Windows Server - SBS 2011 backup

I had continuous problems with one of the backups of my client.  I have it set to bare metal on an external USB drive.  The backup fails during the shadow copy of Volume process and returns the following error:

- <>' > '.
 0 x 8000000000000000

 2015-09 - 30 T 14: 30:44.552000000Z
 % 2155348129


Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!


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  • Windows server 2012 r2 backup


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    I need to know how to disable this full backup to chance.

    Thank you.

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)
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    Hello world...

    I am in a big mess... and really need help!

    I did last night a Backup windows... but one of my users were connected to the server works with applications...

    and this morning No 32 no bits applications... same installer...
    the 64-bit application works very well...

    Others or generating an error 0xc000005 and stop...
    failing Ole32.dll module...

    And I'm sure that the backup is reliable, even if the backup of windows said it was successful...

    I tried to restore only the apps files... but it seems more complicated than that...

    If anyone has an idea...

    Hi, Emeric,.

    Thanks for posting the question on Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, it seems that 32-bit applications crash with an 0xc000005 error code in Windows Server 2008.

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  • Services Exchange do not start automatically when rebooting the server (SBS 2011/07)

    Both services must be started manually after the server is restarted namely:
    Authentication based on the form of MS Exchange
    The MS Exchange RPC Client Access

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  • Windows Essentials SBS 2011 Dashboard will not start on the client computer

    The dashboard on our Windows Essentials 2011 Server works as expected when run on the server, but linking the dashboard from the dashboard on any client computer guests of identification; the window of the Remote application appears, then quickly closes. and the login window times out and closes. No error, it just closes. The dashboard was working on client machines but has not recently. I need to work because we need restore a database on a client computer. I need to solve this problem quickly. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The Windows backup utility does not autoplay.


    The backup fails with the error code ' ' 0 x 80780034 "(Windows backup could not create the cliché about the location of storage.) »

    The VSS error event associated with: "unexpected error CreateFileW(\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy549\,0x80000000,0x00000003,...).".  HR = 0 x 80070013, the media is write protected. »

    Not already done so:

    Checked to ensure that the VSS service was actually being run and changed the startup type to "automatic".

    Checked to make sure that the backup volume is writable. (it's)

    Google search for issues similar and found nothing. (although a plethora of backup windows and errors found VSS, no adjustment issue)


    The volume is an iSCSI-mounted drive.

    The backup succeeds if triggered manually.

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    Can I disable this automatic update of address of DNS server somehow? In fact, I don't want to run a DNS server on the local server.

    Thank you to inform in advance!


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  • Problems of SBS 2011 Windows Update after you uninstall WSUS

    I have a Server SBS 2011 I uninstalled WSUS on.  Due to the usual problem of disk space on the server.  I uninstalled WSUS because I don't mind the jobs goes directly to Microsoft Update on the Internet.  But after uninstalling WSUS on the server, workstations stop download of updates completely.  It indicates that Windows updates are controlled by the administrator.  I can check the updates manually by selecting "Check for updates on the Internet".  How can I get the workstations to download updates normally by using the web site of Microsoft Updates?  Thank you!


    I suggest you re-post your query on the TechNet forums because we have experts working on this type of questions and for you help the better.

    Check out the link:

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  • SBS 2011 drivers needed

    Pavilion P7-1410 supplied with Windows 8 OS; installation of Small Business Server 2011. Installation fails due to lack of drivers (e.g., network, Ethernet, USB). Download driver HP account Windopws 8 drivers. How can I get the necessary drivers for SBS?

    I saved the Win 8 drivers before reformat the drive, but they do not work for SBS.


    Unfortunately, I don't think that you will find the drivers for this operating system - even from the mfr websites.

    I just checked the Realtek Web site for the drivers for the ethernet controller, and there aren't any.

    They have Windows 2008 server, but not 2011.

    Specifications to run SBC 2011, the minimum hardware requirement is a quad core processor, which is not your PC.

    Windows Small Business Server 2011

    Small business doesn't have to limited operation. With Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2011, you get a complete solution, designed for customers who want to technologies of the company in an all-in-one package that is adapted to the needs of small businesses and priced accordingly. Windows SBS Essentials is the ideal solution for businesses with 25 users or less and Windows SBS 2011 Premium add-on provides a flexible and economic solution for the deployment of additional servers.

    • Get the best first server for your business with SBS 2011 Essentials: Enjoy full support for your small company of 25 or fewer users with this server designed to facilitate connection to the cloud and integrate with local and online services.
    • Protect client and Server data : Easily back up your data on internal or external hard drives.
    • Enter your business safely network: Remote Desktop Web Access allows you to access your network securely.
    • Keep in touch with the support of the mobile device: Work from your Windows Phone 7 or other phone compatible Internet.

  • Backups - VSS multiple backups Windows Server 2011

    I work with a SBS 2011 and my question is the performance of different backups on the same server.

    Currently, we use the native or built in the backup that comes with server 2011. This backup, backup on a USB external drive.  He worked for almost a month now without only minor problems at the beginning which have cleared up after that we set up an update for server 2011. The owner join a backup stored in the cloud. I spoke to two different companies and have decided on one. Speak to a sales engineer and to discuss their backup which is a VSS backup, I asked them if there is a problem or a conflict since both were VSS engines. Their response was 'both together do no running at the same time or overlap' we should be OK.

    They seem to think that it would be very nice. Also asked questions about the use of their software to backup to a local drive, and then to the cloud, they indicated that we buy camera ERA which was expensive.

    I greatly appreciate another opinion on this subject. Two separate backups can run on a server the two using VSS?

    Thank you


    Ask in the forum Windows Server:

  • SBS 2011 Server Add backup disk


    Using the SBS Server 2011 standard backup utility, it doesn't seem to be a way to add an additional backup to the existing backup disk without adding new all disks at the same time, which translates into all current backups are deleted.
    Is it possible to add an additional drive or replace a faulty, without erasing all current backups?
    Thank you

    Support is located in the Windows Server Forums:

  • Tab Windows Home Server 2011 dashboard computers and backup no longer displays the server as a backup computer

    The tab of my Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard under computers and save watch is no longer the server as a backup computer.  I have a drive that is put in place and it appears in the server hard drives and folders tab. So I can't say if the server is the backup folders designated or not. Help is appreciated!

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    I mean get SBS 2011 with the added LOB servers

    They want to know how can you add?

    Best regards, Scott Whitwell

    Hello Scott,

    You can find the Server forums on TechNet support, please create a new post at the following link:

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    I have two external drives used for backup on a SBS 2011 server. The other one is a WD drive a Seagate. Shadow copy not now don't recognize either drive.  Both drives worked on the server for about 9 months and are not anywhere near full capacity. The server is now saying that it can't find the drivers for external drives, he previously used the last 12 months. Both drives have been tested, are recognized and work correctly in any windows 7 computer. Is there a way the GET the server again recognized the readers?


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