Windows XP computer - my wife is no longer will start and load one of its programs.

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Ideas: Computer my wife is no longer boot up and load one of its programs.  When you turn it on, Windows XP loading blinks and then you get an error message that says: "you cannot use MSN to connect. Please choose another dial to open a windows session.  With this message, all you have is a 'OK' that affects when you click it, gives you your photo screen saver and nothing else, so you have no where to go.  A few days earlier, she had an alert to update update to windows 8, but she refused and it seems that since then, she has been the problem.  Can anyone help?

  • You have problems with programs
  • Error messages
  • Recent changes to your computer
  • What you have already tried to solve the problem

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    Since then, when I start the computer, it goes through a few stages starting and then ends with a black screen with a cursor flashing at the top.

    If I press ESC during startup and access the start menu, something marked WED... is highlighted and I press on enter and it starts normally.

    How can I get Windows 7 to do a normal boot without having to access the Boot Menu each time?

    Thank you.

    Tried that, but it did not work.  Finally got and IT guy come and it took him 3 1/2 hours to repair.

    Need a bootable floppy which has then repairs itself.

    Lesson learned.  Have an available for each computer startup disk.

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    tried to create a private folder for the work of the book as the in-laws use our computer but don't know where to start and it seems to have sent the info im trying to hide in every sense, please help, its windows 7 we have, I will learn more about computer but now I have to stop my son-inlaw through my belongings on the computer



    Hi Nancy,.

    Encryption of files and folders is a way to protect against unauthorized access. EFS (ENCRYPTING File System) is a Windows feature that you can use to store information on your hard disk in an encrypted format. Encryption is the best protection that Windows provides to help you keep your information secure.

    You can make a folder and then encrypt it.

    Good day!

    Answer please if you face concerns.

  • "Name of file or assembly ' System.Windows.Forms, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = B77A5C561934E089", or one of its dependencies was not found


    Im having a problem. I write a program in Visual studio 2008 c# for Windows CE language in a machine of liliput.

    When I run the program in windows 7, I have no problem, but when I try to run my program in Windows CE I get the following exception (the projecto for Windows CE was created to run in this operating system):

    MissingMethodException is unmanaged

    "Name of file or assembly ' System.Windows.Forms, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = B77A5C561934E089", or one of its dependencies was not found.

    The references from my program are:

    mscorlib.dll (Version (length versio - this dll do not exist in the program for Windows 7, appeared when I created the project for windows CE

    NationalInstruments.Vision.dll (Version

    NationInstruments.Vision.Common.dll (Version

    System.dll (Version

    System.Data.dll (Version

    System.Deployment.dll (Version


    System.Windows.Forms.dll (Version

    System.XML.dll (Verision

    Throughout this reference is the Version of the Runtime: v2.0.50727 (it is the versions of Windows CE of liliput machine can run?)

    Can someone help me? I don't know why I get this exception

    Thank you for your help

    Hello UH and thank you for your message.

    I'm sorry I don't really understand what you are doing, you develop applications with Visual Studio 2008 and then deploy it on Windows CE or use directly in windows THIS? (I ask that, because Visual Studio is not supported on Windows CE:

    In addition, what device OR do you use? What is the fat of your project?

    Thanks for the responses,

  • Error: «Please insert a blank disc into the CD drive (E :).» Once Windows Media Player detects a new disc, it will start automatically burning"

    Hi, we are currently running Windows XP SP3.  My daughter tries to download a song from Windows Media Player, she needs for her class dance.  It just download the song bad by accident without problem.  Now she's trying to download the song using the same CD (CD - R80) and it gives sound this error: «Please insert a blank disc in the CD drive (E :).» Once Windows Media Player detects a new disc, it will start automatically burning."  Someone please help.  She needs this to practice his senior dance solo.

    As I understand it, the CD was already burned once, and now she's trying to burn on the same CD again? This is not possible, as the CD - Rs can only be burned once. She will need a new blank CD - R, like the error message.

