Windows XP - double click does not work on the desktop icons

Hi all

I have a really strange and weird problem!

My brother-in-law put me back is equipped with all the malware as possible you can imagine... Virus, Trojan, Adware, Rootkit horse... etc.

A collection of all the wicked thing you can collect on the web today!

I clean everything with the help of several antivirus and UBCD4win, reinstall a new and up-to-date antivirus and a firewall and everything seems to be clean now after 2 days of work

I have just one strange thing. When I double-click on any shortcut for the program on the desktop, it starts more software!

Same thing on the menu!

But if I double-click 'My Computer' or another icon of system on the desktop, it works as expected!

On the shortcut for the program, if I did a right click and select it 'open' it works

I checked the option mouse, everything seems ok, I tried to create a new user on the machine, but it works the same way!

Something strange also and can be connected, when I press "Windows key + E" to launch the Explorer, it works or...

The simplest solution would be to re - install windows XP, but I really prefer to avoid

Does anyone have a suggestion/idea (good)?

Thanks in advance for your help


I answer to myself :-)

I solve my problem by going back to the old system restore point!

I had to reinstall/uninstall an application, but now double click works well


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