Wireless driver is not install on Portege 3500

Tosh Portege 3500 with ' Toshiba wireless lan mini pci card.
XP SP2 tablet Edition

I want to upgrade the driver of to the new site (because I need WPA security)

The process seems to be okay, I chose wlags48.inf, several copied files, BUT in the end, I get the message
An error occurred during the installation of this device
Access is denied

I can go back to the old driver tbhe without problem

I tried to disable the adapter and even turn it off with the switch

I tried to do the upgrade mode safe

Anyone has any suggestions please?



Hello Steve

I'm really skeptical about WPA security, but maybe you can relate more after installing the driver successfully. Download driver driver and extract it to the new folder created somewhere on the desktop. When you start the driver installation please choose the advanced option and navigate in that order.

As far as I know you should not choose anything just browse in the right folder. Please try again.

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