Wireless AC slow (and different) read/write speeds

Hi all

I just bought a new Mac Mini and unfortunately it is too far from my media server to run an ethernet cable (I just moved) so I use an Airport Extreme (new model with AC Protocol).  But the read speeds seem to be slow I can't broadcast some movies from high on the server bandwidth.  I tested the speed of transfer, and it seems that I get the following:

READ: 24 MB/s (or 192 MB/s)

WRITE: 8 MB/s (or 64 Mb/s)

Can someone explain to me why these speeds are not the same?  And should not be a lot faster?  I get full signal and I joined technical details if this helps to explain anything. I would like to know what speeds you guys get with your Airport Extreme.

Thank you!


How far is your Mac to your server?

There the walls or something in the line of fire?

Have you tried the 2.4 GHz connection instead?

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  • read/write speed


    I want to know how read and write speed of the last GEN TC?

    It varies a lot in fact.

    My TC Gen5 is written rather slow... 20 Mbps but playback is ok... around 40-50 MB/s

    Of course, it is via ethernet and is speed of copying a single large file. Several small files will go much more slowly.

  • Enter a share with read rights and have read/write rights

    I have a folder with my photos on my Mac. In this folder, I have all my photos in subfolders and will add new pictures once I created the share. I want to make them accessible to my family there own PC/Mac. But only with READ ONLY. My problem is that a user (account to share on my Mac) with reading rights can access my shared with read/write rights.

    I have my Mac with 10.11.2 the following users/groups:

    • (Jens) My Admin account
    • (Erika) Account sharing
    • (Family) A group

    Group of members of the family are:

    • Jens
    • Erika

    My folder permissions to "/ Volumes/ExtHD/Bilder" are:

    • Family: read
    • Jens: Read/write
    • everyone: read

    I enabled file sharing in the system settings and the 'Pictures' folder added to the share list.

    Now I go to another Mac with Yosemite, go to network in the Finder, select the computer with the share, connect to the "Erika" and open the folder "pictures". I can generate records or files, delete files, so I have read/write rights. Why?

    Finder don't show me no option 'Erika' should have rights to write to this folder. Why is she able to delete files?

    If get you information on the drive, it is the checkbox ignore verified property?

    What is the format of the disc?

  • SSD Ultra II read & write speed problem

    Hello world

    I'm hoping to get help please about an SSD, I just bought and do not seem to be getting anywhere near the advertised speed it is supposed to be able, I only spent by technical support yet as thought someone here might know the answer.

    I bought the Ultra II capable of up to 550 MB/s write in reading and 500 MB/s, but after doing some 480 GB testing the 3rd party software and the State of SanDisk my speed to read dashboard is about 346 MB/s and writing is about 236 MB / s, is not anywhere near the announced speeds.

    I made sure the drivers are up to date in the dashboard, checked my motherboard and confirmed he has 2 SATA2 and SATA3 2 ports, bought new cables SATA 6.0 GB of data and made sure that they are plugged on SATA3 ports using the manual of the motherboard, but I get still only these slow speeds.

    Any help anyone can offer would be great, thanks.

    What is the MB brand and model? Some MB have several SATA 6 GB ports on different controllers. Intel SATA chipsets tend to perform best. I have a MB with Intel and AS Media SATA 3 chipsets and I see the same performance you see if I connect an SSD SATA 3 ports that use the controller AS Media.

  • Problems of formatting of the new CD - RW and open/read/write in older CD - RW

    I have a laptop Compaq Presario C719TU, who has 3 years using Vista Home Basic with a Super Multi 8 x DVD + R/RW with Support Double layer Drive CD/optical .

    2 days ago, I bought a pack of 5 CD - RW (x 12 or 8 to 12 x speed) to back up data on.

    So, I put a CD - RW in CD/optical drive
    and I tried to format, using the (not mastered) Live file system on Vista.
    Try first, the UDF 2.01 (default) then later, the UDF 2.50 version to fit with.

    At the end of the formatting process, a dialog box appears on the screen indicating that:
    "Format disk - Windows was unable to complete the format."
    Why is this?

