Wireless 1000 keyboard function keys

where can I find an explanation on the function keys on the wireless 1000 keyboard. I've looked everywhere. I find the description of the product, but this does not explain the function keys.


Hello Christine,.

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According to the description, you are unable to find an explanation of the function keys on the wireless 1000 keyboard.

Certainly, I understand your concern and appreciate all your efforts.

I suggest to read the articles below and check if that helps.

Solve function unexpected (F1 to F12) or other special key on a Microsoft keyboard behaviors


For reference:

We may also refer to the article below and check if that helps.



I hope this information is useful.

Please let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

Thank you.

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    Can HW I do the function key on my new work Microsoft wireless keyboard 4000 as a regular keyboard function keys?

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    The centre of keyboard and mouse does not seem to allow changes.  Open 'Intellitype Pro' and then make the changes he said some instructions on the internet.  I am unable to download Intellitype Pro, except if I uninstall the centre of keyboard and mouse.  But, in so doing, Intellitype Pro is unable to find the USB keyboard.  It is impossible to get in touch with a Microsoft support.  If anyone can help with this question?

    I think that hard blue-white 'switch' is correct. It is to the "left of instructor LED, above of the Num Lock key"?

    New features of the keyboard Comfort Sculpt

    It is possible that it is simply a bad switch or keyboard.

    Microsoft Hardware support

    There was a similar position in December last with exactly the opposite problem that you describe.

    Blue Sculpt Microsoft comfort keyboard function keys do not work

    The solution was to use a different USB port. Perhaps one of the small connectors inside the USB was dirty or defective.

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    I have a Tecra A3 and that you use with a Microsoft Comfort keyboard. The problem is that since the keyboard drivers have been the function keys (Fn + F2 to change the power mode) installed now realize the funcitons additional IE Fn + F2 also opens the folder my pictures. The strangest on East turn on map of wireless network or off with the switch located on the front of the laptop. This has the effect to load a copy of MS Outlook whenever it is switch extra.
    I have the latest version of Microsoft IntelliType Pro (version 5.20.412.0)

    Any idea on how to solve this problem?


    Sorry, but you haven't explained do you have this problem now, using laptop or other external keyboard.

    If the problem persists with the help of an external one I think that you can not use combinations of keys FN + FX of Toshiba. Each external keyboard is specific and in my opinion, you should see s operating manuals and check also all additional functions. I'm also sure that you are able to set up some special keys on your own.

    The problem with the WLAN mixer is very strange. Try to delete the specific Microsoft software and check if the feature is as before.

  • Keyboard function keys defined

    Where can I learn what the function keys are set up to do? I want to dedicate a couple of them to be shortcuts to my home page and Outlook. I know how to do this, but I guess some are already for some dedicated functions, and I don't want to interfere with their destination.

    This is a result of research of the shortcuts. Select your operating system and General keyboard shortcuts and select and you will be able to find the F keys.

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-US/Windows7/search?q=Keyboard+Shortcuts & PRD=

    Some keys may be specific to your computer.

  • For the ArcSoft keyboard function keys

    There is no documentation on the function keys on this keyboard for Windows 7.  What does each of the function keys?


    By "function keys" do you mean the F1 through F12 keys along the top? Those that are designed to work within each application, with some generally accepted standards. For example, F1 usually means the 'Help' function in applications that support a help function. Similarly, F5 usually means 'Refresh', as it does in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

    But although there are standards, they are not always respected. For example, my file manager 3rd - party (which replaces Windows Explorer) use Ctrl (control) + 'R' to mean 'Refresh '. If the answer to your question boils down to, 'he (usually) depends on the application.

    It is also the answer to the same question when asked for the special function keys along the second row of keys. Last point, you can find what keys do what are the functions in the menu at the top of almost all the applications bar. Where a function button is enabled for a function in the menu bar, that will be visible key in the location hot key along the right edge of a menu. Thus, for example, 'Refresh' is shown in the View Menu of Internet Explorer, opposite the word on the right edge F5 is displayed.

    I would like to know if that answers your question, or ask any more questions if you have.

    Kind regards


  • Alphanumeric keyboard function key

    I can't get the keypad turns off.  have to press the function key to use certain letters, how can I disable it.

    Hi Atlanta1,

    A. who is the manufacturer of your computer?

    Are b. from when you facing this problem?

    C. what happens when you are using Num Lock key?

    D. recent changes made on your computer?

    Try to turn off the fn (function key) and check if it solves the problem. [Try this if you are using a portable computer]

    Please answer in return.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support


    I have a laptop Compaq PresarioCQ60-202us, I lost the use of my Fn + ESC; FN + F1; FN + F4; Function keys FN + F6 and someone knows how can I fix? The rest of my function as F2 - 3 keys; F4-5; and F7 - 12 work very well. I would be grateful for any help on this problem.


