Windows XP; Rec'd std windows explore window urging updated 21 FF w/link + buttons. not the usual style view, so has not clicked. is it legitimate?

I run windows XP on PC. A window Explorer windows asking me to update Firefox 21 popped up. The window includes a link 'more info' and a 'remind me later' and 'install' button. Never seen this style of notification before anything so I clicked and rejected the window. Is this a legitimate firefox notification? Otherwise, what have I been invaded by, and how should I proceed?

Hello, it is difficult to judge what was going on by the description only - in case it happens again, please try to create a screenshot of the dialog in question and attach it to an answer in the forum here...

in any case, firefox 21 was released last week and you must indeed upgrade to the latest version. Just go to firefox > help > about firefox to find and apply the update.

Update to the latest version of Firefox

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    If you have a Windows 7 license detail and are having trouble at the above Web site, contact Microsoft using the Support option.

    If you have Windows 7 preinstalled OEM (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) Contact the manufacturer of your computer for the recovery disks.

    They need to ship at low cost.

    See you soon.

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    Hello Haby-Habbes,

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    Install it on the new hard drive. Good advice on all XP themes, visit the

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    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support for SP2 is valid until February 26, 2010.

    Microsoft free support for Vista SP2 at the link above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Fucking hell, if MS let's all suppliers who has download products assign and distribute their own download manager for their own products, the operating system will become an another big mess!  I love the Logictech products but I see absolutely no reason under the Sun why Windows Update should offer Download Wizard from Logitech!  Since I'm not aware of how simply remove a Windows Update product otherwise which I hid it.  I hope that the next time I look to see what I've hidden it will be gone.

    And while I'm on it...  I hate really getting into so many downloads today to be a sort of detective to make sure that you click on the button to download just what you are looking for in order to avoid download or get tangled in something not looking.  Even once you install a downloaded product, you must uncheck one or more varieties of the unwanted special browser menus.

    So far I am concernied that this fit under 'dirty advertising' and so far I'm good enough to take my time to make things of course, I want to be unchecked!  Shame on the industry.


    Please share your information with us if you have any suggestions or comments on Windows 7, you can post to Windows 7 comments below mentioned link:

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    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please run the trace when you encounter the problem
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    He beat anything, antivirus, I disconnected all devices except the mouse and keyboard.

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    Once again: problem is installation of Windows 8 reaches 90% and then only will fail.

    ... Install only Windows 8 reaches 90% and then fails.

    Windows Update has nothing to do with the upgrade a Windows XP-based computer or install Windows 8 (.1).

    Please post future questions about the installation of Windows 8 in this forum-online

    If you try to install Windows 8.1, post your questions in this forum-online

    Good luck!

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    I help carn can't get into my computer, I am the only user and administrator.

    How to fix error "the user profile Service has no logon. User profile cannot be loaded. »

    "The user profile Service has no logon. Unable to load the user profile.


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Windows 10 updated, now LR and PS will not open... Help!

    My son installed the update on my computer on 9/7 and since I have not been able to open my LR or PS (I kept getting an error code).  I have since uninstalled the update and reinstalled, uninstalled my CC and PS, LR and re-installed them also... nothing! I need help and I need it fast thanking you in advance...

    If possible. After the screenshot of the error message.

    Meanwhile, make sure also, video card driver is up to date.

    Most applications crash at startup CC

Maybe you are looking for