Wired connection without love at first sight?

I need to update the software for my router at home. (The router were made by Netgear).

At the beginning of the instructions, it says this: "to avoid the problem of disconnection during the process of the firmware download wireless, NETGEAR recommends this firmware update be performed on a computer with wired connection.

I don't know how to connect my Macbook Air to the modem with a cable, since it seems that there is no port for this.

It seems that I might be able to buy a "Thunderbolt" adapter for $29, but that seems like a piece of expensive hardware because I need only to update this software. For $29, I could virtually buy a new router.

Two questions:

1. is there a cheaper way to connect my Macbook Air to the internet with a cable?

2. can I download updated the firmware of the Netgear via the normal WiFi connection, or he'll just permanently disconnect my laptop on my home WiFi network?

Thank you for any advice you can give me.


Two questions:

1. is there a cheaper way to connect my Macbook Air to the internet with a cable?

2. can I download updated the firmware of the Netgear via the normal WiFi connection, or he'll just permanently disconnect my laptop on my home WiFi network?

(1) No, you need to this thunderbolt adapter and an ethernet cable.

(2) what they give is the perfect Board as ethernet is more reliable than wifi. But I am not agree.  Maybe I have will burn someday, but chances are with me.  99% + chance you can do wireless.  You are offline but can reconnect automatically in most cases and may have to do a manual connect after installs the firmware.

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    I bought an IMAC 27 the retina used 5 k with a SSD of 256. end of 2015 model - still under warranty.   Frame background... before I made the purchase, I called in the SN and the Apple representative said that she had a 1 TB fusion drive.  It turns out it's a SSD of 256 custom. Great machine, nice and fast, but the disk is too small to hold all the photos we have on site. I called apple and they said, it is easy to put the photos on a disc of love at first sight and it wouldn't make much a difference of access time for the photos as thunderbolt comms is actually faster than the speed of the drive SATA external drive.

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    See you soon


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    You try to restore your hard drive to another on a target machine?     If so, you can always do this.   Reboot from Recovery HD and use disk utility.  To 1 restore another disc, you select 1st target drive.  Then on the Edit menu, select Restore.  Then in the drop-down list, select the source drive.  If you love at first sight, this should go pretty fast.

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    Got a 27 "monitor from Apple, with thunderbolt (error). My MacPro can't love at first sight. Apple won't bring back the monitor. Will using a USB 3 map and then using a hard drive with USB 3 and Thunderbolt works?

    N ° you need a computer logic board which has built in Thunderbolt.

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    Love at first sight for usb cable will work for migration?

    Migration from what to what?

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    See you soon.


    Last time I looked, there was no work of extensions for love at first sight. Everything that makes that claim ends up being a Mini DisplayPort cable.

    Could you please send link to the device that you are considering?

    How long is the one you have?

    How long is the one you need?

  • verticle display orientation portrait of the ipad on a screen of 27 "love at first sight

    We are creating a library-offer an internet point to display multiple pages of a website in the best possible way. These pages are long and better suited to portrait view. Us have an impact of lightning 27 "display and could use an ipad anyway. I am currently looking to somewhat expensive ipad mini w/cell on the amazon warehouse MD540LL/A and MD537LL/A model numbers.

    The first question is (with a screen designed to turn base), understand that this view portrait; the ipad will be enough for the display of the portrait of websites and surf?

    The second question is, will I get the best resolution in this way?

    I understand a lot of resolutions orientation landscape for various applications, but not him did not do anything with a monitor in portrait mode.

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    Hello. You hope to connect the iPad to the screen? It will be a little tricky. Apple has an audio/video adapter, but it is more designed for video playback on a screen. You then need to AirPlay would reflect the screen of the iPad, which may not give the best resolution. Also, I'm not sure of the rotation of the screen to portrait orientation. I have what is normally managed by a computer interface. You must borrow an iPad and experiment with this configuration before committing. A low-cost Mac could better serve you.

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    Dear Hp,

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    But to my knowledge some graphics cards have the digital video of the connectors (e.g. displayport, HDMI, mini displayport) directly related to each other and not is able to display a monitor at a time.

    So before buying the cable and 2 wall brackets for monitor I would really like to know if this is possible.

    I hope to hear soon!

    Thank you!

    Hello MartijnVanZ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that you want to connect two monitors to your laptop, and I'd be happy to guide you to a resolution!

    Since your HP ZBook 17 F0V57ET is a commercial product, I suggest you post in the trade forums to get your request more exposure. This is possible by following this link:


    In addition, you can follow this document to using twoor more monitors with a computer (Windows 8). This should help you to set up two monitors to your computer.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards

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    Hi there music pros

    Read a post saying that under El Capitan, you can no longer connect firewire devices, (such as Motu 828 Mk3 (firewire)) for new iMacs and El Capitan, using the Thunderbolt adapter Firewire apple, ' cos El Capitan does "not support firewire. This info seems inaccurate for me because the adapter must "adapt", but you never know.
    I intend to use my Motu 828 mk3 X consistently, work with the new iMac 5K, which is on the way, through the apple Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter cable.
    Can someone let me know if it is allowed to use the adapter or not?
    Thanks in advance

    I can't speak for the Motu. But I use the latest version of el capitan with a Presonus interface adapter and it works perfectly.

    Bolt of lightning to FireWire 400. I believe, but have to look - lightning to 800 adapter - cable then 800 to 400.

  • Love at first sight not to close properly

    Hello, Im using now the macbook pro retina display 13 inch end of 2013
    just to have the current OSX update which is 10.11.4, his work fine until I go to my windows 10 (bootcamp)

    then when I stopped my macbook, the IO thunderbolt by giving power to my usb hub.
    to completely stop my macbook bootcamp, is to run OSX and do the correct stop OSX
    When you shutdown windows 10, he leaves sight IO with power.
    I guess the firmware bug? If you didn't understand my explanation please post and let me give you a few videos to show how is my problem.
    Sorry for the bad English.