  • After reformatting Windows 7 laptop takes a long time to start and load office

    hiiii! I use the computer hp 620 laptop. who has windows 7 Home Edition premium installed with 4 GB of ram. c drive partition size is 250 GB. When I start my laptop it takes * a long-term on windows startup. then once this process is completed it must also load the desktop. I recently formmated my pc. 2nd question:-when I right click on my computer and click Properties. It shows the memory of 4 GB installed and usable 2.90 GB usable. I use windows 7 64-bit edition Home premium. Wait a rply

    First of all, I would like to launch the troubleshooter of Performance to see if there are problems.
    Then, use the steps listed in optimize Windows 7. This will usually help the most to get the best performance from your system.

    (1) open the resolution of performance issues by clicking on the button start , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under system and security, click on search performance issues.

    (2) use the following link as a way to improve and optimize your configuration of Windows 7.

    (3) you can review how to speed up your computer.
    How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC

    (4) If you have not already, delete the temporary Internet files of Internet Explorer. Loading these files can sometimes slow down the startup of your.
    Article number: 260897 - How to remove the content of the Internet temporary files folder

    (5) run the Microsoft Safety Scanner to check that you don't have malware or viruses on your computer. They can slow a computer at startup too. This is a free download.
    You can download from the following link:

    Hope this will help you with your computer start faster.



  • Computer laptop dv7 takes too long to start

    About two weeks ago, I buy a laptop pavilion dv7-4165dx because I really like the features of the laptop. When I turn on the computer, it took about 10 minutes to start after the initial installation. I got at best buy because I thought it was a faulty hard drive, because any given work very well, at best buy told me that the laptop was fine and had no problems. But I still have the same problem because take laptop about 3 to 4 minutes at the start he crashes in the welcome message, after I typed my password. I have already updated all drivers and BIOS, can someone help me.


    I would get Best Buy to replace the notebook that you really shouldn't have these kinds of issues with a whole new machine.  It could be that the Windows image is bad, or some other hardware related issue.  I would definetely get that he replaced however.

    All the best,

    DP - K

  • start-up problems: when you turn on the computer, it goes through all the trunk starts to load windows xp then starts again again and again

    When you turn on the computer, it goes through all the departures start loading windows xp then again again and again...

    Hi Keryn_Jansen,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. you receive an error message?

    3 when was the last time it was working fine?

    Check if you can start the computer in safe mode or from the last good known Configuration.

    Advanced Troubleshooting for General startup problems in Windows XP

    How to fix a computer that does not start

  • My laptop HP Pavilion G6 takes so long to start and other issues.

    Hello! I have problems with my laptop, I have a HP Pavilion g6. This isn't an old computer I only got it for less then a year. My laptop takes so long to start. When I turn on the laptop it takes so long to come to the screen where u enter your password and when I type my password it takes so long to come to my home screen and now its freezes sometimes when I throw things like facebook or other things. I tried fixing it by having my laptop for a problem look. He found a problem that I've corrected, but it did not help. I tried google, and he says things like u might have a lot of cookies, junk files, virus or cache etc (I have an anti-virus installed in my computer as well). Very confusing! Its my 1st laptop after a very long period and this information is very confusing to me. If anyone can help!

    Original title: problem with my windows 8.

    Security Essentials scans files as they are downloaded from the Internet, Yes.  In my opinion, no other additional internet security is necessary as long as you practice good habits like not downloading websites you really trust and take seriously the messages of warning and never just by clicking 'allow' unless really trust you him.

    Also on startup programs, you have no need to again use the program. If you disable on this auto start, you can still open the program when you want normally (the only difference is that the program cannot start itself without you more).

  • During computer startup, turn off the power. Do this 5 times, then will start and will remain lit.

    Checking file system on C: the type of the file system is NTFS, one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency...

    Hello Tronedhelphelp,

    Thank you for your message.  First of all, it is possible that your hard drive could go wrong.  It is recommended that you back up all your important information in case your hard drive goes down.
    After you have backed up your data, we will try to verify and repair the hard drive.
    Click "Start" > click "Run" > type cmd in the field, and then select "Enter".
    In the command prompt window, type chkdsk /f c: (this will require a reboot)
    After the computer restarts, it should run a disk check and repair
    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can I change my computer name that a name appears to start and it is not one of my accounts that I have to delete out and put a real name, I'm working with windows xp

    I need to know how to change the name of the computer, so when I start at the top one of account names I installed will come


    Welcome to the Microsoft Community Forums. According to the description of your problem, I understand that you want to change the name of the computer that appears at startup upward.

