Windows xp sp3 shows perparing to install the screen on startup

On windows xp sp3, whenever I start up and constantly after that I get a box, Setup of windows in the box it says preperaring to install and I can't get rid of it. He keeps of flashes and if I get to cancel it, it comes back and even more once this past months, that I'm not Tech. There, anyone can help me please?

Thanks I appreciate your effort to help me.

Y at - there someone out there who can

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    I have a gateway 500 nmx s after the upgrade to windows xp sp3 I couldn't install the Realtek audio drivers for this machine.  I get an error message stating "microsoft hd audio bus needs to be installed first before this driver can be loaded." have tried several workaround solutions, but none have worked... can someone please advise me on a resolution for this work!

    Hi StevenFloyd,

    I suggest that you uninstall all the software driver linked to the sound card of the computer and then install provision in the section below and then reinstall the latest drivers realtek audio on their Web site, check to see if it helps.

    Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver version 1. 0a available for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000

  • Windows is config not download and install the drivers on windows 7

    Original title: USING WINDOWS UPDATE

    Windows is config not download and install the drivers on windows 7 please help.

    [Tip] Customize the Installation of the driver software from Windows Update device

    hope that helps.

  • I downloaded the latest version of the DNG Converter Camera Raw version 9.1.1 for windows. However, I get error install the update saying "error opening file for writing. Also on my help menu updates is not active?

    I downloaded the latest version of the DNG Converter Camera Raw version 9.1.1 for windows. However, I get error install the update saying "error opening file for writing. Also on my help menu updates is not active?

    If the installation program itself fails to open and run. Download it again maybe your current download is corrupted. Also, what OS you are using and you are an administrator with permission to install.

  • How always show left column on the screen, when I scroll to the right of a large spreadsheet

    How always show left column on the screen, when I scroll to the right of a large spreadsheet

    If the left column is a column header, you can check freeze header columns in the table menu.

    Better not to use TOO many columns.  Numbers works best with relatively little.


  • My dell Inspiron 1150 windows xp password son has locked and the screen will not change, we do not know the password or have we not the reset disk, how can connect to reset password

    My dell Inspiron 1150 windows xp password son has locked and the screen displays the dell logo and says that I need the master password or administrator, my son can't remember and we do not have the reset disk, is it possible to get and reset the password or enter the system

    If you are using XP Home Edition, the built-in Administrator account probably doesn't have a defined password. You can start in safe mode, where this account will be selectable when connecting. It allows to connect and change the password of your normal connection.

    To start in safe mode, keep hitting F8 twice a second after turning on the PC until you get the start menu where safe mode is selectable by the up/down arrow keys, and then press ENTER.

    If you are using XP Professional, try to connect using the built-in Administrator account. You don't need to do it in safe mode (although you can if you wish). If your normal login screen is a display of the user symbol and hit ctrl-alt-del twice to get to login to text entry. Type administrator as the user name and try a blank password.

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  • When I create a new folder in Windows Explorer, I hit F5 to refresh the screen, the file disappears.

    When I create a new folder in Windows Explorer, I hit F5 to refresh the screen, the file disappears. If I try to create the same again, I get a message that I already have a folder with that name. It is nowhere on my computer.  I've searched for it & he's not here.

    R.Click on the desktop, properties, desktop, customize, web, search & check

    "lock desktop items" closes when thru.

  • Satellite P10: clouds white and purple fading across the screen during startup

    I had problems with my laptop PC-10 so I bought a new hard drive (Fujitsu 60 GB instead of 40 GB) standard and have it myself. I was working very well with it for a long time, until suddenly I have had the strangest problem that I've ever seen on a computer...

    Sometimes, when you start the laptop, instead of the screen normal red "TOSHIBA" and the message to start Windows XP, the laptop displays simply little weird white and purple clouds fading across the screen, fading finally on a screen very dark, but not quite black.

    I thought first it was a problem with the DVD player, like when he finally gave and started normally, the DVD drive has been disabled. However, I noticed in the BIOS, under "Advanced" the Infrared Port shows intermittently - it shows with the [Disabled] setting next to him, but will be then disappear from the list, then reappear again and then go again and so on.

    Sometimes my computer will function normally, then completely shut (mouse and all) and will restart with the clouds!

    I looked in the Windows Event Viewer for when the laptop has locked up and have seen anything to do with a problem with IRQS for the Infrared Port. I disabled the infrared port in Device Manager (I managed to activate in the BIOS by loading the standard BIOS settings) and rebooted, but it started upward with the clouds once again, so I have the feeling that the infrared port is the culprit - loose connection may be defective material because it is located close to the DVD player and HD player.