  • Wireless 800 keyboard some keys don't type symbol

    I just installed 800 wireless keyboard. Some keyboard keys not typing the symbol displayed on the key. For example when I try to type the question mark when you press shift and the button with a question mark for this _. I have a problem with a number of keys.

    I installed the drivers will and still experience this problem. All advice given graciously received.

    Hi Wairds,

    Have you changed the keyboard to another language?

    This kind of problem occurs if the keyboard layout is changed to another format like English (United Kingdom) or other non-English of the provision.

    Try to define the layout of the English (United States) and check if you face this problem.


  • How can I configure the ms 5000 wireless comfort keyboard shortcut keys?

    just bought ms wireless keyboard comfort 5000 and have already ruined the shortcut key to send.  would also like to know how to assign shortcut keys

    This is for a Microsoft Surface device, or another type of PC?

  • Extended keyboard function keys?

    I am trying to add shortcuts through the side number of my extended keyboard (which is a LogicKeyboard - for AppleLogic) you can see on the screenshot is "check, check switches, stop" all have a small icon for the number side of the keyboard.  but when I add "1 and 2" for Protools style FFF and RR there are now several icon and adding it to the "1 and 2" for two numbers on the QWERTY keyboard very STRANGE! "."

    Use "Learning by key position" instead of "lent by label key.

    who will be assign it to the keyboard and make the keyboard icon appear in the window of key order

  • Keyboard Microsoft Wireless 1000 and a Microsoft wireless optical mouse 2000 - my computer does not start.


    I have Microsoft Wireless 1000 keyboard and an optical mouse wireless Microsoft 2000, they worked fine on my old computer with XP.

    Now, I bought an Acer Predator G3620 with Windows 7 and my computer does not start. He stops and beeps when it says "Press DEL to enter setup", this continues to the repeat. When I use the wired Acer keyboard and mouse the computer starts normally.

    When I inserted the original CD with the drivers, it gave an error of compatibility with this version of windows. So I downloaded the drivers and everything seemed fine. But when I start the computer (or reboot) I have to disconnect the transmitter/receiver or the computer stops and beeps.

    Once the computer is turned on, I can reconnect the transceiver, and it works fine.

    Find it me hard to believe that it has to bee like that.

    I have to buy a new keyboard and mouse?



    Go into the BIOS of the ACER and set it for legacy USB, USB mouse, USB keyboard, or along those lines...

    Then, go here for the drivers...


  • Function keys do not work on Satellite Pro 6100


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 running on Windows XP SP2.
    I had a slight problem with the shortcut keyboard/function keys. When I press the FN + F5 (display output) nothing happens.
    I fixed the wireless FN + F8 combination now. The FN + F5 again will not work. I installed the common modules and wireless hotkey utility
    [/ Edit]
    I installed the shortened program from Toshiba, but that won't help.

    Anyone have a tip or something?


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    Please install Toshiba Hotkey for - 02 worm. display devices and test the combination of keys FN + F5 again.

  • S50 satellite - B - 14 M - button and function keys switch F

    So, I posted this a few days ago on plateau "Tools & Utilities", but did not answers, then maybe I should be more patient. But, since this forum seems to be a little more active, I thought I would try it here as well. Who knows, maybe some people with a Satellite S have experienced the same thing!

    I looked for an answer on google and this forum for days, but were not able to find something useful (especially in combination with 'windows 10', I have no idea if install had no effect in the present).

    I installed Windows 10 last week, and I don't know if it's the 'problem' at the start, but since yesterday I've been aware of the fact that the 'modus special function"F - keys (i.e. the function in which you don'thave to store the function key to access the special functions under the (former) F keys) no longer works.

    I have already tried:
    -My system restarts
    -Control Panel > keyboard > function key modus (but which has been defined correctly!).
    -Tried any combination of Fn with any other possible key.

    So I don't know what the problem is. It might have something to do with the $ 10 Windows?

    Toshiba Satellite S50 - B - 14 M
    Pre-installed with Windows 8.1, upgraded to Windows 10 Home last Tuesday

    Thanks to anyone who can help me!

    I solved it myself! Turns out I just needed another obvious solution: reinstall the utility function of key driver.

    Well done!

    Thanks for sharing the solution with us!

  • Backlighting and function keys not working not not on Windows 10


    After I updated my Windows 8.1 to 10, I lost my keyboard function keys backlight (volume, brightness, etc.) and the OSD that I used to have (similar to the OSX one).

    My Bootcamp has been updated via USB, after preparation on the Mac side. Now it's on version 6.

    I tried to manually reinstall, remove all what about Apple and relocation, etc., but nothing seems to help.

    Actually I was not able to remove the support of Bootcamp, because there was no option at this point.

    My MBP is mid-2012.

    Do you know what I can do to fix this?

    Thank you!!!


    In your device manager, you have the Apple keyboard driver? You have an element of Bootcamp in the Panel?

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