Windows unsolicited contact

I get calls from Windows 7 Rep (Brian) a problem with my computer. Is - is this legitimate? It provides a number of I.D. # and TV but I'm not sure what to do next if anything?


It's a scam.

Not to answer, don't give any information.

There are no representatives of Windows 7 and Microsoft does not call users.

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  • Microsoft or windows never contact you by phone about problems, that I get these calls very frustrating!

    Microsoft or windows never contact you by phone about problems, that I get these calls very frustrating!

    Fake phone calls to technical support

    Calls unrequested telephone of this nature are almost always a common scam. Do not let them give any info, do not give access to your PC, not give them all the money and do not go to all the websites that they suggest. One moment.

    Please see:

    Microsoft issues never not solicited for phone calls of support or security.

    These types of callers can use completely fictitious names or bogusly claim to be of real companies other than Microsoft as well.

  • Windows Mail Contacts: How can I find the names in alphabetical order A - Z?

    original title: Windows Messaging Contacts

    I use Windows Mail in Vista. If I open my Contacts icon, all my names are listed in order alphabetical by last name, except they start from the Z - A instead of A to Z. However, if I click on "New Message", click the "To" box, all names are blurred; that is, they are not in alphabetical order, and I can't get a person with the same name as another. How can I a) find the names in alphabetical order, from A to Z when I click on the box 'To', and b) retrieve my contacts displayed A - Z?

    Thank you.

    By clicking on the header above the names of contacts line, they should be used in the other direction. Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
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  • Remove contacts duplicate Windows Mail contacts list

    original title: Windows Mail Contact List

    Due to a problem of software of Samsung download many of my contacts in windows mail has been copied several times. I need to remove hundreds of duplicate contacts. Will never delete one at a time. Can you advise how to highlight that both 30 and remove at once? Thank you

    These keystrokes work in most lists in Windows:

    1. Click on an item to select it;
    2. Click on an item to select it, hold CTRL and click on either one to be selected at a time;
    3. Click on an item to select it, hold the SHIFT key and click another to select both and everything in the meantime;
    4. Click on an item to select it, hold CTRL and press A to select all the items.
    Press DELETE to remove the selection.
    You will find it easier to select multiple items in the Contacts folder, if you select view > Details.


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  • Suddenly, all my 'Windows Mail' contacts are blurred, only not in alphabetical order.


    All of a sudden all of my Windows Mail contacts are garbled when I want to select recipients.  The contacts in the folder are in alphabetical order but not the contacts list when I compose an email.  How can I correct this inconvenient situation?

    Hi, J3Webster,

    Click on the column header for the column name.  It will sort by name.

  • Contacts are still in the main Windows mail Contacts, but they disappeared from my contacts list when you create a new message

    After a system crash, restore, all my contacts are still in the main window of Windows mail Contacts, but now when I create a new message and click on 'To', all contacts have disappeared from my list of contacts. How to make their return in the list without having to re-enter them one by one which would take forever? I am running Vista Home Premium.
    Thank you.


    Try the following article, it can be applied as happened after the restoration:

    You can also export and re - import their contacts. See the link below to do so.

  • Reinstalling Windows Mail Contact List

    I had to reinstall my whole computer, because it crashed with an update of Windows 'stuck '.  I have my Windows Mail contact list saved on my C drive, and also have a CD of it.  I tried to import the list, but I can't make him - how can I put my contacts back in Windows Mail without having to re - type the entire list?  Thanks for any help

    I've never had the pleasure, it's just a JOKE. Assuming that you have saved the file containing the list of contacts, move it from the CD to the desktop. Right click on the folder. Properties and make sure it is not marked read-only and then try to import from there.

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

  • List of Windows Mail Contacts

    When I want to send an email to someone and click the box 'To' the contact list are not in alphabetical order.

    How do I arrange my e-mail contacts list in alphabetical order see after clicking the 'To' box?

    Windows Messenger Contact list is always stored in alphabetical order.
    It may not SEEM to be just because of the way that you entered addresses.
    When you first enter an address, you will notice there is a box for first name and a family name area.
    Make sure that do you this for all contacts, and then decide if you want to list first, first name or last name first.
    If all the above is done, you will see the list of how you want.
    Example: Last name first
    RE: List of contacts - first name
    Open Windows Mail > click Contacts > in the window of the Contacts, right-click on the word NAME > click MORE > in the next window, select the name and click MOVE up to move the family name at the front very > click OK.
    The list will now begin with the names of family first.

    See pictures of screenshots:

    This is how your contacts list will look like, and when you click on the button to, they will also list Lastname first in alphabetical order.

  • Error in registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\Database

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\Database

    This error keeps occurring on my Scan of the registry - how can I get rid of him?

