Wireless keyboard 6000 v 3.0 Enhanced F keys work not properly.

Just bought a Wireless Keyboard 6000 v3.0 installed the software on my Vista 64 bit system with Service Pack 2 installed and everything seemed OK until I came to use the features of the F1 to F12 keys.  For example when wishing to print a MS Word 2007 document pressing the F12 print key it refreshes the save box.  Press F11 which is recording key nothing happens, when you press F10 to spell check a series of small boxes with letters and numbers appear on the Word tab bar.  Checked the settings in the control panel for keyboard, everything looks OK and checked the settings of the tab key that once again apears so that these keys correctly assigned. Checked and keyboard software is up-to-date. Any help would be appreciated on how to get these keys work correctly.


Hi DavidRodgers,

·         Have you tried to connect the keyboard on the other computer?

I suggest to check the following link and follow the steps in the Microsoft KB article in the order that they appear to solve the problem:

Troubleshoot the incidents of the response to the mouse or wireless keyboard


I hope this helps!

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    My keyboard has acted until recently, its fairly new, I got it in the mail about a week or 2 ago first of all, I noticed a problem when I tried to increase the volume for a youtube video with the buttons at the top of the keyboard, they did not work, as well as most of the buttons on the keyboard other than the keys themselves. However, they worked before. Then I noticed another problem, I like to play video games on my laptop with the same keyboard and it will sometimes lean down on 3 or 4 keys at the same time, it also did not work and instead of this, the first 2 keys I pressed on were those only sensitive. I don't know what to do, I'm not that great with computers and I just want my 90 dollar keyboard and the mouse works correctly. (The mouse works fine by the way) I want to fix this problem as soon as possible, because I use this keyboard to my work and it works well, and its comfortable and a good keyboard everywhere while he worked. Again, I'm not sure what I did, any help is very appreciated.

    Hi Dylan Lynch.

    Follow the steps outlined in the article below to fix this problem

    Troubleshoot the incidents of the response to the mouse or wireless keyboard

  • Envy 17: Keyboard Flex, the keys not working not properly, a fan failure

    I bought my computer laptop last January 2014 to JB HiFi, I already noticed that the keyboard flexes, but they told me that it is normal and the keys work well anyway.

    Move to the last month, I noticed that the bottom surface of my laptop keeps splitting open whenever I have fold to the top of my screen to turn it on. If it can be repaired by pressing gently to close again, it seems to have caused the laptop to ask a fan failure notice every time that I turn it on, asking me to press the Enter key to continue or wait 15 seconds so it will turn off.

    I searched on youtube on how to solve this problem and I discovered that blowing fan can solve this problem quickly. I tried several times the breath of the fan before turning on the laptop but it does not always work for me. Fan failure screen always displays at startup. I could not work long hours because I noticed that my laptop has been overheating a lot, probably because of the failure of the fan. I had to turn off for a few minutes let cool and start to work again, thus breaking any momentum of work I.

    Then, five days ago I realized that Fan failure screen is not displayed, but things just got worse. Left keys do not work correctly more for example. If I press 'e', it will enter "qe", "2" will enter the '13' and so on. Now this made me suspect that the space in which the keyboard flexes a lot and the fan failure overheating left hand side of the laptop were the cause of the keys with a malfunction, maybe condensation or so.

    Please help me out here, I use my laptop for my studies and I can't afford to buy a new.

    Kind regards

    Hi K N R K,.

    I tried your method three times, but the keys are still faulty. This is the current behavior I get:

    F5 - turn on the backlight with ' + '.
    F7 – lowers the volume with ' - '.
    F8 - increases volume with ' / '.
    2. does not show '2', but active random dialog boxes (depends on the active window)
    NumLock - types "5 [---].
    w active entry
    Shift + w - paste from Clipboard
    Enter - 'L';
    4 entries "14".
    5 entries "25".
    6 - entries '+ 6'
    -entries + '+ 6'
    x - entries 'x 25 '.
    1 entries "14".
    2 entries "25".
    3 entries '3 '.
    CTRL + v - entered "s".
    FN - inputs + 6
    SPACEBAR - entered '25 4. / »
    Up - entries '.on '.
    -Scrolling and entries "14".
    0 - entered "0" and enter
    . -entries '.» 3. "

    If ever the keyboard will work properly again, you have any recommendation with the intrados cleavage whenever I have bend toward the top of the screen to turn on the laptop.

    Kind regards

  • Keyboard not working not properly - Envy 6

    Hello world

    I recently bought a 6-1103el HP Envy laptop.

    My problem is that sometimes, apparently at random, some keys stop working. These keys are: F2, F9, 5, 6, question mark,.<, and="" fn.="" after="" a="" while="" they="" start="" to="" work="">

    There are times when the phone warms up (as during games), but not always, so it seems completely random.

