Windows XP, disk hard imminent failure, can I select continue or setup to start the backup

At the bottom of the page that says "imminent hard drive failure", it asks if you want to continue, or the installer.  Which is better to back up the hard drive?


If the options "setup" means that you know what you are about to install Windows, stop.

I take the hunt, put it in an external enclosure and save it by connecting to another machine.

If you have a Western Digital hard drive, you can get a 'special' version of Acronis True Image WD's ( or you can get it separately (this is not an exhaustive list and is in no particular order):

Acronis True Image Home 11
EASEUS ToDo Backup
Paragon Drive Copy or Partition Manager Personal
Norton Ghost


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  • Computer HP laptop-15-r101na: disk hard Imminent failure

    I've had this laptop for a month and after about 2 weeks, I received a message at startup telling hard imminent failure. I backed up all my data and run the hard drive tests.
    Hard drive tests immediately to find a failure and gave me a failure ID but no resolution.

    I am currently using the laptop as usual, but with an external hard drive connected to the caution. The hard drive has not yet failed, but the message remains displayed.

    I'm a bit confused what is wrong and why it seems to not resolved itself?
    Any help would be appreciated?

    Hey Jake,

    You are probably still in warranty.  Make sure you have backed up your files externally and contact hp support.  You will need a replacement of the hard disk.  Sorry to hear that you have problems, happy, that they performed while you are covered.


  • XP will not complete boot. Message says it can't find disk hard on 0 press F1 to continue. When I start it

    Windows XP will not start end upward.  Message says it can't find disk hard on 0 press F1 to continue.  When I do boots well.


    1 have you made changes to hardware or BIOS settings recently?

    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    I suggest to follow the steps provided and check if it helps.

    Enter your menu of the BIOS by pressing F2 at startup. Check the following settings:

    Function of the option

    Primary hard drive 0 displays the primary hard drive 0. The default value is Auto.

    Main main Hard Drive 1 shows hard

    Disc 1 (if installed). The default value is disabled.

    Make sure that primary 0 is set to AUTO.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Black screen when I turn on the computer, press F1 and error message: disk hard imminent failure

    Original title: crash is immediate please help

    When I turn on my computer laptop black screen saying I have to press F1 to continue, it says after that... disk failure hard immenent what can I do besides spend more than 200. OO, I don't?


    Chances are the hard drive failed, but it could be wiring or other materials.

    Check with the system manufacturer's support, their documentation online and ask in their forums
    (if any). Most have instructions to replace the hard drive.

    You can usually buy a hard drive for alternatives for less than $100,00 and maybe much less. Or the other
    get the same one or the same size.  System manufacturers usually several models if you
    the same can buy cheaper. And there will be others who are of the same size and type which
    can be used. Your local computer store can help select an appropriate player.

    Here is an example of how to replace the hard drive on some HP computers for example. Most
    other manufacturers are similar, and there are many generic examples on the internet.

    HP - replace a laptop hard drive

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Smart disk hard imminent failure

    My laptop (hp G6 - A6 amd vision - quad core with windows 7 Home premium) was running very slow and hanging very often, I did a scan for a virus and, apparently, there was not. I did a restore to factory with hp Recovery Manager and now I get a message my hard drive is due to an imminent failure. The message is very annoying and scary because he asked me to back up my files or I won't lose them. Any idea what should I do then?


    Looks like you should consider replacing the hard drive so definitely make a backup of all your personal files etc. asap - is your laptop still under warranty?

    If this is the case, contact HP on the link below and make arrangements for the disk needs to be replaced.

    If you live in the United States, contact HP here.

    If you are in another part of the world, begin here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Drive hard imminent failure.

    I was using a HP Pavilion dv7 (#XZ292UA #ABC product) for writing and looking for a little more than a year and did not have signs of hard drive problems - until yesterday. Curiously the hard drive on my old HP Pavilion dv5500 still works fine (7 + years later). Anyway, I followed the instructions for "disk hard imminent failure" and made the backup of data and backed up my important documents and manuscripts to the older computer and two readers (just to be on the safe side) Flash.

    I printed the "Instructions for fixing disk hard errors. Note the information provided includes the name of the disk: Toshiba MK7559GSXP ATA Device. I also checked to determine if there was any sign of trouble with the computer and the vacuum came.

    I believe that the only way to 'Fix' the problem is to install a new hard drive (HD), but am open to suggestions. If the answer is to replace the HD, I would appreciate your recommendation for a more reliable alternative to existing material.

    Thank you for your help.

    Thanks for your help. I did the back-ups, but could not get the laptop to repair the problem of the HD and will seek a replacement.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Windows mail. When sending a new email, I want to use the BCC field, that I can not select because it is not on the new Message. __How make CCB to come when I create a new message? This something __Is I can add tools please?

    Windows mail. When sending a new email, I want to use the BCC field, that I can not select because it is not on the new Message.
    How can I get the future BCC when I create a new message?
    Can I add tools please?

    Thanks for the reply Bruce Hagen. I am very grateful.


    In a new message window: view | All the headers. Check it out. Or, simply click on the button to easily add to your contacts list to: To, CC, or BCC.

    Bruce Hagen ~ MS - MVP [Mail]

  • what it means when your computer say-"your disc is a failure, start the backup process."?

    What it means exactly when your computer say-"your disc is a failure, start the backup process."? I know that's not good, but what is it? And that's something that I can fix with some instruction? Thank you, Brandi


    If the message is correct, your hard drive is defective and must be replaced

    Your hard drive contains the operating system and all your files, photos, music, etc.

