Windows Media Player doesn't recognize the phone error"is not a connected device: for synchronization

For months, Windows Media Player recognized my Samsung Galaxy SIII without problem. For weeks now, however, he is not picking it up. My computer detects the device when I plug it in, and made my phone. But when I try to sync the music on my phone, Windows Media Player says that I don't have a device so sync is not an option. In addition, there is no option in advanced settings on the Synchronize tab, so I have no idea how to solve the problem. Manual and automatic synchronization does not work.


Hello, Olivia,.

Thank you for keeping us posted.

Even if the phone is recognized on the computer, sometimes bad or corrupted SD/flash card card can cause this kind of scenario on Windows Media Player. Try to disconnect the SD card and check if the Player sync with the phone. Also check if another device appears under the list of devices in Windows Media Player. For troubleshooting, you can also uninstall the software of the phone (Samsung kies) and reinstall them.

Please let us know if the problem still persists.

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