    The keyboard is new and I never it damaged in any way.

    I must say that the problem is not in the operating system, because these keys do not work in the BIOS.

    P/N: C6F45EA #ABZ

    Thanks in advance

    If it goes into the BIOS, then it's most likely a failure in the keyboard of the device.

    If it is still in warranty, what should be if it was bought recently from HP or a retailer, then I would contact HP for service.

    HP can be contacted at 1-800-474-6836 the Canada and the United States.  Select your country from this site to contact HP.

  • Lenovo x120e keyboard works not properly

    I have a Lenovo x120e, I bought a couple of years. Last Friday, I started to have problems with the keyboard. The first question was that the computer was save my CTRL key was pressed continuously. A single reboot did not fix this. However, by using the onscreen keyboard, I could get the computer to recognize possibly CTRL key was indeed not and my keyboard seems to work correctly again.

    However, from Sunday, I started having new problems and have not been able to solve. Specifically, the keys g and h do not work (although sometimes, if the onscreen keyboard is up as well, they will register as 5 and 6, respectively). Other keys around the Board work not (apostrophe, 5 and 6, some function keys). The on-screen keyboard works perfectly fine, as does a USB keyboard (I currently use).
    I tried the following, and none of them have helped:
    (1) virus and malware scan - nothing came (analysis complete, not just "fast")
    (2) check the performance of the equipment (an OEM utility) - no problem
    3) updated keyboard driver
    (4) uninstalled and reinstalled the keyboard driver
    5) restore to a restore point Windows before initial issue last Friday
    (6) restart in Mode safe without the attached external keyboard - same keys always had the same problems.
    So now I wonder if it's a hardware problem or a software (driver or OS) one. As I see it, my two possible options are:
    (1) If a problem with the hardware, at least try to clean and if necessary replace the keyboard
    (2) the software, wipe the computer and reinstall Windows. All my data is stored externally, while it would be annoying, is not a major issue to do this.
    I want to just make sure you choose the right course. Someone saw in which of them is most likely necessary remedy. Or if I missed a possible way to fix this without one of these last ditch effort, I would be grateful for more information.
    Thanks to you all.

    Hello Andrew,.

    I would agree that it's a hardware problem. At the same time, if you want "good" do an OS reinstall, you have nothing to lose but some time and effort.

    Kind regards


  • Wireless keyboard not working not properly

    New wireless on El Capitan iMac keyboard. Shift strokes do not correspond to the characters on the keys.

    Bluetooth can not find keyboard, but it it connected. Using the Spanish and British keyboard. Same problem on both.

    for example type Shift? and get_. Seems to be a problem with the game to the top of the keyboard.

    Follow this link If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad is not working as expected - Apple Support

  • Wireless keyboard not working not properly. (Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard) (SOLVED, CHECK MY ANSWER)

    Hello, I replaced my monitor, but my keyboard did not work properly and when I spam a letter as "aaaaaaaaaaaa" very long, it stops and I have to press it again. Can someone help me? I have the same situation in a game when I'm pressing certain keys that I have. It is very annoying... So I posted here because my keyboard and mouse are both of Microsoft,

    Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1

    Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000.

    I would be very appreciate all solutions on it: P

    I tried putting in new battery, restart, re - detect the mouse and keyboard but did not work!


    Put your detector near the keyboard (or right in front of him), as I do

    It worked perfectly. I also tried to hand over to the old place, and the problem appeared. So I put it in front of the keyboard and the problem disappeared!

  • Microsoft Wireless keyboard 3000 v2.0 active sort of keys atl

    When the function im playing a game and I exhaust end/arrow keys/remove/page down/home/insert also alt & ctrl

    the keyboard did something and it won't let me type. When I type its actually the alt and control commands and I cannot exit this mode until I restart.

    all ideas

    It could be your key SHIFT- http://ask-leo.com/help_my_shift_key_is_stuck.html http://mscrmblog.net
    Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions Specialist
    Microsoft CRM Developer certified

  • Satellite L750 keyboard works not properly

    I bought my laptop in January 2012. A month ago the tabulator ceased to operate as more of the letter keys. Whenever I use the CTRL key, it sets the zoom so I have to reset.

    I connected an external keyboard, but still he has problems. When I use the SHIFT key when you type in some websites I am firm on the site. Right now, I'm typing this notebook in and I'm going to copy in the forum of the site because everytime I try to use the SHIFT key to type an uppercase letter I started on the site. Very frustrating.

    Anyone else have these problems? And I would have thought that the keyboard should last more than 13 months. My laptop is still under warranty for this problem?