    I was wondering if anyone has seen something like this before on any computer, and if they knew how to solve? It seems completely illogical that a defective IR port could change what is displayed on the screen on startup, unless of course there is something wrong with my HD boot sector?

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.



    I've never seen like this problem before and I don't think that this issue has something to do with the HARD drive or the IrDA port.
    As much as I know the IrDA port is not available on Satellite P10 - xxx

    For me, this looks like a faulty screen or graphics card.
    Have you tried to connect the external display? If this isn't the case, then try to do and check if it also appears on the external display.

    I recommend also to recover the laptop with Toshiba Recovery CD and then check the functionality.
    But if the malfunction appears so I would recommend contacting the Toshiba ASP for control from laptop

  • This message is displayed on the screen at startup "smrgdf program is missing.

    This message is displayed on the screen at startup - what is it and how do I do it please?


    Check the suggestion of Volunteer J of his last message

    smrgdf.exe seems to be a file of System Mechanic.

  • Windows XP SP3 taking hours to install update 1 of 2...

    I have Windows XP on Parallels 5.0. My update asked me to do an update and after waiting all night, yet did not.  He said not to turn off computer etc as it will do it automatically. Finally I gave up and turned off the computer. The next time I turned on, it automatically starts with the same blue screen of Windows XP, saying that this is "Installing update 1 of 2..." once again.  I can't yet use Windows around it.  How do I give this up?

    Hi collarbone.

    Have you tried restarting your computer in safe mode?  Please see the article below for instructions on how to do it:

    If after that, you are able to get into your computer, please see this article according to the resolution of the problems installing XP SP3:

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Is no longer possible to write on the drive CD - RW with Windows XP SP3. Could write to the drive of CD-ROM under Windows XP SP1. How can I find a cd - rw disk write access?

    My Dell Dimension 8250 with XP was initially equipped with Roxio Easy CD Creator which enabled me to write on the CD drive (NEC CD - RW NR-9100). Later found out that the installation of Service Packs (2 or 3) disabled this feature. In an attempt to burn a CD will result in cancellation error during the writing process. Running MS Fixit tells me that my records are incapable of burning. I tried to uninstall Roxio Easy CD Creator via the Control Panel Add/Remove Harware/software and then reinstalled Easy CD Creator. Upon restart, this caused re-installing my computer immediately close with a blue screen message that the problem was caused by the fault of the file Cdr4_xp.sys (Driver_unloaded_without_cancelling_pending_operations). Then, I restored to a previous/y configuration work and uninstalled the Easy CD Creator. I can still read CD, simply, I can't burn. My question is, what can be done to restore this ability of burning CD or what kind of options are available for me to find this feature?

    Note: Reading other forums (Roxio and others), I find that Roxio Easy CD Creator does not work with Windows XP. The upgrade to another operating system is not an option that I need XP for other devices that are not compatible with Vista and a later version of the Windows operating system.

    I hope that you may be able to help.

    Sorry, I wanted to write in my notation at the end, was that Service Pack 1 of Windows XP works with Roxio Easy CD creator that came with the machine. However, after later SP, writing ability fails. That is what I had read in the forums, and what seems to me be a.

    This isn't a correct information.  At least, Roxio Easy CD Creator v. works fine on my XP Pro sp3 machine.

    Of course, this information didn't you all good... and at this point, after running a FixIt, uninstall, reinstall, do a system restore, and everything you have done, I have particularly good advice to get the CD Creator to work for you.

    If you want to try something (with a small chance to make matters worse - assuming that you can now get the CD player to burn using integrated Windows - see the article cited by Shenan Stanley), here you go...

    Download Easy CD Creater 5.3.5: this download, however, is an upgrade, and I don't know if it will install after uninstalling the version 5.2.0.  Assuming that you can not install this update in your current...

    What you could try - and no guarantees here - is to download the trial version of Revo Uninstaller Pro and run it in progressively more aggressive modes, until you get to the mode "forced uninstall" to ensure that all traces of your previous installation of Roxio is gone.

    After you have uninstalled all traces of the Roxio program, run system restore to create a restore (just in case) and then open the Device Manager (start > run > devmgmt.msc > OK), right click on your CD drive and select uninstall.  Restart Windows should detect the CD drive and install the default Windows drivers.

    Then, reinstall your current install media Roxio and finally install the 5.3 update.

    As an alternative to the last step - especially if you're hesitant to download software from the site of AfterDawn (I don't know anything on them, one way or the other), you can buy a full version (but open box) of Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum for around $11 or 6 Platinum for $7

    Amazon CD Creator 5
    Amazon CD Creator 6

  • Windows xp sp3 does not start after the failure of windows update and restart.


