Windows Media Player will not play cd but show no errors

Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12 - previously would play music CD (purchased at retail, not burned) that I inserted in the CD/DVD/BD drive very well.  Now, whenever I put in a cd it seems to read the info of the cd (album, artist, title), but when I try to listen to a song, I see a red X.  If I hover over the red X is see "Windows Media Player has encountered an error.  Click the icon for more information. "When I click the icon I see simply a box that says"Error Details"and nothing more.  How to solve this error?

Thanks for the reply very detailed with several suggestions.

There are several known changes made to my computer since the last time I played a CD.  These include some Windows updates (which have been applied automatically during the stops), a Java Update, an update of Adobe Flash and possibly others that I don't know or don't remember.

I was a bit confused about whether it was a hardware problem or software, because Windows Media Player seems to read at least part of the ok CD to get the album and track information, but could not play all the tracks.  Just before I read your suggestions, I tried something to isolate if it was a problem with Windows Media Player or a CD drive problem.  I opened iTunes was already installed on my computer and previously used to play music stored on the hard drive (but has never been used to play music directly from CD).  I inserted a CD with Windows Media Player could not play and iTunes has played the CD fine.  I closed iTunes and then reopen Windows Media Player and now he can play any CD just fine in Windows Media Player.  I am happy to say that everything seems to work fine now, but I have no idea why the problem disappeared after using iTunes when I could re - create the problem at will before that try to play all the CD with Windows Media Player.

As a last test, I put a known "damaged" music CD.  It acts like the previous problem - i.e. can read/display the info of the album and the way tracks but cannot read any track, shows the red X next to each track he's trying to play, and by clicking on the red X opens a box that says "Error Details" and nothing more.  It would be nice if it gave an error code or a more descriptive message.

Thanks again for your response.  We can close this thread because my problem disappeared mysteriously.

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    Help! Last year, Internet Explore kept closing (Data Execution Prevention) so I switched to Firefox, which is great, but since then Windows media Player will not work. Moved this year on the campus of the University and since then (using the University proxy server) install windows updates is no longer. It's a new laptop me issued by the University last year, is come pre-programmed with Vista and Office, Media Direct and other programs, most of which I didn't use.  Technical support here at uni cant/wont help... can you?

    Try the following and let us know the results.
    Run these tools:

    System File Checker

    The system update tool

    Take note of the results of the System File Checker.  Then after you run the two, run Windows Update.

    You are able to update of AVG?
    Any other antivirus (i.e. Norton, McAfee, etc.) has already been installed on this computer?
    When you say 'Nothing' that you tried to install?
    If you disable AVG and then run Windows Update you get a different outcome\error?

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  • Windows Media Player will not play files .avi or .mpg - Error Message: C00D1199

    Windows Media Player won't play .avi or .mpg files; files which I know to be readable by Windows Media Player. In addition, this program has played these accurate files in the month of August. The files are readable on other programs. I searched other forums, but it is impossible to find an answer to this problem, except the recommendation of a codec - although I don't know how I have "lost" the codec in the past two months. Today, spontaneously and erratically, Windows Media Player recognizes the .mpg files, but not the .avi. Microsoft Security Essentials have installed and up to date, if it is not a virus. Have problems in other programs with the recognition of previously readable files. Not sure if it's related, so I'll post in separate... forums but I'll give you a link if you want to. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Other players, such as iTunes and QuickTime, have been known to corrupt some files that
    then will cause this error.

    You received the C00D1199 error message using Windows Media Player. What follows
    information to help you solve the problem.

    Windows Media Player C00D1199 - this also applies to Vista and WMP11

    C00D1199 error


    In addition to the information contained in the link above, you should probably update the codec.

    Follow these steps to remove corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe)
    program generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    Determine if 32 or 64 bits.

    Start - type in the search box-> Winver find upstairs and double click on - check version

    After that the foregoing, add codec - get these 32 bit if:

    -Free - CCCP also get free tool of insurgents

    FFDSHOW - free

    Check here:

    Plug-ins for Windows Media Player


    If 64-bit:

    Read this 1st and go that route, or use the one below.


    If 64-bit Vista - can run WMP in 32 or 64 bit mode.

    Or try these: download - SAVE - go to the place where your put them RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN.

    For 32-bit use these - OR the 32 bit ones listed above which I prefer.

    K - Lite Codec Pack 8.1.7 (or newer)

    Use them for 64-bit:

    K - Lite Codec Pack 5.6.0 (64-bit) (or newer)


    You know that you use WMP 32 or 64

    Change, change or set 64 - Bit Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) in Windows Vista x 64 as default


    VLC needs, of no use so usually Codec as a backup when asked to support associations of files just say no.

