Windows xp my clock loses sometimes exactly 2 h

I recently installed a new hard drive


Check the time zone that it is configured to check the advance of the option (if any in your area), also check the bios date and time to ensure that it is correct. Yet one thing that could be a problem, it is that the cms battery goes wrong yo will be replaced if anything above is correct. Jeffrey Rodriguez Owner - technician network computing

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  • Clock loses 3 hours

    My task bar clock loses 3 hours from time to time! I saw the fix somewhere but can't find it now!


    Make sure you have the correct time zone selected for your system (Control Panel/Date & time). The default installation is the West coast of the United States (i.e. where is MS), if you are on the coast is (a difference of 3 hours), then it will change when the clock sync. Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • If I upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Vista, which will lose if anything, and I'll always be able to run all my programs for Windows Vista?

    If I upgrade to Windows 7, Windows Vista, which will lose if anything, and I'll always be able to run all my programs for Windows Vista?

    Whether if you lose data/programs, it depends on the upgrade path you choose.

    Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. (WS.10) .aspx

    Railways upgrade to Windows 7 at the link above.

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  • Windows 7 slow clock

    Windows 7 slow clock

    Have you replaced the computer CMOS battery? If the computer is 3 years or older is time to replace the battery in the motherboard (the size of a quarter of the USA).


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • right click on windows Explorer causes crash! Sometimes when I try to empty the trash, it also blocks? I use windows 7?

    right click on windows Explorer causes crash!  Sometimes when I try to empty the trash, it also blocks?  I use windows 7?

    Right-click accidents are caused by third-party shell extensions. To identify the culprit, you must use a utility like ShellExView and disable context menus not Microsoft managers one by one (or disable items in a batch) and observe.

    ShellExView - Manager of Windows Shell extensions:

    And instructions are here (see "Method 2")

    Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

  • Windows Media Player constantly loses library files

    I have a questions after the reconstruction of my PC where Windows Media 12 constantly loses its library content.

    The folders are added, but there is no content that is displayed.

    I tried the following without resolution

    • Rebuild the database
    • Deactivation of additional to retrieve from the Internet content
    • By selecting only add missing content
    • Restoration of the library

    Restore the library although temporarily before content is lost again.

    Thanks in advance

    The reason that my library lost files was to make the folder redirection of the AppData folder.

    Deletion of the redirect and allowing AppData to reside on the C: drive has solved the problem.

  • Windows 7 - date/clock will not automatically be synchronized with the internet time

    Windows 7 - date/clock will not automatically be synchronized with the internet time

    Please help me solve this problem...

    every time I can't manually change the date and time...

    If the time server internet will not synchronize the clock, select 'Change settings' and choose a different time server from the drop-down list.

  • Firewall Windows 7 turns off intermittently, sometimes after WSUS updates

    Firewall Windows 7 turns off intermittently, sometimes after WSUS updates and other times when no updates have been pushed back.  He did 3 days now online this week.  Last week, a day, two weeks before anything.  It's a Dell latitude E6400, with the latest version of the Bios, chipset and device drivers.  Running Office 2010, Visio Pro 2010 and AutoCad 2012, as the main applications.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the reply.

    You have installed on the computer registry cleaners?

    I suggest you to scan SFC (System File Checker) and check if it helps.

    SFC scan will search the system files corrupted on the computer and replace them.

    Use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7 system files

    Hope this information helps. If you need additional help or information on Windows, I'll be happy to help you.

  • Why my clock and sometimes date changes herself on my Windows Vista

    It seems that every day so that my clock time on its own changes... a few times to change the date and time, how to fix...

    If I have nothing to do with the Council of mudder, then a technician must do it, because it is under warranty and I am not allowed to open my hard drive...

    Hi Trixie_1999,

    You are on the internet, because if you are you could take the time to another Server?

    Who could be in a different country, etc.?

    Try to synchronize the time with the and see if that helps to keep the time of change alone.

    You can check which server will update the time on your server.

    1 double-click on the hour

    2. Select the internet time

    3. Select change settings

    4. check which server will update the time on your computer.

    In addition, make sure that the battery is good on your BIOS. IF the computer is new, take it to the place you got it and make them look, because it is still under warranty.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • In Windows 7, my computer's clock is not exact time

    my computer is not keepin g time corect

    1. Click on the clock.
    2. When the clock window opens, click on the tab "Internet time".
    3. Click on the button 'change settings '.
    4. Now, click on the button "update now".
    5. Wait a few seconds. You get an error?
    6. If not, change the small internal battery from your computer
    7. If so, change the server to this: time -
    8. Repeat of #4. You get an error? If so, change to a different server, until it tells you that the time has been updated...
  • Clock loses time (after the recent repair) Windows 7

    I had a problem with my computer was off for four days, the button "power on" he had set.