    What you need to get rid of is whatever program you use to make registry scans.  In general, they do not work and some are really dangerous (I've seen cases where they did so much damage all the Vista system was to be installed as a clean boot).  Do not pay attention to the mistakes that these programs show - they may or may not be true and 'fix' can cause more harm than just leave them alone.  Most are not really errors.  You risk serious damage to your system if you continue to use any scanner registry, registry booster, Fixer registry, registry repair tool or anything similar.  Vista doesn't have these programs - it does a job perfectly well to clean the registry on its own.

    Please take my advice and uninstall and never use this device or any other product like it if you care about the integrity and preservation of your system and your registry database.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Is it safe to remove all but one or two recent copies of the folder Windows Live Contacts located in AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Live Contacts?

    Is safe to remove apparently to the copies of the files of Windows Live Contacts is located in the directory of following:
    C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Active Contacts

    During a recent cleaning disc, I tried to 'explorer' of these files that take more than 150MB. I was unable to access the files and was motivated indicating that the folders were empty (even if the box 'properties dialog box' shows that they are each around 30 MB.)

    Real statistics for AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Live Contacts folders:

    (1) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\ {ec5c004d-431a-4953-b52a-fb2242447800} 15 January 2010 29.0 MB

    (2) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\ {c5f4de74-2462-41ae-93fd-7ff8b51a8597} 16 January 2010 29.3 MB

    (3) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows live Contacts\ {82a7b7d2-3f5d - 43 c 2-aba5-f39d76b4a} 29 January 2010 29.0 MB

    (4) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Contacts\ {90a2a35e-9bce-4efb-aee5-50dd69b35741} live February 1, 2010 29.0 MB

    (5) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\ {e26a3eaa-c3ef-4471-a9e4-26e5cba73bd9} 3 February 2010 28.0 MB

    (6) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows live 28.0MB* February 17, 2010 Contacts\ {83a16ece-a5b5-4a53-96d3-51c079f32522}
    * It's the only one who does not say "folder is empty. Ironically, he said 4.03 MB when twitch, but properties box reflects 28.0 MB

    (7) C:\Users\Krista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\ {c8d513fd-aab6-4c7e-a612-7ade0eed7c4b} February 19, 2010 28.3MB* *.
    * I guess that it is the most 'common' or 'active' Live Contacts folder

    I use Outlook 2003 for my contacts and e-mail and have a hard time justifying 150 MB of data in the old WLContacts files to stay on my HDD. At this point I did not anything else that create 5 files zip files (which takes 10 MB of space instead of the 150 MB uncompressed.

    In summary, I would like to get an opinion heard on whether or not the removal of the Windows Live Contacts AppData apparently duplicate files will create any type of system instability.  Thank you in advance for solutions or suggestions available.

    | krittermattel |


    You need to leave them alone if you want Windows Live to work. Think of them as
    Virtual folders used for the processing of your mail.

    I hope this helps. Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Copy the Contacts from Vista to Windows 7 Contacts Possible?

    I have a new desktop under Windows 7 Home Premium. Before the death of my old desktop (Vista 32 Home Premium), I was able to copy my Contacts folder to a backup drive. Is Vista comes in contact with the same type of file as Windows 7 contacts? Is it possible to copy contacts from Vista to Windows 7 contacts folder? If this is not the case, how would I go about importing the contacts? Thank you!

    Hi Fallstar,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site.

    You can import the information book or contact address of several formats used by other programs, convert them for use in this version of Windows and store them in your Contacts folder. You can also convert your contacts to other formats by exporting. Allows you to share them with people who use an earlier version of Windows or a different operating system.

    However, you must download Windows Live Mail in order to perform the steps listed in method 1. To download windows live mail on windows 7 click on the link below.

    Windows Live Mail

    After installing windows live mail follow method 1.

    Method 1:

    Follow the steps mentioned below to import contacts.

    1. open Windows Contacts by clicking on the button start then on your user name. Type of contacts in the address bar and press ENTER.

    2. on the toolbar, click Import, and then click one of the following formats to import contacts from:

    o CSV (Comma Separated Values). It is a format of generic file used to export and import information to and from databases or spreadsheets. If you can't import an address book file directly into Windows Contacts, try everything first convert to a CSV file and then import this file.

    o LDIF (LDAP server). This format is used to import information from LDAP directory servers directory.

    o vCard (VCF file). This is the most widely used contacts format.

    o the Windows address book file (Outlook Express contacts). This format (.wab file) is used by most earlier versions of Windows, including Windows XP.

    3. click on import, locate the contacts file you want to import, and then click Open. The new contacts should appear in your Contacts folder.

    If you can't find the contacts file you want to import, see the documentation provided with the program that created the contacts or visit the manufacturer's website. You will need to export contacts from the program before you can import them into Windows Contacts.

    4. when a message appears telling you that the contacts import process has completed, click OK and then click Close.

    For more information, see the article mentioned below.

    Import, export, or change the format for contacts

    Or follow method 2.

