Wireless LAN drivers

I need drivers for Wireless LAN

VEN_168C & dev_0036 & subsys_217f103c & rev_01

VEN_168C & dev_0036 & subsys_217f103c

VEN_168C & dev_0036 & cc_028000

VEN_168C & dev_0036 & cc_0280


Please use the following driver:


Kind regards.

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  • HP Pavilion Notebook: No more Wifi after update realtek wireless LAN drivers

    Thus, HP support Assistant said I had to update the 7 things. Including RealTek Wireless LAN drivers. After having done that, I've disconnected my wireless network. When I click on the internet icon in the bar below, it shows only a "Airplane Mode" button and that's it. Before, it would also show all available networks. I don't know what I have to do, but I need a quick fix!



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post about the loss of WiFi after a driver update and wanted to help.

    I see that you are running Win10.  Then, click the start menu and open the Device Manager.

    When you find the wireless network device, try rolling back the drivers to the previous version.  With a little luck, after you do this and you reboot, the WiFi will work again.

    And if it works, then disable HP Support Assistant so it won't mess up your drivers more.

    Good luck

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  • Need (OS - Windows 8 32 bit) wireless lan drivers HP 15-d009tu Notebook PC


    Recently I bought HP 15-d009tu Notebook PC. I don't have a CD to install drivers along. How and where can I get the driver lan wireless for PC laptop of HP 15-d009tu that will support the 32-bit Windows 8?  Need help as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thank you


    HP does not support all new notebooks of consumption for 32-bit operating systems, you have to find W8 professionals or websites of the mfr of material for drivers drivers of their laptops.

    Will you please do and I will post the link to a 32-bit driver wireless W8.

    Click the network controller device. At the top of the network controller window, click the Details tab.

    Now, you see a Description of the list system default list drop-down property.

    Drop down on it and select the second element (Hardware ID).

    Now, you see 3-4 lines of characters, the upper line starting with PCI\VEN.

    After this first line of characters and I'll post the link for the driver, you need for the wireless card.

  • HP 15 Notebook PC: RTL8723BE/RTL8188ee from Realtek 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN Drivers question

    Good evening

    Twice now, I tried to update my Reltek drivers of local wireless network and the two times once installed and restart over, I can't connect to my wifi.  In order to fix this, I had to reset my laptop to an earlier time before downloading.

    Can you help me? Would affect the lack of drivers updated my ablity for videos?


    Hi there @LuvGSPointers,

    Thank you for joining the Forums HP's Support and welcome! It is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the Forums of HP Support. I wanted to join you and help! I understand that you have tried to update your drivers Realtek WLAN and them twice you were not able to connect to the Internet. I'd be more than happy to help conservation of WiFi on your laptop from HP 15.

    Do you get any error messages?

    How are you up-to-date drivers?

    Have you tried to connect by Ethernet?

    Which connects very well?

    Is there a red X on the network adapter in Device Manager?

    You have uninstalled the driver in Device Manager?

    If this isn't the case, please try the following:

    • Go to the Device Manager.
    • Expand network adapters.
    • Right-click on the adapter from Realtek.
    • Click on uninstall.
    • Restart the laptop twice.
    • Reinstall the driver.

    You could also update the driver software in the same way:

    • Go to the Device Manager.
    • Expand network adapters.
    • Right click on the Realtek network adapter.
    • Click on update driver software
    • Reboot the laptop.

    Please let me know if I answered your question by clicking the "Thumbs up" if the troubleshooting in this post steps solves the problem for you please click on the button "Accept as Solution" . This will allow to the others is that present the same problem a solution also. If you need assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please just re-post with the results of the resolution of the problems and please include your model number (How can I find my model number or product number?).

    Thank you!

  • HP 14-d010TU wireless LAN drivers not working not


    I formatted my laptop and now have problems with the right drivers for the wireless and bluetooth, currently using windows 7, I have download this driver support page (link below) and after that I installed the wifi doesn't seem to work, to do a wired connection to access the internet.


    I can see my properties of the navigation system the below: -.