    Now, my clock seems to be wasting time (when a computer is turned off).  I keep resetting and synchronization of the time, but when or hibernation, he loses time.  Any help?
    Battery is good and no further questions, I can tell.  How can I return to precise timing.  (doesn't have the problem before the correction of power)

    Have you checked for viruses?  I would try to start safe mode and do a full system scan.

    Note that some viruses can hide from your normal antivirus program, so you really need to scan in Safe Mode. To enter in Safe Mode when you turn on first, press F8 on every seconds until you get the menu, and then select Safe Mode.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

  • PC Windows Vista stops unexpectedly. Sometimes several times a day and sometimes not at all.

    My Windows Vista PC completely stops unexpectedly and without warning. Sometimes several times a day and sometimes not at all. When I turn it back on, sometimes I have a blue screen that tells me that the PC has experienced an unexpected shutdown and communicate with my local technician. However when turning on, I am always able to return to my office. My anti-virus support told me that it is not related to a virus. Help!

    It is likely some equipment or device driver issue (although we can not entrierly a problem of software).  I need a lot more information on this blue screen - EXACTLY what it says Word for Word with all the codes.  Read the messages and follow the procedures established by the MVP of the spirit in the following thread on the Blue Screen of Death.  They should help you solve your problem.  I know it's long but a blue screen problems problem may take some time because there are so many different causes and we must find the right to try to identify the problem and then find a way to fix it.  One of the elements in his post is a method to prevent the system to reboot when a blue screen if you have the time to copy the information.  If the system is not turned off, but the screen does not stay up long, press prtscrn to copy the screen, then when the system boots to open Microsoft Paint, click on the Open box and click Ctrl + V to paste here you have plenty of time to copy the information and post it here so we can look at.  Do not forget to include EVERYTHING - it is unclear what could be of crucial importance.

    I repeat the procedures in the messages of the spirit in the link above - just follow them and answer back here with the results.  Want to make interim reports before the end of the stteps is perfectly OK - in fact, I suggest you do that so I can help guide you and maybe eliminate some of the steps because they will provide no information, that we don't already know (or will not solve the problem because of the information that we already know.

    A question, is your so hot PC anywhere on it that if you hold your hand on it, you will need to detach due to heat?  Overheating is a common cause of this type of problem.  Check that the fan doesn't work and all intake and exhaust ports are clean of dust, lint, or any other obstacle.  If this is a desktop computer, remove the cover and clean the entire interior to remove dust and lint and anything else that doesn't belong.  Make sure you do not loosen or detach the wiring or the accessories cards or RAM chips.  Don't bother if it's a laptop - it's too difficult to get inside to do a proper clean-up - just make sure that the fan is running and that the vents are clear.

    I hope this helps.  I look forward to your reply with your comments about what you did to the spirit and procedures for detailed information on the blue screen error.

    Good luck!

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  • The Windows 7 network computers lose connection to all printers

    Printers are on a Windows 2003 cluster server.  I installed several Windows 7 workstations.  Workstation will lose the connection to network printers. When you try to print that they receive "Windows cannont print due to a problem with the installation of the current printer.  The user can re-boot, then print.  Sometimes it takes several reboots, or if the administrator connects and disconnects and allows the connection of the user (power user rights), then it will work. I tried to update the drivers of the printer on the network. Help!

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  • sometimes windows media recognizes CD writing - sometimes not

    When you try to burn CDs - sometimes windows media program system recognize Virgin CD - R and the work - sometimes not.  Exactly the same CD - R blank.  Indicates updated w/updates.

    Hello Faye

    If the problem is intermittent, according to me, maybe it's all just be your lens needs a clean place, with a disc cleaning designed for use in pc.s or if it is a laptop and you can access the lens (arrow below) you can clean yourself (a very soft brush and a mild Tickle!) It's also a good idea to skim along the track to make sure they are not dusty (yellow lines)

    Best, Ric.

  • Windows Media Player 12 loses library at each reboot of the PC

    WMP 12 loses the 'music' in the library after each reboot.  Often, I can get the music content by going to manage the library, by removing the file from WMP, wait 5 minutes, restart WMP, manage the library, add the folder.  But sometimes it refuses to find music and I give up.  A few days later I try again and it works.  When he's stubborn...

    • When I have completed the "add a folder" an arrow appears at the bottom of WMP, to the right of the volume control.  After a few seconds, it signals that the update of the library is finished but the library does contain no music, but sometimes playlists are OK
    • Remove the library files in %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player does not help.
    • I tried to launch WMP as an administrator. (Not something I really want long-term, but I'll give it a go for a temporary fix).

    FYI, my music is on a NAS drive.  It doesn't matter if I'm pointing to the folder via a mapped drive or the full computer name & path.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Tim... It is almost certain because of the SIN. Take a look at this thread and see if there is anything useful here;

    Another action that can help (although I'm not offer it as a solution!) is to check that your music + subfolders on the NAS drive is optimized for music by doing a right click and select Properties 'customize' tab and proceed as indicated below. Hope you can solve the problem - Cheers, Ric.

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