    When a CD RW is loaded in the CD/optical drive, it will appear in the desktop computer > computer (with the C and D drives and USB keys)

    But I'm unable to format new discs, (Verbatim 12 x speed) or run/open/view all the contents of old discs (TDK 4-12 x speed) I.

    - Or when a CD RW is loaded in the CD/optical drive, it will be a thready or whirring sound as it normally should.

    However, I loaded a DVD in the CD/optical drive and it took a little while to open, he managed to open the application on this matter.

    I tried to uninstall the DVD/CD ROM driver in Device Manager

    (Optiarc DVD RW AD - 7560 A ATA Device)

    then restarted the laptop, but it made no difference.

    I also 'deleted' (near possible uninstall) this lower filter for: {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ with of the registry - as suggested on a web page, but I haven't restarted laptop again to see if it has corrected or not.

    I have use/rely on CD RW to back up important files.

    Hi ordinateur.utilisateur,

    I suggest you try the fix it from the link given below and check if it helps.

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media


    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • ProBook G3 450: Time assets 100% Intermittent drive with 0 kB/s read/write speed


    I am facing an active time for intermittent drive 100% with 0 kB/s reading or writing speed with my G3 450 ProBook running on 10 to win.

    Meanwhile, the laptop does not. This effect always lasts exactly 60 s (visible in the Task Manager), and after that, the hard drive still responds once. Looks like some kind of timeout that happens after 60 seconds before returning to normal behavior. Sometimes the 100% active time occurs every few minutes and sometimes I can work for hours without interruption. So far I was not able to trigger the effect.

    A Google search on "100% active time" returns a lot of suggestions like disable the superfetch, windows search, and the background intelligent transfer service. None of this solves the problem. The hard disk drivers (Toshiba) and the (Intel) SATA controller are up to date. I already reinstalled Win 10 who do not help either.

    I have another problem with this ProBook. I don't think that this is related to this problem. However, you never know...:


    I'm out of ideas. Any input is highly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Well, in the meantime, I found a solution... I bought a new HARD disk that is supported to win 10. It's a little embarrassing that HP sells the laptop with Win 10 and it does not work as it should. But anyway: problem solved.

  • Sony ILÇE-7R - what is the speed of read/write in the camera

    I have several Sony ILÇE-7R cameras used for a given application where more than 80 panes in a row with 1 second interval occur.

    When you are taking pictures on a 1 sec shutter time / 1.2 s, then the camera tends to slow when writing the buffer on the SD card. (A suitable high-speed sdcard has been used).  When the buffer is disabled on the SD card, then the camera accepts no any command of the shutter (IR Led or cable gives the same question), so I'm missing components/images.

    What is the read/write speed in the camera?

    What are the compensation of buffer time?

    Are there settings that can improve the buffer time on the SD card, while taking still pictures of compensation?

    Is there firmware settings that have been implemented to improve the write speed camera?

    Thank you very much

    Kind regards

  • How do you know the speed of read/write of a flash drive?

    Who knows a program to read/write speed?

    Hi Cristi,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    An indication of the standard flash drives read/write speeds is the following:

    USB 2.0:

    Sequential write speed range = 4-10 MB/S

    Sequential read speed range = 15 to 25 MB/S

    USB 3.0:

    Sequential write speed range = upto20 MB/S

    Sequential read speed range = upto45 MB/S

    These reading and writing speeds offer a guide to the read/write Flash Drive performance and have been identified in recent tests. Please note that we are changing the components USB Flash Drive at any time based on the availability and cost. This means that the read/write speeds above cannot be guaranteed.

    You can use your favorite search engine to search for this application that measures the speed of read/write of flash drives.

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope this information helps. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • World of different read and write scope

    Basically, I am looking for a private accessor method Public Read write without the aid of a class.

    (Oversimplified) use cases

    Create a Boolean value which cannot be true if the value is written by a member on a specific lvlib.

    Think a vi in "Unit Test.lvlib in lvproj xxx" will allow me to set the test Mode unit == True and nobody don't appeal another vi that sets this value can true such as Unit Test mode cannot be fixed outside the unit test.

    Or feature in this project WITHOUT LVOOP-

    Any ideas?

    A better idea, using the scope. You can "make friends with" library, which are implementing variable Unit Test. It is in fact fully OO code, but without the use of LVOOP

  • SSD on MPB early 2011 (13 inches) slow write speed

    Hey all,.

