Windows Update repeatedly offers the KB2565063 update and I can not install

Repeatedly offered Windows Update is (KB2565063), but when I try to install it continues for long periods of time with no progression of the installation made.


As I try to download the "vcredist_x86.exe" file is what is happening in the install window:

Install window:
'Security check of the file' progress is progressing at a normal speed and finishes very quickly his task. Progress bar goes green in less than 15 sec.
Lower than:
On the Installation progress bar: it seems to work (small circle is moving to the right), but he never makes any progress installation file. I have let it run up to 30 min with no Visual progression.
The file that is trying to be loaded at the bottom is: "msp_KB2565063"... the KB2565063 is the update file in the original post, I had trouble downloading.
Other suggestions?
Thank you
UPDATED: 16/06/12
Problem solved. I uninstalled all the files of MS Visual Basic C++ on the computer and re-installed as needed. The update that I had a problem with installed without problem. Thanks for the help on this issue.

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