    VLC - free

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    First thing that you do not run windows 95 if your build number is 2600.XP_SP3 it is a build number of windows XP.  Second, you will not be able to play DVDs using this version of windows and media player only.  The reason for this is DVD is a standard that a group of companies shut down and basically, they demand rights fees to use, it codec, which you don't have. You will need get a program that has integrated these codec (or find them somewhere).  Your best option for this is to completely abandon the but of the using Media player to play your DVD (unless you are looking to buy another piece of software).  There is a free option that I use on my machine Windows 7 Basic its called VLC is a free player that makes just about every format out there (not sure Bluray).  VLC uses its own codec (I think it's developed for the linux community orginially) rather than using the codec of the industry.  You can find the program at

  • Windows media player will not play videos that I created a few years back. they use to play very well; now, I received the acquired codec error message. I use wmp 11

    My old videos in my windows media player will not play. acquire CODECS rises. I get audio but not video for all the movies at home. Movies that I downloaded and clips play very well. How can I fix it. I use wmp 11.

    Hello satindoll11233,

    1. What is the exact error message you get when you try to play videos?

    2. What is the format of the videos that you try to play?

    3. are you able to play other files with Windows Media Player?

    Media Player will not be able to play video files, if there are no required codecs or video format is not supported by Media Player.

    I suggest you to check the format of the video you are trying to play. You can also try the steps in the article to resolve this problem:

    Thank you
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  • Windows media player will not play my downloaded movies.

    Original title: windows media player will not play my downloaded movies, so I know very lil on computers! Please help me!

    I have LimeWire. I downloaded several movies and can't watch them. When I try, it automatically showed the windows media player, and then displays a message saying "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or does not support the codec used to compress the file. "I looked for updates, perhaps thinking that I needed one, he says: there is no availiavle. I use the latest version of windows media player. any help would be greatly appreciated!

    It's really a simple question, easy to fix. But if you are really not that familiar with the computer, you may want to ask a friend who knows enough to help you.

    You can show it to your friend...
    What you need is to 'google' for a FREE video converter.
    Use the converter and changge movies in WMV file formats. (Sticking with the formats WMV, nothing else).
    Once the conversion is complete, you can play these movies in your Media Player.

    However, there is another alternative. Install a 3rd party media player called VLC. He plays any video fromats.
    Here is the download link:


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    I have a new Dell laptop with Windows 7 Professional and Windows Media Player will not play a '. MOV' video file completely (the video but not sound). I am told by Microsoft Windows Media Player will not play a MOV file, and I need Codec VLC add on or another player who will play MOV file. What is the best solution and if its for download a Codec VLC, then what is the best source?

    Guess why?  [ :-) ]

    Types of files supported by Windows Media Player:

    Which was probably that there was a lack of understanding between the container file and the codec here (in November 2013).  He says he's a "MOV" does not mean that he plays with the same codecs as all other MOV files.  ;-)

    It is perhaps a better place to read up on this:

  • Windows Media Player will not play WMV files

    Windows Media Player will not play WMV files, I get the following error:

    "Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file may be in use, you won't have access to the computer on which the file is stored, or your proxy settings are may not be incorrect. »

    Evaluating is not a problem

    Other file formats work well

    Any reflection on a fix, I have already searched the web for a fix, it appears, this is a common question, but nobody has a solution that works


    Method 1:

    FIX: Windows Media Player 11 cannot play WMV files that contain multiple video streams

    Method 2:

    I suggest to disable audio enhancements and check if you're able to play .wmv files. Follow the method 1To disable audio improvements.

    a. Open Sound by clicking on the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel.

    (b) in the search box, type sound, and then click sound.

    c. on the playback tab, click speakers and then click Properties.

    d. click the enhancements tab, and then select Disable all enhancements checkbox.

    Method 3:

    I suggest to create a new user account and check if you're able to play the files. Click on the link below to create a new user account

    Create a user account

    Thanks and regards.

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    Windows Media Player will not play. WMA files, but all the rest that he will play codecs for.

    What is going on?

    Reset Media Player and accepted the default set and makes no difference.

    Still will not play. WMA files.

    This has happened on three different machines using hundreds of different. WMA files and none of them will play.

    All of these files were torn to the folder of music with Media Player.