    I installed an SSD Crucial of MX300 in my MPB 2011 (13 inches). I get that I have probably will not hit the read/write 510/510, said the player, but right now I get only a writing speed of 240 vs a reading of 470.

    Any ideas on why it's so slow?

    Thank you.

    What is it connected to internally? If we replace the optical drive, then it may be because it's a 3 Gb/s bus rather than the primary drive SATA 6 GB/s bus connects to.

    Do you have your repartition and reformat the SSD drive before using it? It is not unusual to see some write speeds slower than reading speeds. The MX300 is a new economic model that may be slower than expected in real use.

  • Help? the source volume is read-write and can not be disassembled...

    I use 10.11.5 on an iMac 21.5 ", end of 2009 and I want to restore the OS X 10.11.5 to HD on an external drive but I get this message" Source volume is read = write and cannot be disassembled, so it cannot be copied from block. "  I can find answers do not address El Capitan.  Help would be greatly appreciated.

    .. .Goldie

    You use disk utility's restore feature?

    If the HD has a recovery partition, you can make starting in place of the recovery.

    Or you can use SuperDuper! (the basic version is free and can copy the entire disk, the paid version allows "smart updates", which copies only files that are different, saving time) running on externally to perform the copy.

  • a speed of read/write DAQ card mode change will reach 200K

    HEY, man,

    I have a project needs to test two points I name them point A and point B, the first time, I should point A 5V DC input, voltage inductive test point B, sencodly, give point B 5V DC input and inductive point test output voltage, this means and two analog ports must read and write sharing mode , and the test speed must be 100 KB, if I have a 200 KB data acquisition card, can the speed of read/write mode change reach 100 KB for an analog port? or, please give your suggest for my this kind of situation, thank you.

    Hi API,.

    I see that you are trying to measure voltages using a single channel at a time on a data acquisition card.

    Unfortunately, you cannot change the inputs to the outputs or vice versa on a map of data acquisition, they are static.

    What I recommend is either using a switch like this: http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/207130 where you will need a high chassis.

    Or, having four channels, 2 inputs and 2 outputs and try to measure it. You should have the necessary speed as well.

    If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer.

    Thank you very much

  • The way of writing to a wireless bridge between two different routers.1:broadband and dir 2:dlink 605 l

    I want to bridge.and wireless I can't do that... Please send me how to write to a wireless bridge between two different routers.

    2:Dlink dir 605 l,

    Hi Mohammed Ehsan Jourah,.

    Thanks for posting the request in the Microsoft community forums.
    I understand that you need to know how to make a wireless bridge between two different routers

    What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    To connect multiple computers, install a network adapter in each and run a network CAT5 cabling to connect each one to a hub (and thus the other.) The computer that will serve as a transition will have a standard network card for wired and a wireless network adapter that will connect to the wireless (WAP) access point or gateway on the second network.

    A network bridge is software or hardware that connects two networks or more so that they can communicate. You can create only a single bridge network on a computer, but a bridge can handle any number of network connections.

    You can try the steps at the bridge between two different routers wireless.
    a. determine the coverage area. When using two or more routers, the coverage area should be divided, and each router should be placed in a central location in each subdivision. If you add a wireless router to an existing network, this may mean moving the first router.
    b. decide which router is the main router. The main router is connected to the Internet, a LAN cable or other networks. It should be as close to the wired network connections or who has the best line of sight to another wireless network. In addition, the main router should be a high range router, allowing large tables of State and more users.
    c. buy a spare antenna, as the antennas that come with most routers do not have very good range. Quality omnidirectional antennas can push the range and signal strength of each of the routers, which, in turn, will reduce the cost by allowing routers less cover more space overall.
    d. deploy the primary router carefully. This router is the most important and requires most of the time of installation and options. Set the WEP (Protocol) encryption Service Set Identifier (SSID) and wireless, set up the Internet connection and test the router with some clients (computers). Once you get the main router deployed, deploy other routers should be easy.
    e. deploy the secondary routers, which must be configured to operate in "mode of transition." Secondary routers should be deployed around the perimeter of a large area or 'hot spots' where users placed - for example, will convene a bench Park or the table.

