Windows XP SP3 taking hours to install update 1 of 2...

I have Windows XP on Parallels 5.0. My update asked me to do an update and after waiting all night, yet did not.  He said not to turn off computer etc as it will do it automatically. Finally I gave up and turned off the computer. The next time I turned on, it automatically starts with the same blue screen of Windows XP, saying that this is "Installing update 1 of 2..." once again.  I can't yet use Windows around it.  How do I give this up?


Hi collarbone.

Have you tried restarting your computer in safe mode?  Please see the article below for instructions on how to do it:

If after that, you are able to get into your computer, please see this article according to the resolution of the problems installing XP SP3:

I hope this helps!

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