can check these links:
  • Error: Insert the CD into the CD player when trying to burn disc Windows Media Player

    Original title: cannot burn music from WMP.

    Try to burn music from Windows Media Player, does not drive D: burn:

    A cd I burned another computer, read in my drive D: as "CD ROM".  But I got a 'blank' CD - R in drive D: and it has not recognized - msg "INSERT CD into DRIVE D:" only.

    I don't think I have a drive for burning CDs. -correct?


    Hi 007Trina,

    1 you get an error message when trying to burn the disc using Windows Media Player?
    2. what version of Windows Media Player?

    It seems that the CD is not recognized as a recordable device. We recommend you to try the steps mentioned in this article and check the difference:

    For more troubleshooting, see How to troubleshoot problems that occur when you write data to an optical disc CD-R or CD-RW in Windows XP

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows media player network sharing the CPU excessive service

    After you have enabled the sharing of multimedia files, I find that this service runs continuously and consumes about 25% of the time processor. In addition, Windows Media Player uses also a surcharge of 25% when they are active. I have a quad core cpu and even if it is a considerable success on my computing speed.

    I've tried several things:

    Deleted then recreated the home group

    People with disabilities and rebooted Media Sharing

    Rebuilt the windows media player library

    Looking for corrupted hard disk files

    Run my computer for three days without rebooting! (Still not enough to complete the indexing!)

    None of them worked.  In addition, when windows media player is active, it seems to be constantly updated in the library. (I think this explains the 25% CPU usage).

    I have search databases, etc. online and although this problem is frequently mentioned, the only "solution" was to disable sharing... which seems a little extreme and also limits how do I use this feature because I have to restart it whenever I wanted to stream a file.

    Help, please!

    Thank you...

    Well!  I have an answer.  Apparently with a large media library (I have several thousand titles and 150 gigs of stuff) it takes forever for the library index for distribution to work properly.  After several days of 50% use of media player and the service of streaming media... they finally stop! The CPU usage is back to normal... the library is indexed and all is right with the world. I would like someone from Microsoft said this long ago... and I really hope this helps others with the same problem.

  • Album art size - Windows Media Player 12

    Repost this, in the hope that someone (obviously not MS, who clearly couldn't care) has an idea how to solve this
    I've seen dozens of discussions around the intarnetz on the issue of small album art in Windows Media Player 12, but does not find a definitive 'yes' or 'No' to the question of whether you can get something larger than the resized image pathetic 240 x 240 display when you play a track. Is this possible? If I play titles in Foobar or MediaMonkey (the two programs I hate, BTW) I can get album art to display 'properly' (i.e. the actual size of the image) but cannot find how do in WMP12
    PS: Mods - do NOT mark this question as "answered" once some muppet of first line reads and publishes a 'response' nothing on it. Also, do not rename the question "how to get album art to display more than 240 x 240 - I don't want" more than 240 x 240' - I want it displays THE ACTUAL SIZE OF the WORK - just like WMP always used to do. ' " Thank you very much.

    I found a solution for the problem of art version 32-bit windows 7 wmp12 album also (since prior to the given by me is true only for Windows 7 64 - bi wmp12).

    Here it is:

    Make a backup before doing the prescribed steps as mess with registry can lead to a DEAD computer.

    (For backup just click on COMPUTER in regedit.exe, and then file-> export-> 'file name' (may take a few minutes))

    1) go to the path in the registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences

    (2) then create a key with the name 'PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected' and set its value data to ' ' as '0' (without qoutes) (for the creation of new key, right click anywhere inside the window and select "new-> DWORD (32-bit) Value")

    (3) then find the key with the name 'ShowAlbumArt' and its 'value data' the value "1" (without qoutes)

    The Windows Media Player 12 now shows the original AlbumArt who put you in the song.


