Windows Update installs viruses

Whenever I use Windows Update installed a Trojan horse under the name of Backdoor.Win32.PcClient and updates, most fail.  My antivirus tells me it's there and I have to restart my computer to remove it.  This automatically or manually update running.

I downloaded all the security for Windows Malicious Removal Tool and Windows Defender definitions.  The my kicking antivirus removal tool is running when it reaches the file and I can delete it.

But it reinstalls just when I run Windows Update again. Help!

I found it!  He arrived with an update of a program called Macrium Reflect.  I had installed this program 2 years ago and used to create an image of my backup system.  When all of this began to happen, I used the disk to reinstall this program and installed the image.  Had same trouble decided to clean install.  Then to their website to download the update of the program and "Wham".  Finally, I am looking in the files installed for this prgram and found a configuration file which contained the words 'VB Script.  2 .dll named VSS.dll and VSSS.dll files.  I deleted those and run a registry cleaner.  I then uninstalled the program.  Now I have all my updates installed except SP2 that constantly refuses to install.

My problem is now there is some registry keys of this program left that I can't remove.  Did not understand how to take in hand.

But the virus has not shown that I made above.

Thanks for your help.  I owe a lot of reading to do.

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