    SFC/scannow seems to have done the trick for a user here. See:
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    Hello! Recently, when I tried to read a file .mp4 on Windows Media Player, the player would immediately stop working and tell me that he could not play this type of file, even if the day before he could do so without any problem. I had an option to close the program or click to more information, so when I clicked for more information, he gave me this:
    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: BEX
    Application name: wmplayer.exe
    Application version: 12.0.7601.17514
    Application timestamp: 4ce7a485
    Fault Module name: StackHash_0a9e
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception offset: 00000000
    Exception code: c0000005
    Exception data: 00000008
    OS version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional information 1: 0a9e
    More information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional information 3: 0a9e
    Additional information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Back to a system restore point previous fixed the problem and I could again play the files in Media Player, but during the night that Windows updates installed and the morning I could not play these .mp4 files once more. So I restored to a point earlier, changed my updates so that they are is more automatic and by installing each day at a time, I finally isolated the problem in Internet Explorer 10. If I install that, just Windows Media Player will not play these files.
    I tried a manual update of Internet Explorer 10, turn off all the options of toolbars shit and everything, thinking that when it automatically installs those who may be included, but that has not helped. Had to go back to my previous IE10 restore point. So no matter what, Internet Explorer 10 kills my ability to play .mp4 on Windows Media Player files.
    I don't have toolbars running on IE9 at all.
    I know that's obvious answer is 'do not install Internet Explorer 10' or if I do, download another player for .mp4 files. But the fact is, it shouldn't happen, it is indicative of something being wrong, and I would like TO be able to install Internet Explorer 10 AND use Windows Media Player to play these files. If someone else has had this problem, or know a way to fix it?
    Here are my system specs:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    Intel Core i5 - 3350P @ 3.10 GHz CPU
    ASRock H77M LGA 1155 motherboard
    8 GB DDR3 240 - Pin SD RAM
    Diamond Radeon HD 7870PE52GV 7870 GHz video card
    And all my programs are installed on this:
    SAMSUNG series Pro 840 MZ-7PD256BW 2.5 "256GB SATA III MLC internal Solid State Drive
    I'd appreciate any help you can provide! Thank you!!
    It sounds like your question. I think you should uninstall this update and
    hide and see if that solves your problem. Please report.
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
    Please mark as answer if that answers your question

    I tried myself after experiencing the same problem and error code. I uninstalled the KB2670838 update, and then my Windows Media Player finally worked again. I also found that IE 10 must be uninstalled as well. Installation of IE 10 also automatically installs the update of KB2670838 platform. After uninstalling KB2670838, IE 10 automatically uninstall with it, better you hide two updates so that they do not install again. From the link in the previous post, I learned that the platform update is having problems of conflict with the AMD drivers. Good luck to you and hope this helps.

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    Windows media player will not play or will be windows media center. they have just the green screen of goto, it is solid

    Hello bluepole,.

    1. the Media Player and Media Center work fine before?

    2. the problem occurs with all types of files you play or any particular file?

    Try the methods below to resolve this issue:

    Method 1:

    Reduce hardware acceleration (or turn off) video hardware acceleration (if supported by your video card)

    1 open the screen resolution by clicking on the start start button Picture button, click on the Panel, and then, under appearance and personalization, click on adjust the screen resolution.

    2. click on advanced settings, click the Troubleshooting tab, and then click on change settings.

    3. move the hardware acceleration slider to none to reduce or turn off video hardware acceleration.

    Method 2:

    If you are not able to play all the files, make sure that the right codecs are installed on the computer for videos to play in Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

    Refer to this article for frequently asked Codecs:

    Codecs: Frequently asked questions

    Method 3:

    Make sure that you install the latest drivers for your graphics card. You can see the underside of section which will give you information on how to update the drivers: ' t-work correctly

    Thank you
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  • Windows media player will not play a video file with a .zip extension

    Windows media player will not play a video file with a .zip wish.  What can I do to let him play?

    I checked and I have the latest version of windows media player.

    A .zip file is not a video file, it is a compressed file. Extract the video file in the zipped file.

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    My Windows Media Player will not play mu movies in AVI format, it was up until about a week ago, running vista home basic 32 bit. What is the problem here and how can it be solved?
    See you soon

    Several things you might try: -.

    Restore.You try system can restore your computer to a point before the startup problem occurring.

    You can download and install codecs: -.


    Try another media player, like VLC Player: -.

  • Windows media player will not play a recording of my voice galaxy s2 phone

    Windows media player will not play a recording of my voice galaxy s2 phone

    Hi bowalker,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Communities. The problem description, I understand that windows media player will not play a recording from the Galaxy S2 of the voice phone. Provide the following information for the better understanding of the issue:

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         You get the error message?

    ·         He has already worked?

    I suggest running the media player settings Troubleshooter and check.

    Let us know if you need more assistance.

    Thank you.

  • Windows Media Player will not play a DVD, I have a series with yellow mark Driver

    I got it, (cannot display the web page) twice, once when I updated one of the display, drivers, (I didn't roll back to the old.. 2nd time, I found that (work offline) to int, Explorer, had checked sort.)  u can tell me what that non plug and play, pilot of the series might be for? I see the same driver identical series with yellow mark, it does not prevent me to get online, is the only problem I have, Windows Media Player, do not play a DVD!

    1. check the status of the device in Device Manager. Follow the steps for the same thing:

    a. click on start

    b. click Run, in the Run dialog box type devmgmt.msc

    c. in the Device Manager window, locate the CD/DVD drive and expand the drive, double-click the sub element to check if an error message or error code is listed.

    2 install the updated firmware for the drive and check if it helps. Link:

Maybe you are looking for

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