    If you have the same problems with the external USB keyboard then I have to say that probably this issue isn't associated with defective keyboard.

    Have you checked if that occurs after the system has been recovered?
    I recommend you test notebook with factory settings.
    If the problem still persists, ask the Toshiba service approved for the verification of the material point. In the worst case, it could be a motherboard problem

  • Satellite A200 keyboard works not properly

    I had my Toshiba since last May and have always had a problem with typing capital Mr. every time I do it and it happened I typed may, it moves all the following letters anywhere in the previous text. Touch typist I find it particularly annoying as it's often two or three paragraphs before I noticed it happened. It is very very annoying because I have to type a lot slower that I normally would alos.

    Someone else has experienced this specific problem? If so, what can you do to solve it? I tried to use a test version of Windows 7, but also other types of software am so confident enough, it is not a software problem.

    Looks like you need a new keyboard. Go to a SPA and ask for a quote.

  • Standard PCI to PCI Bridge and Standard PCI Enhanced Host Controller does not properly

    My AVG Pro tells me that I currently have two problems that can affect the graphics and/or the speed of my computer.

    (1) PCI Standard PCI bridge to PCI does not work

    (2) standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller device is not working properly

    I tried the opportunity to search for a driver that is updated with each problem and achieve the same result for the two problems, that "I have the most recent drivers available. I also tried to uninstall each problem the appliance but they keep reappearing.

    These two elements to appear more than once, but each item shows an instance with an exclamation mark.

    I need to know if it's a hardware problem, that I need to replace the hardware.  Thanks in advance!

    The two problems are related to the software/driver from chipset MB... Go to web youre pc hardware (intel, amd, etc.)

    Locate & download the latest version of the chipset software... If intel, go to intel.com/support/software,drivers

    Look for the update utility from intel, it will scan & offer updates of any pc processor intel... Or find the manual in

    downloads/chipset Intel software Run: Msinfo32 in the run to see the details of the pc hardware

  • keyboard and mouse not working not properly after installing Windows 8.1

    I was forced to upgrade my computer to Windows 8.1. My keyboard worked fine until the system is restarted. Numbers on the keyboard stopped typing and letters were capitalized when the caps lock was turned off and the numbers at the top will only type the symbol above the numbers.

    I looked at this problem and it seems that I have to enter in the settings of the UEFI and disable the Intel XHCI mode. When I enter the settings of UEFI, I can't make any selection in the start menu. My keyboard and mouse stop working.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for posting a reply. Fortunately, I didn't have to try your solution because the computer solve itself.

  • Microsoft Wireless mouse not working not properly in Excel.

    Original title: using the buttons of foam in Excell

    Reference: Microsoft Wireless 5000 foam

    I use the foam buttons in Excel to navigate backward/forward "TABs". It is very useful and is in fact the reason to get a 2 buttons and scroll mouse 4-way.

    BUT... it does not work with this Wireless foam 5000. He has worked with my old Logitech... that would mean Microsoft foams are not completely compatible with Microsoft Software?...

    I downloaded the latest version of IntelliPoint v8.1.239.0 but nothing has changed.
    I am running XP with Office 2007.
    Any idea?

    It seems that there are some 8.2 updated drivers for the mouse on the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 Technical Support page.  It might be useful to install to see if it solves the problem.

  • Acer e-111; keyboard not working not properly; must support at least 7 - 8 times; capital works very well

    need to press keys minimum 7 - 8 times. Windows 10; has resorted to the use of the screen keyboard. keyboard is the integrated laptop keyboard, noexternal or usb attached.

    This allows to solve the problem:

  • HP Pavilion dv6 keyboard works not properly


    I use a HP Pavilion dv6 laptop running Windows 7 for about a year and a half.  Recently (I can't say exactly when) I noticed that my keyboard does not work properly.  There is nothing huge, but sometimes I have to push a button twice before she will comply, or it will be delayed in its response.  Another thing is that I originally used to have to hold the function key and press the space bar at the same time turn off the light that surrounds the touchpad. Now, I just simply press the function key (not now) and, no matter how many other keys I press on in the meantime, the next time that I press the space bar, the light turns off.  It's both distracting and frustrating because I need to press the space bar to operate normally.

    My drivers are all up to date.  I tried to remove them and reinstall them. I changed a few settings in the Bios, and then reset the default settings, all to nothing does not.  I would appreciate any idea or you guys can offer me solutions.

    Thank you!

    Hi El Nacho,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read your thread on your HP Pavilion dv6 and keyboard problems. Here is a link to uninstall the keyboard. Restart the computer after the uninstall, it must be reinstalled automatically.

    Have you tried to take a little air to the keyboard to see if maybe it's dust or debris which initially are intermittent use?

    Thank you.

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