    My ADVENT 3217 pc runs windows xp sp3 does not start once a windows recently failed update and restarted. He's just in a reboot loop. The first time it happened I got an error code of c000021a. I tried pressing F8 and try to start safe mode and other options... but still nothing. I also tried to use my restore disc supplied with my pc. So far, I've only tried the non-destructive recovery to restore windows and it did not work. I don't want to lose my files that I have not saved for quite awhile.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    · The updates you have installed prior to this problem?

    You can try the steps listed in the link below: how to solve an error "STOP 0xC000021A":

  • Windows Vista, will not let me install the software! follow-up of the steps and nothing

    I tried to solve this problem for some time now with no results, I searched online and nothing. all the programs I try to install start and acts like it will install but never finished or shows me the error message. I turned to (UAC) and nothing. tried right click and run as administrator nothing.  just finished installation fix the beta program and once again no result. even allow me to install the updates as vista service pack 1 or 2 and yes I do ensure that the programs are vista compatible. the knowledgeable answers would be apreciated thx in advance.

    This error message you get?
    The problem just started recently?

    You can try a system restore to what installs worked:

    In addition, try the difficulty here:

  • Windows Update will not find or install the updates

    I turned on my laptop last night after several months of inactivity, and when I ran Windows Update I met an interesting problem. Windows Update took a long time to look so I decided to let it run all night. When I checked on this subject in the morning, Windows Update has been always looking, but I had already received a notification in the taskbar informing me that there are updates available.

    I could not cancel the search, so I restarted my laptop, and when I logged Windows again, I saw the list of the updates that are available even if the "last check for updates" was always showing "22/05/2016 at 22:46. I selected all important updates and tried to download and install them, but after several hours, the status was still stuck at 0%. I canceled the installation and noticed that the update of Silverlight has been downloaded and ready to be installed. I tried to update only one without success and was finally able to get it by allowing Windows Installer updates immediately before the power off of the laptop. When I turned my phone back and connected, I could do the same for an update of the framework.

    So far, those who have been the only two updates to cross, and I could not download or install the rest. An additional problem is that my Windows Update always displays a prompt stating "Windows 10 upgrade booked" despite the deadline passing on the free update. When I see the confirmation, I get a popup Windows 10 stating that the offer has ended. I don't know if this is related to why Windows Update does not work, but I saw more guests for 10 Windows on my main computer once the delay.

    Other things I've tried are to update manually the time at the time of Microsoft servers and try to download and install the updates one at a time, but neither contributed to the situation. In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials apparently downloaded and installed the latest definition files on its own, so it would seem that the problem is only related to Windows Update.

    I've attached screenshots of my Windows Update history and update. Any help would be appreciated.

    Windows 7 update problems? First read this.


  • HP Photosmart C4780 & Windows 8 - impressions but do not install the software

    I have a laptop Compaq CQ58 with scannor/printer/copier HP Photosmart C4780 attached via the USB port.

    The printer will print but:

    In devices and printers, when the printer is highlighted, I'm told 'Status = needs troubleshooting' and 'the driver is unavailable.  It has a yellow warning triangle, signifying that it is in error.

    Scannor scan, but only to an SD card, when it is connected, can be detected by the laptop.

    The copier works, but I guess that's because the copy function is entirely internal.

    The printer has been installed using:

    -the CD - it does not work!

    -l'option 'Add new printer' devices and printers, I searched the web for readers and that's how I managed to get the printer work «»

    Then... the questions I have are:

    1. How can I install the printer correctly when 'normal' routes do not seem to work.

    2. How can I get the software on the laptop scannor?

    I must also add that I have downloaded the following software on the HP site:



    These do not work!  When I click to run these I get "User Account Control" screen where asked me to confirm that I want to launch the application.  When you select 'Yes', the cursor shows 'the blue twirly thing' indicating that it is something... I wait, but nothing happens.

    In the end, I would like to print wireless, but it's secondary to install all the features of the printer.

    I would be grateful for any help.

    Thank you


    The Compaq CQ58 laptop came pre-installed with windows 8, the printer was not installed when I run the installation.  I think the problem is that the installation did NOT work properly on my laptop.  I get the user account control screen but when I click on 'run' nothing happens.

    HOWEVER, when showing my wife what happened when running the facility started in life and the printer is properly.

    Thank you for your time and effort in loking into that but I think I'm OK now.  If I bought a car that has done this it would be directly to the manufacturer... but this seems to be the norm with Microsoft and Windows 8.

Maybe you are looking for