    Your computer is connected to the domain network?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you check out the link to change the name of the computer.

    How to change a computer name, join a domain, and add a computer description in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you to refer to a link to delete the user account.

    How to create and configure user accounts in Windows XP.


    If the problem persists and if you have any problems related to Windows please answer we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Windows 7 computer said that the DWM.exe could start not due the windowscodecs.dll file is missing.

    Original title: Windowscodecs.dll missing

    IM using a windows machine 7 and one day, he said that the DWM.exe could start not due the windowscodecs.dll file is missing.

    I don't have to go back, any system restore points

    I ran the/scannow sf in command prompt and it says that the file is corrupted.

    I tried to put the machine in safe mode,

    I tried troubleshooting and software update

    and I tried to download external software to replace the file.

    It also affects the Aero theme, so my background is just a black screen!

    What else can I try that actually work?

    Why we just know it is a virtual machine?  Well...

    Have you looked on your system here to check that the file is actually missing (of course that mine has been replaced):

    I downloaded a file called on my OneDrive:

    64bitcodecs.dll (64-bit version)

    The link to my a drive is:

    You must visit my OneDrive, upload this file to a place, you can find, rename it to WindowsCodecs.dll and then copy and paste in your c:\windows\system32 folder (assuming that Windows is installed on your C drive).

    When you have done so, check again with Explorer that the file is really there (if it was missing before) and if everything looks good, reboot your system and see what things look like.

  • Is it still take a windows 7 computer that the user is completely set up and configured and connect you to a windows 2003 Server

    I spent hours to set up a Windows 7 with CAD programs files and other software and I want to connect to a windows 2003 Server

    without having to start over. Is anyway to do this without losing anything?


    Hi Scott,.

    This problem could be better published in TechNet Support Forums. They are experts in your field of investigation and would be in a better position to answer your concerns.

    Post here:

    It will be useful.

  • HP Envy 700-056: HELP, installed gpu but about 6 long beeps start and not starting

    My pc was initially integrated graphics which simply do not cut it for some games so I decided to buy a graphics card (Sapphire x R9 double 270 x 4 GB of ddr5 memory). After putting in my gpu, I go to restart it and get to the white screen and 6 long beeps, however when I remove the graphics card, the computer starts well, id like help on what mean these beeps, and how to get my graphics card to work (if it's still the graphics card), my diet is the corsair cx 600 m


    Remove the graphics card and change of these 2 BIOS settings as shown on the link below, to replace the Board, and you should be fine.

  • Windows Defender is disabled, I can't seem to start, and it gives me a popup of error with 0x800705b4 error code

    I discovered that my Windows Defender would not start when I tried to stop another program to run at startup. When Windows Defender window appeared with his link to activate Windows Defender, he does not, and, shortly after, he gave me a pop up window with an error message reading; Windows Defender encountered an error: 0x800705b4. This operation returned because the timeout period expired


    If you use Norton, AVG, Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee, etc. the default action is for Windows Defender must be disabled, that these AntiVirus programs have their own Antispyware Applications.

    There is nothing to worry.

    Using both programs at the same time can cause system conflicts, etc.

    If you are using one of the above AntiVirus programs, this Information from David O - Support Engineer shows you how to manually enable Windows Defender (disregard information from uninstalling; not possible in Vista):

    "Go to start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Look for Windows Defender.

    Right click and select Properties , ensure that Startup Type is automatic.

    Once modified, click apply and OK.

    Quit and restart your computer. Check the back take the same path to confirm that Windows Defender has started"


    If you want to have additional protection against malware using the version FREE of Malwarebytes AntiMalware:

    And for now, change startup Vista programs without using Defender, use one of these methods:

    "How to use MSCONFIG in Windows Vista"

    Or the program Autoruns for FREE:

    "V11.21 Autoruns for Windows"

    See you soon.

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