  • Help! windows 7 Windows media player: the album (with album art) icons are HUGE! How to make their small new

    HELP! Im not sure how it happened, but today, by using windows media player, I think that I leaned on my keyboard, by chance and somehow my icons have grown from small (such as 4 cm wide) to huge (as 9 cm wide). I put it on the "icons" option and always have. I tried to find out if there was a zoom button or something that would cause this happens on my keyboard, but there is not, it's just a standard keyboard. Then I tried switching modes, for "tile" of fashion, but they are huge in this point of view too, only 3 albums are now through my screen, when there used to be 6. I prefer them smaller, because it won't take long to scroll down threw them, I sense a tun of the music. I looked in the settings and can't seem to find a way to change their return. Please let me know if you have a solution for me! Thank you guys!

    HI Branika,

    Apology for a delayed response.

    You can try this procedure and check if it retains the size original album art information of the media file in Windows Media Player:

    • Open the media file in Windows Media Player. Click on the file and then press F4. Now the album art will not be displayed.
    • Press the F4 key from the keyboard. This will reset the size of the info from the album. This works very well for a specific file. You can also choose to support those who don't have the default size and use specific keys to reset.

    If this does not help, we will proceed with several troubleshooting steps ahead.

    We will restore the size of album art using the registry change and check if it helps. Check out the link and follow the suggestions that are marked as an answer:

    Note: Please make sure that you back up the registry files before you start the troubleshooting steps listed above.

    Let us know if the problem still persists.

  • Windows Media Player (frozen Album Art display)?

    Covers my WMP album seems frozen and won't update when I play a different MP3 file in this package?

    How can I update the album art, so it can show the image associated with each respective MP3 file?

    Thank you.


    Method 1
    I suggest you start Windows Media player convenience store library and see if that helps.

    Open the troubleshooter in the Windows Media Player library
    Open the troubleshooting Windows Media Player settings Troubleshooter

    Method 2
    I suggest you try the steps from the following links:

    Add or change album art in Windows Media Player

    Solve problems in Windows Media Player (how to solve problems with the information to the media, such as the song names and album art?) (Applies to Windows 7)

  • Windows Media Player does not update album art and album info.

    I have a desktop HP Envy h8 - 1417c 64 bit PC and I've recently updated to 8.1 of Windows (from Windows 8 - entered loaded on the PC). After the update, Windows Media Player still works fine, but it doesn't accept new information when I try to extract one of my new CDs to the library of music and album art. It search in the internet and search the correct art and information, but when you click on accept, nothing happens. CD selections simply remain blank. I can still see the info from old files and art (before the update), so I know he kept what was already ripped. I also have a vague called music editing software yet (which works with Windows 8), and he finds no more album. Also, I loaded iTunes and have no problem to find illustrations of album and info with this program. Is there something that I am missing? I can't find anyone having this same problem on the internet. Thank you.


    Microsoft technical support may be able to help you, 8.1 of Windows and Windows Media Player are not HP products:

    Kind regards.

  • Windows Media Player 11. Way to change the batteries in the album art library the order in artist view?


    (A purely aesthetic problem here)

    In windows media player when look at a library in the artist discovers mode, my albums are indicated as "batteries" under each name of respective artists. What determines the order of these batteries? Is it possible to choose the order yourself?

    I want to be able to choose because I don't like the look of some of my album covers, and I'd rather have my favorites upstairs.

    Thank you very much


    Hi Adamclarke,

    You can sort albums by choosing the options to sort the album art, title, length, rating and other areas.

    Above the albums listed, right-click on the album and choose sort by album. In the same way, you can sort the other areas.


    The Windows Media Player library: frequently asked questions

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Album art from Windows Media Player do not transfer to my device


    I have a MyTouch 4 G and I wanted to sync with my Windows Media Player library (I'm using Windows Vista). Then I added all my albums and their added work in my library. Once the synchronization is complete, I unplugged my phone. All the songs were there, but the work was not. D: but the names of the artists and albums are there. What I am doing wrong?

    I'd appreciate any help on this! (:

    Thank you



    Try these steps and check if the problem persists,

    1. click on "Start" then "all programs", then "Windows Media Player."

    2. right click on the album you want to add a picture to, and then click "find album info". Wait a few minutes while Windows Media Player connects to the Internet and download album art for your songs.

    3. connect your myTouch to your computer with the USB cord. The next time that you sync music, the album art will be transferred as well

    If this is the same procedure that you followed, then I suggest you to post your query in the Forums from HTC.

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