    Under Manager devices-->-> Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller network adapter

    I noticed there are 4 devices that were not installed properly or the driver could not be found because they have yellow!

    Other devices

    ---> Bluetooth controller

    ---> Network controller

    ---> PCI device

    ---> Series universal host controller

    I'm guessing that the improper installation of the network controller is causing my problem. Where can I download the appropriate drivers for this?

    You are the very welcome.

    Here is the link for the drivers wireless and bluetooth, you must...



  • Cannot install drivers LAN and Wireless Lan on my Satego P100-10U

    Hi people =)

    II just reinstall WIndows XP Professional on my Toshiba Satego P100-10U.
    I downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba page and he burned them on a CD.

    I inserted the CD in my computer and installed most of the pilots. But for
    a stranger strange reason drivers network such as LAN and Wireless Lan
    drivers do not work!

    Can someone help me?

    Don't work or you can not install them?

    LAN driver must be installed manually because there is no setup.exe file. Go to an unknown device in Device Manager > properties > driver installation and navigate to the folder where you extracted the driver files.

    Please let me know if it works.

  • Need to update Wireless LAN card drivers for Dell Inspiron/e1505

    I need to update my WLANcard for dell inspiron/e1505 vista.

    Hi Charles,

    Please contact Microsoft Community.
    You want to update the card for Dell Inspiron/e1505 wireless LAN drivers. I'll be happy to help you with this problem.
    I suggest you to download all the drivers updated and required from the link and check if the problem persists.
    I hope this helps. Try the above steps and get back to us for more assistance and with the requested details, if the problem is not resolved.
  • Satellite A350-212 - wireless lan driver?

    Hi, I want to download the new wireless lan drivers that are newly published by toshiba, but I don't know what drivers for my laptop go... How can I learn what real drivers for my laptop's wireless lan is?



    Go to the Device Manager:


    and click network cards, where you can see the network adapter installed on the lap of youtr wireless.

    If it is unknown, read this article:


  • Presario v3000 wireless lan and its drivers for windows xp

    I need drivers for compaq presario v3000 wireless lan and sound for windowxp sp2. One mentioned on the hp support site will not work.

    Hi, Tarun:

    Installation of the audio driver for your laptop is delicate.

    Before you install the current sound driver, you MUST first install the MS. UAA driver

    Thus, you must uninstall any audio driver that you have already installed, reboot, and then install this driver.

    It is possible that you have scrambled the installation by trying several audio drivers and you can be better to reinstall XP and making sure that you install the Chipset driver first, then the video driver, then the MSUAA driver, then the audio driver and rebooting after each instance of the above facilities


    Then, you install the audio driver. It's the correct driver based on the hardware ID you have posted.


    I am allowing liaison with the latest driver for your card wireless as the v3000 page is old.

    First one on the list is what you need...

    http://Downloadcenter.Intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?AGR=Y&DwnldID=22118&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%20XP%20 * & DownloadType = software % 20Applications

    You should use the drivers provided by this template page because you have Intel hardware.



  • 20 - r011il: driver for windows 8 64-bit wireless lan

    bcm43142a0 I am not able to find some drivers... "" - i.e. the driver wireless lan.

    and the other is... "network controller".

    He "Alwayse" said a problem of compatibility with this device.  I use windows 8 64-bit os.

    Please suggest any driver as soon as possible


    There is no drivers windows 8 for the model Broadcom wireless network adapter that has your laptop.

    I suggest that you connect through an ethernet cable, required for W8, so that you can ge updates free update for the Windows store W8.1, and then use the drivers your PC support page W8.1.

  • InPro Comm IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card - need driver for Vista OS


    I'm new to the Forum and I think that it is just the place to get answers to my questions?

    OK, I use the laptop Toshiba Equium L10 and I just downloaded and installed the "public" version of Microsoft Windows VISTA beta 2.
    The installation went very well and it took about 40 minutes and considering that it is only a 1.50 GHz Celeron (M), which was very good, but I'm having problems to make a software/driver for my '' integrated '' InPro Comm IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card, so for now, I can not connect to the internet on this subject. (On the bottom of the laptop, it has ' FOXCONN T60N871 802.11 b/g W/LAN Card "which I think is the real name for 'InPro Comm IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card'.)