    Back up your data:

    make backups on an external hard drive or DVD

    see if this information helps you

    How to make a backup of your data (all Vista versions)

    How to restore your files

    the 1st link below is how do the backup complete pc (Vista, full and professional company)

    and that is how do to recover the backup complete pc

    and here is the information of microsoft in restoring a system image backup

  • I updated windows 10-level, he wiped my photoshop. downloaded 11 elements, it does not start the installation


    I need help! I use photoshop a lot. I started at level 10 windows and it wiped my photoshop. I downloaded again, it does not start the installation. I tried redownloadeding and it says it can not extract it because all the parts aren't there. Would love to be happy again with photoshop.

    Hi Mark,

    You can download Photoshop elements by using the following link: Download Photoshop Elements | 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

    Be sure to download the two files available for download.

    Kind regards

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    Until video break is fully charged before you play. See the article below for more tips.

  • Pavilion 6610f desktop: HP Envy &amp; WARNING: drive hard Imminent failure (please backup and replace immediately!)

    Recently, I had 2 different cats with HP Tech Reps in which they used their remote control programs to check on the problems that I had with my new HP Envy 5560 all-in-one.  The next day, at the start of my desktop PC, I got the warning message: "" imminent hard drive failure: if it please take a full backup and replace immediately. "" I did a scan from HP and it showed nothing wrong. There are no pop icons - up or whatever it is on my desktop screen to indicate a problem.  The hard Seagate I have is only 1 years and 89% free space left on it and there is no problem, other than being slow sometimes, before the cats remote and the PC warning.  I came to the forum looking for answers, and the first thing I noticed was a post to say today 09/04/2015 Bent Canuck: "HP Envy Hard Drive Failure" at 06:22. What a coincidence. Think are?  Only some 20 hours from the time I myself first 'hard drive Imminent failure warning' and only about 40 hours after the remote programs have been downloaded (twice) and the rep tech, taking control of my computer (twice).

    I ran all the diagnostics that my intermediate PC experience tells me to do.  I checked in the BIOS and I checked all the HP, troubleshooting, etc. on the Assistant HP program performance. I can find no reason for the hard drive to be failing.  I didn't notice it do anything else to be a little slow to start sometimes and slow to load stuff onto the internet, I have assumed it was probably malware and spyware that I must find a way to remove at one point, but I have received no warning about things either.  I get the same caveat and I did a full back, but...

    Can someone tell me what to do or how to check and see what the problem is until I have to just chuck the drive because of this warning?

    Thank you for the additional information.

    Did you run the BIOS CHIP to test your hard drive?  Also, I don't think that the added hard disk HP software had nothing to do with the message you receive.

  • Pravilion dv7 series replaced after the recovery disk hard drive failure

    I tried to use the portion of my drive recovery hard when my laptop Pavilion dv7-4173 US could not operate.  After trying the hard drive recovery part several times I got an error message saying that the bootmgr is missing. I tried using the recovery discs I got to the store, I bought the computer before taking it home, and they failed. They worked up to 32% and then stopped.  I took the laptop and recovery (6 discs) disks to the tech Department of another retail store. After several days, I learned the recovery disc where no good/damaged. When I contacted the store bought told me that I had to bring in the laptop and recovery disks. They replaced the hard drive, saying: that was the problem, but do not partition. They decided to classified until the system OS of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit for Windows 7 Professional 64 bit., but did not try the recovery disks. Can I use the recovery disk, they made me, if are good restore the laptop back to factory new?  I know he will place the operating system Windows 7 Home back on the computer, but I want that all return provided with computer programs. I'll be able to upgrade the Professional operating system? I have the disc of Windows 7 Professional.  If my restore disk will not work, can I use the recovery disc, only 2 discs instead of 6, I can buy from HP and then move on to professional?

    Thank you.  Computer to factory fresh.  Just update software and then go to Windows 7 Professional

  • I need to change my mobile device windows from disk hard mode for activesync mode.__There is no activesync in the forum here.

    The screen is broken on my htc touch diamond.
    I want to save before you send it away for repair.
    I can't back up because I can't use activesync because the last time I used the unit is in hard disk mode and now it is stuck in disk mode.
    How can I change the device remotely from the drive using the activesync mode?

    Hello Touchthediamond,

    Thanks for visiting the site of the community of Microsoft Windows XP. The question you have posted is related to Windows Mobile and would be better suited to the Windows Phone community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Move a Windows XP disk hard Moldavian dead a computer to another computer.

    How to initialize a Windows XP disk in another computer with a different arrangement of the components. This is a full version of XP not OEM. It should work with different hardware. But how to start and configure?


    Because of the different drivers for motherboards different, when you move a hard drive from one computer to another with the operating system already put to the top/installed on it, it normally takes a clean installation of the operating system.

    See you soon.

  • my USB won't open it says "you must format the disk hard until you can use it"

    I have my brand DANE ELEC 16 GB USB key was the work properly. I took it off wile, he played the song, and since then, I have try to open a dialog box open and said you need to format the hard disk: X before you can use I can't format it because I'll lose my data fields, important documents of songs picters.
    If anyone can help me with it please
    Thank you in advance.

    Because you don't properly stop the disc before removing it, you burned her FAT (File Allocation Table that each player has). Your files are still there, but they can only be read by the 'normal' software... think of a hard drive as a subdivision... formatting a disk (any drive) is like the ranking of all sectors which will be the roads and determine where the accommodation structures (folders) can be placed. When a fat gets grilled, all the rankings and roads disappeared suddenly... but the housing is still there. Recovery software puts the ranking and roads back.

    Is there a software that I used to be called "Rescue" that worked fine on the old disk to FAT32. Costs $60 but it was cheaper than $1000 than for a customer who had sprayed a server hard drive (and replaced their backup before calling me, long story, lesson learned client and I learned the value of disaster planning... but I digress), I was at another time.

    Good luck!! Let us know what you find / use / work... so that you can save we / you... because it will never happen.


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