Wired connection slows down when plugged into the laptop


I have a wired connection to my laptop and you have a problem a week that my internet is slow. So I called my ISP and told them on this subject. My ISP says my connection is under FUP (Fair Use Policy - down internet speed when you reach the maximum bandwidth provided by your ISP in the months. - ONLY in the PHILIPPINES that is really annoying and disturbing) anyway, so I tried to stop using my wired connection to date and use the Wi - Fi connection. It went well, I have a fast connection again. And then I tried to connect again to a wired connection that is different from my own wired connection, it is connected to a PC and have a good connection speed. So I connect it to my laptop and expect that it has good connection to check if there are updates in my system. Surprisingly, the internet connection on my laptop was really very slow. I tried to check internet speed using Speedtest and 0.17 to 0.20 Mbps operation. So I removed again and again on the PC. When I checked the speed of connection on the PC, it gives me more than 3 Mbps.

That's what I've done so far:

Update drivers / windows

Active mac address / changed

Frushed DNS

and finally tried to reformat and it seems not working do not and have the same problem.

I have LENOVO IdeaPad S400 Touch with Windows 8 on it.

What seems to be the problem?

Thank you!

Hi Raymel,

Yes, it's maybe a problem with the network card. I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to get help on this issue.

Please let us know if you have more queries on Windows.

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    Hi @Jademercer,

    Thank you for joining the HP Forums!

    I understand that you get a white screen and the button flashes with your printer HP Deskjet 3632. I'm happy to help you!

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    I hope this was clear enough. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you may find useful.

    I can't tell if it's a Skype problem or a problem of mac, but Im asking here just see what I can learn.

    Thanks in advance

    Too bad. I forgot the first rule to set anything on the computer: turn off and on. It works, but it seems absurd that something like that (what I think is something fairly common) would need to restart your computer.


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    Hi Steve_finch,

    What operating system you have installed on the computer?

    Have you tried a new USB cable or a USB port on the computer?

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    Thank you for answering,

    For the problem with the resolution of the screen, I suggest you visit the Web from Toshiba site and then download the last set of drivers.

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