    Method 2:

    1. in Vista, navigate to the folder C:\Users\(user name) \Contacts , and then copy all your contacts and groups of contacts to something (ex: DVD, USB drive, etc.) to copy in Windows 7.

    (2 in Windows 7, copy the Vista contacts and groups of contacts in the folder C:\Users\(user name) \Contacts .

    Hope this information is useful.

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Restore Windows Live Contacts of Norton Ghost backup

    A few days ago I had to reinstall Windows 7 to get rid of a particularly nasty hemen. I downloaded window Live 11 and installed. I managed with some difficulty to restore all messages (WL had new IDS to use for message stores and it took me a while to realize that I had to copy the massages in the old ID in the nine). However I can't for the life of back me contacts. I managed to find old contacts in the backup files in C:\User name\appadat\local\microsoft\windowslive\contacts\default\15.4\DBstore\contacts.edb but when I get back (what a copy since the back-up in the same place in the live system) it seems to do but no contacts appear in Windows Live. I also tried to connect to Windows Live online and export the Contacts from there. The export worked (I now have a CSV file on my PC) but Windows Live does not appear to be an import of Contacts - just a message import. Can someone suggest another shot.

    David Quinn

    I signed up at and you have the correct account with a list of contacts up to date.

    OK, so all you have to do is to sign in to Windows Live Mail using the same account. Use the button to the right on the home Ribbon tab to connect you with the right account.

    Then, I went to my contacts from Windows Live desktop and you click Import and chose the "address book for the current windows user.

    Who will import your Windows Contacts, which you can see by typing contacts in the start search box and press enter. This function is a legacy of Vista and is not used by any Windows program in W7. It can be used by third parties, for example to synchronize contacts between your computer and a mobile device. There is no link between the Windows Contacts and Windows Live Contacts.

    I also looked at the CSV file I had saved. It was a bit scrambled.

    If your Hotmail contact list has been accumulated over the years by different means, it could well be corruption in some entries that will upset a CSV export. Unless you really need to fill the default contact list in Windows Live Mail (for when you're not connected), don't try to import. If you feel that you don't have to fill this list, I would be interested in your reasons.

  • guarantee of Windows - unsolicited phone calls

    I saw someone ask a question, which is pretty close to what I wanted to ask you, but I have seen no response to this. I'll give you what is new: "I got the same call phne but unfortunately I let have access to my computer." I wonder would they did anything on my computer?  They showed me all warnings and errors. »



    If you have been contacted by a company claiming to be Microsoft or to represent Microsoft, read this:

    It's a scam.

    Microsoft does not contact you unless YOU have made prior arrangements with them to do.

    There is an article in the link I'm you provide at the end of this one

    Read this Information from Microsoft:

    "Avoid scams to phone for tech support.

    Don't be fooled of unsolicited calls. Don't provide personal information.

    Here are some of the organizations that cyber criminals claim to come:

    • Helpdesk Windows

    • Windows repair center

    • Microsoft technical support

    • Microsoft technical support

    • Windows Support Group Technical Department

    • Microsoft Research and Development Team (team of Microsoft R & D)

    Either these so-called "Microsoft" Tech companies want to sell you a worthless software, or remote access to your computer to try to steal your credit card and bank information and also achieve an identity theft on you.

    We have all the errors and warnings in our Event Viewer

    If you gave them remote access and you do Internet banking, contact your bank, explain, and change passwords.

    If you use your online credit card, cancel and get a new one issued to you.

    And the only way that willl you know that you are free to them is to backup your data and do a clean install of your operating system.

    See you soon.

  • About Microsoft Windows unsolicited calls

    I receive MANY phone calls unsolicited from a few different numbers which indicate that they are calling about an error message that is related to Microsoft Windows on my computer.  I tried several times to inform the appellants that I don't want to talk to them, but they continue to remember over and over again.  They clearly want a foreign country and I don't know what is the concert.  Who are these people and how can I get rid of them?


    They are crooks, and once they have your phone number the only effective way to get rid of them is to change your phone number.  You can probably contact your phone provider, and they MAY be able to help.




    Hi & welcome

    As my partner mentioned above, it is an obvious scam... & should be useful, as it has existed for a time "long enough."

    Report a scam to technical support

    Sub tech support phone scams

    Cybercriminals don't just send e-mails fraudulent and created fake sites Web.

    They could also call you on the phone and claim to be from Microsoft.

    They could offer help to solve your computer problems or sell you a software license.

    Once they have access to your computer, they can do the following:

    • Encourage you to install malicious software that catches of sensitive data, like user of banking online names and passwords. They may also charge you for to remove this software.

    • Convince you to visit legitimate Web sites (like to download the software that will allow them to take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to make your computer vulnerable.

    • Request credit card information so that they can charge you for bogus services.

    • Direct you to fraudulent Web sites and you prompted to enter the credit card and other personal or financial information.

    Microsoft or our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as the telephone canvassing) you charge for security patches or software.

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