Windows XP does not recognize Portable Toshiba external 500 GB hard drive.

I bought a Toshiba Portable external 500 GB hard and connected to my Windows XP. My windows XP will recognize any unit. I went into my computer > management > drivers to find the drive and rename it. He wasn't there. I have Windows XP SP2, and I said that Windows XP SP3 is not compatible with this device.  I went to control panel > adding hardware > allow Research Assistant for devices not installed and it still did not.

Any suggestions?

In the future, please start your own thread.  It does not appear that your problem has much in common with that of the previous, other than you poster, both have a problem with an external drive.

Open disk management (start > run > diskmgmt.msc > OK)
Your portable player should be shown here (probably as "disk 1" in the lower pane)

If the disk space presents itself as "Not allocated" (as in the figure above), right-click and select "New Partition".  During the operation of the wizard, you assign a drive letter.  I suggest that your format using NTFS.  Once the disk has been partitioned, formatted, and has a drive letter, it should show in my computer.

If the drive is already partitioned and formatted, see if you can assign a drive letter to right-clicked on.

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    Your HD will have a large part of the unallocated space - you should be able to create a second partition using all that space, now that you have installed SP3.

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    Check if the hard drive is assigned to a drive letter in disk management.

    Click Start, right click on computer

    Click on management of

    Expand disk management

    Select your external hard drive if its posted here

    Make a right click paths and change drive letter

    Restart your computer, open the computer in the start menu and see if it shows then.

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    OK, I cracked now the problem of the history files do not recognize my USB external, even if the drive expansion drive had worked initially and he was behaving normally in the file Explorer. Here is how I have it done - it worked for me on my PC - maybe it will work for others.

    1. open the file history, and then click Select Drive. Select a different drive than the one that fails to be recognized. (If necessary add a HARD extra internal drive to your PC. If you have a laptop you can try adding an extra USB drive to a different USB port - I have not tried). Continue to set up the history of the files on the new disk. Then turn off historic files on the new drive so that a whole bunch of files are not transferred.

    2. go on the external USB drive that has not been recognized, find the folder of the file history, and rename it to "File History.old" or remove it.

    3. go to your C:\Users\your user folder\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows, find the folder of the file history and rename "File History.old" or remove it.

    4 re - open history file, click Select drive and select the original USB key that was not recognized. The player must now be implemented normally and begin to function.

    5 remove the folder from the file history on the hot spare used in procedure 1. above.

    The process described above is relevant to situations where people can change drive letters by adding or removing disks or the system of travel between readers and for this reason the history of files configuration files are pointing to the wrong drive.

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    My personal website:
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    Dell Inspiron 530
    OS version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32-bit
    Processor: Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 CPU Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz, x 64 family 6
    Model 15 Stepping 11 processor Count: 4
    RAM: Mb 3061
    Graphics card: Intel (r) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 256 MB
    Hard disks: C: Total - Mo 476929, Free - Mo 349361;
    Total I: - Mo 476937, Free - Mo 363385;
    Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FM586, CN736048B800IW.
    Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 -

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    Hello Graboots,

    Thank you for your message.  You can plug your printer on another computer, in order to exclude the possibility that the problem lies in the printer?  You can try using a different cable, for this rule as well.  Since it is a question of recognition, we remove the external devices before software troubleshooting.  Do you get anything when you plug the printer (ie. a tinkle of connection)?  Please let us know, we are looking forward to hear back on your part.
    See you soon

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  • Service Pack 3 for Windows XP does not recognize that it is connected to the USB ports. I get a notice that something has been plugged, but Windows fails to recognize regardless of the question.

    Service Pack 3 for Windows XP does not recognize that it is connected to the USB ports. I get a notice that something has been plugged, but Windows fails to recognize regardless of the question.

    Disconnect all USB storage.

    Run this tool by do right click and choose 'run as administrator '.

    Of course, all first extract it:

    If your XP is 32 bits, use the Win32 folder.


    If you still can't find the drive, assign it a drive letter in disk management.

  • Windows xp does not recognize the hp c6180 photosmart printer

    My windows xp does not recognize my hp c6180 photosmart printer


    1. were you able to use the same printer without any problems before?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    3. you receive an error message?

    See the following articles that may help you resolve this problem.
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    Hi brumbybrat,
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    MTP mode for WMP11 sync - mode MSC to treat the MP3 as a reader. So you have set up in the MTP.

    If necessary:

    Tips for solving problems of USB devices - and a Mr Fixit

    Make sure that Windows is updated appropriately that there have been several USB updates.

    1 check that the driver letters for them, for a player, if the drive of the default drive letter is changed, what is happening.
    Mine was h: I added a device that took H: and the player stopped. So I put it back to H: and the other
    device to J: and everything worked again. If necessary start - type in the area of research-> disk management find top
    -Right-click on it - RUN AS ADMIN

    Don't forget to remember the MP3 must be set to the PSG to sync with WMP, and meteorological service of Canada to copy and delete files
    and update the firmware.

    If no joy follow these steps:

    You may need a powered hub. (all the USB ports on your computer are not powered, often only 2)

    Try these:

    Make a Restore Point

    Control Panel - Device Manager - click in the empty area - VIEW - show hidden devices

    Here, your devices are the MP3 player.

    Now look everywhere EXCEPT the USB controllers for your devices (cannot be found) and if you find

    now go to the USB and UNINSTALL ALL controllers in the category, but the category itself.



    This refresh battery USB and hopefully it will allow the unit to install. (You may need a powered hub)

    Here is the similar procedure under XP, Vista is the same, except that we need clear specific devices, as appropriate.

    This is a utility to help you, but do 1 above.

    USBDeview is a small utility that lists all USB devices currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used. Run Options and check the 1st three choices to see if one is there.


    You must remove all instances of the devices and restart.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Windows 7 does not recognize my iphone

    After you download the photos on my iphone, windows 7 does not recognize my iphone. in other words when I open my computer the iphnoe isn't here; but in Panel, in devices and printers, it appears with unspecified Apple Mobile Device USB driver, in the form of a generic icon.

    When I run Auto Play in the search box; the iphone is there with the icon to the right, but there is no screen options menu. It behaves as if it were invisible.

    It is important to note that this started AFTER downloading the pictures for the first time. Until windows has always recognized my camera properly.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Here's your solution:

    iPhone or iPod is not correctly recognized by computer when USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date

    Follow all the methods in the order that they are listed. The above article helped a lot of people the question of fixing with iPod/iPhone not getting detected do not.

    See you soon! "That's all a pension chequer nights and days,"
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