    Create a network bridge:

    Add a connection to a network bridge:

    Hope this information helps you. If you need to get help or information with decision-making wireless bridge between two different routers, I'll be happy to help you.

  • DVD read slow and jerky.

    Recently, I was copying a DVD on my hard drive of DVD read/write drive using the. Apparently there are a lot of mistakes on the DVD disc so the unfinished copy. Subsequently, I found that DVDs who played correctly on other computers would not properly play on it (XP SP3 on a Dell Inspiron 1525), but rather they play showing jerky images and not smoothly as usual.

    I tried to uninstall the unit DVD and re-install it - which has corrected this problem on other computers, I have - nothing works. I also tried the "fix" of registry by removing the filters above and below - no help there. See information system using Nero, it shows the unit DVD controller to be the "Primary IDE" with DMA off. I checked and found the "DMA if available" box to be listed under properties to "Primary IDE". There seems to be no way to activate DMA for the DVD otherwise.

    I replaced the DVD material with another identical device, that I know works and it also plays videos wrong so I think that it's a software problem and not material. I would like suggestions.

    Thank you.

    Hi again Rob,

    I found the solution!

    I started to follow your suggestions in order and completed stage of scanning of files. I am lucky to have two computers running and while it was appeased with the tests, I kept searching online and found this site:http://club.myce.com/f61/troubleshooting-enabling-checking-dma-windows-vista-xp-2000-me-9x-101616/. There was a big discussion on the problems of DMA and the author had a simple solution to try. It seems that Windows will automatically disable DMA on an IDE channel after several errors occur with the device it controls. There is no 'normal' way to reactivate by simply selecting "DMA if available" option in the advanced properties of the controller menu. I made sure the primary IDE is the DVD controller - and not the hard drive controller - then uninstalled. I did a reboot and that Windows apparently forced to reinstall the primary IDE controller, after that he found the DVD device on the system... At least that's my understanding of how it worked - I'm not much of a Curmudgeon. In any case, it worked like a champ. I checked the disc using Nero and it's back to the speed (3.2 x at the beginning and continues to increase as it tests the reader), videos play very well also.

    Maybe it will help others with the same problem.

    Thanks again for your help. I will keep your suggestions for the future.


  • Create the table and take the name of user who can read/write on this table

    Dear gurus,

    I need to add the following column in Oracle 11g DB AND also add the name of user who can read/write ONLY the following table, any table to access the same read?

    I use to go to Oracle PL/SQL client.

    My dbname is 'customerdb '.

    TableName: "extractOrders."

    +: example of the field data.
    Column0 = logID: 1
    Column1 = idNumber: 39D13613-F061-D38D-100A-16536409C6D8
    Column2 = timestamp: 2011/07/11-13:45
    Column3 = resultCode: 40509
    Column4 = resultMessage: could not find the IDENTITY card
    Column 5 = number: 9813080808
    Column6 = iid: 87670200100001466100
    Column7 = products: D1430 | "' S1412 ' | "" S1407 | "' S2607 ' | "' S1417 ' | "" S1411 | "' S1413 ' | "" S1502 | "" S1406 | "' S1522 ' | "' S1524 ' | "' S1474 ' | "" S1473 ".

    user596669 wrote:

    I need to add the following column in Oracle 11g DB AND also add the name of user who can read/write ONLY the following table, any table to access the same read?

    I use to go to Oracle PL/SQL client.

    Let's say your table than extractorders is the schema of database clientsproperty.

    As this pattern create a stored procedure that runs with the privileges of the customerschema. Having this procedure return a ref cursor For example

    create or replace procedure ReadExtractOrders( c in out sys_refcursor ) authid definer is
      open c for select * from extractorders;

    As this code executes with the privileges of the customer schema it can read the table belonged to this scheme.

    Now give execute rights on this process for the Joe database schema - and this pattern can create a cursor on the table of ExtractOrders , without being able to access or use directly or refer to this table. Read access to this table is therefore protected by a reliable code belonged schema customers.

    Learn about the AUTHID clause and how it can be used to differentiate the code approved and non-approved, which allows to PL/SQL code to run with different privileges than the demand for prescriptions.

Maybe you are looking for