Windows search service couldn't start. The system does not have the specified path. How can I fix it?

I'm having a problem where IE takes up to five minutes for a web page.   I see the mistake of follow up in the event viewer:

Log name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Date: 14/08/2012 21:14:10
Event ID: 7000
Task category: no
Level: error
Keywords: Classic
User: n/a
Computer: Owner-PC

The research service Windows could not start because of the following error:
The system does not have the specified path.

The event XML: ">"
    0 x 80000000000000

    Windows Search
    %%d Ko

When I run the program Microsoft FixIt Center I get 3 error messages that do not reach the difficulty.


(1) Windows Search is crashing or not fixed failing

Windows Search crashes or breaks down after that that she has started.  In addition, an event ID 7042, 100 or 1000 is logged in the Windows event log, or the Windows Search Service is not running.

(2) search Windows does not start and gives an error message no fixed

Windows Search does not search results show and there is an error at startup.  A 3024 or event ID 1006 is logged in the Windows event log, or the Windows Search Service is not running.

(3) Windows search shows no results not fixed

Windows Search shows no results.  In addition, an event ID 7040 is logged in the Windows event log, or the Windows Search service is not running.


Someone at - it solutions?  Oh, I'm running Vista 32 Home SP2

Thank you


Did you change to the computer?

I suggest you to see the links and check.

The problems with the search

Improve Windows searches using the index: frequently asked questions

Ways to improve your computer's performance

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