    Please see still in power after his stop USB ports .

  • love at first sight

    After giving a presentation using my Macbook Air on a video-projector (connected on the thunderbolt with a VGA adapter port), my Macbook no longer recognizes my Apple Thunderbolt to the home screen. If I connect another Macbook to the Thunderbolt display, this combination works perfectly. If I connect my Macbook to a video projector once again, my Mac recognizes normally functions and the projector.

    Tried everything to solve this problem, even reinstalled OSX. Said still configuration information: no device connected to the port Thunderbolt. My local Apple store needs my Mac 14 days for repair, but I'm not convinced that it's a hardware problem.

    Does anyone have an idea? Thanx, Michael

    -Try to reset memory NVRAM/PRAM and SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Subject of memory NVRAM and PRAM

  • I need to transfer my OS to iMac with firewire for Mac mini with love at first sight. Don't know what to do.

    Hello I have a 2010 iMac Core i3 3.2 GHz, 8 GB of memory, and El Capitan mid with a firewire 800 port that goes wrong. I just bought a Mac mini refurbished end of 2014 Apple, Core i5, clocked at 2.6 GHz with 8 GB of memory with thunderbolt 2 ports (but unspecified OS, I guess Yosemite 10.10 if Apple put the original on the renovated units OS) I want to use migration assistant to transfer all of the iMac with firewire for the Mac mini with the crush.  Can I use thunderbolt Apple firewire adapter for it? If this is not the case, what can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Yes, you can.


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    I have learned, over time, be very Ume with Lightroom and now is no exception...

    I copied all my files, the complete library of photos, more than one new hard drive Thunderbolt. I then deleted and renamed the old firewire drive and now use it for a backup. :

    My question is: when I open Lightroom it acted as if to nothing was and all the pictures are showing. What is Lightroom? It uses the old drive, which is now a backup even if I renamed it? or is 5 Lightroom so smart that he sees the new hit of lightning and the library record and just decided on its own that 'this' is what happens to use?

    I don't know what is happening, but since this is day 1 I want to be sure Lightroom uses the correct library, not the backup.

    Someone can help me to determine that things are in place and working as it should?



    I don't know what the "folder tree" in Lightroom, but here is a screenshot of my Lightroom 5 in library mode.

    As you can see, it shows the photos under the column on the left, but not as a "master file" which is how my images are saved. Right click on which does not give me an option to update anything.

    I didn't click on the hidden on (missing) New LaCie 2 TB and click right and choose 'New place' and made a huge mess now because it shows all the photos into a blob and not carefully stored in a structure by year and date. All that is now gone. I have to stop working until I get this resolved.

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    Mr President

    If I have the two LOV in the same table then how to connect when I select first and second LOV value also change?

    My two fields are FLOW AND DR_NAME



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    First LOV gives acct_id in the debit field and second LOV gives the value of acct_name to dr_name.

    How can I report these lov, it's that when I change my acct_id then acct_name also change

    I have these two tables

      "O_BAL" NUMBER(13,2),
      "DEBIT" VARCHAR2(7) , 
      "DR_NAME" VARCHAR2(50), 
      "CREDIT" VARCHAR2(7) , 
      "CR_NAME" VARCHAR2(50), 
      "AMOUNT" NUMBER(21,2),


    so, instead of this second ActId, choose ACCT_NAME:

  • Low-speed Internet with wired connection to E4200

    I have a HP Pavilion p6347c AMD Athlon II X 4 630 2.80 GHz, 64 Bit, Windows 7 SP1 WITH 16 GB of Ram, using Comcast high speed Internet.

    It works very well and I had no problem with my Pavilion until I replaced my old router G with a LinkSys E4200 (state-of-the-art, the top page of the router line N).  All the features work well, except that when I use Firefox 7.0 or Internet Explorer 9.0, the connection time is very very very slow when my computer is connected to my router with an Ethernet cable.  The problem disappears when I log - in using the same Ethernet cable - directly into the modem high speed; Then, the loading speeds are fast as lightning.  When I return to the router via a wired connection, even - page very very very slow post.

    I've already spent about 8 sessions with LinkSys on the phone and chat, and it turns out that the router is not the problem (according to LinkSys).  They advised that I need to contact the manufacturer of the computer, or people who can respond to Windows 7 support issues.  Someone at - it ideas?  Maybe something I can change in the settings of the firewall, network, computer security options settings?

    I connected my HP laptop running WINDOWS VISTA on the same Ethernet cable and disabled the wireless.  The speed of the wired connection is quick as a Flash - no problem at all.

    Then why my desktop Windows 7 SP1 computer not offer me the same speed?  Whenever I need to do important online work, I have to unplug my Ethernet cable from the router and plug directly on the modem to get faster speeds.  I then reconnect to the router once completed, so that users without wire and devices on my network work.  It's very frustrating.

    Help!  I am at a loss to understand why this computer has not faster to the Internet when wired to the router.  Is - this Windows 7?  There are some options that I need to change?  Someone at - he heard talk about this and you offer solutions?  Appreciate any assistance.  Thank you.  / Jacques novel /- [email protected]

    P.S. Customer LinkSys was no contribution to this issue.  I hope that some tech "warned" this reading will say AH-HAH and offer a viable solution.

    On a hunch, I selected the reset 'Factory Defaults' option in the Administration, after having updated the firmware. Something must have been damaged during the first attempt to install the router.


    To reset the default settings, you must have the original Setup disk and re-install using the same router name and the password.


    When this was done, the Ethernet connection worked perfectly.  Hope it will be useful to all having the same problem.

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