    I installed the software/driver LAN wireless from the utility CD, and although the software seems to be no problem, Windows does not detect the card and does not install the driver for it. I also tried Win Vista update, but nothing is found.

    Does anyone know ho to get the software/driver to install properly so that Windows Vista can detect the card and install the driver and software?

    If not, does anyone know of a driver updated for VISTA BETA2?

    I would really like to keep Vista Beta2 on my L10 so if anyone has some tips that will get my built-in wireless card works, I would be very grateful. (BTW, I don't have a 'wired LAN').



    These days, a lot of users wrote vista and their experiences with the installation. As you know that officially there are no drivers available. I think that Toshiba will offer all the drivers at the point where vista is officially on the market.

    You can post on this tread http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=13771 maybe Brave will give you more information about the installation on its L10.

  • 14-r017tx HP: HP 14-r017tx Wireless LAN Driver Selection

    Dear all,

    There are several drivers for Wireless LAN Driver for HP 14-r017tx, i.e. Broadcom, Intel, Mediatek.

    How can I know the equipment of wireless LAN in my laptop?

    So I can choose the right driver fot, example: if I know the material of WLAN in my laptop is Broadcomm, then I will install the Broadcom driver.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regads,



    This should help.



  • Satellite U940 - update Realtek Wireless LAN Driver

    I just upgraded my Satellite U940 PSU6VA - 00S 002 Windows 8 to 8.1 of Windows and am currently following the instructions of the upgrade from here. I noticed that European and Australian Toshiba sites include a 'Realtek Wireless LAN Driver' in their list of downloads driver for Windows 8.1 for the Satellite U940:
    - European page

    However, I have never noticed any a Realtek wireless LAN driver on my computer, before even that I have upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've only seen in Device Manager network cards:
    -Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200
    -Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller (which I believe is a wired LAN driver, not a LAN wireless driver).

    So my question is: do I have to download the Realtek wireless network driver or is it not suitable for my system?

    > So my question is: do I have to download the Realtek wireless network driver or is it not suitable for my system?

    Your laptop was equipped with Intel wireless network adapter and NOT card Realtek WLan and therefore the Realtek WLan driver does not need to be installed.
    You should consider a fact: there are different laptops on the market models that are equipped with different material parts. Some support the Realtek WLan card and some models were equipped with modules WLan Intel and that's why you can find some drivers (like Realtek Bluetooth Driver Package Filter) in the driver from the list of downloads that are not essential for all models.

  • Satellite C660D - cannot install Wireless Lan / WiFi driver

    recently I had to reinstall a satellite c660d (amd processor) with windows 7 from dvd. installation disk hard form was not possible more. Problem is that I can't install a driver from networkcontroller and also card wireless network does not work. I tried to install several drivers (also driver wireless lan) form Toshiba site but without success.
    Internet only works with cable. Can someone tell me what drivers/software I need to install in order tot install the good networkcontroler and wireless lan?

    Did you sort it? Mine is same after windows 7

  • Incompatible Config Free and Wireless LAN driver/manager


    The * ConfigFree 5.90.05AB *, available in the box drivers download MCE Satellite A100-498, is not compatible with the wireless LAN Manager * * Intel PROSet utility (pilot * Intel PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300 *), also available at the same place.

    When both installed, the * Conectivity doctor * and * profiles tool returns the error "+ cfmain.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. "We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Y at - it another version of ConfigFree that works with this version of driver/manager of wireless local area network? Toshiba released another version of ConfigFree?

    Best regards


    I saw your other link you are using Windows XP Home edition and now write you about WXP MCE.
    You mix this whole thing or what?
    What operating system you have installed?

    If you use WXP MCE (laptop came with MCE), please install all the stuff available for MCE. As far as I know all the drivers available for MCE are absolutely the same in the Toshiba recovery image so everything should work properly.

    Install WXP MCE and install all the stuff for MCE following order of good facilities. Believe me, that everything will work properly.

    Satellite A100 is old enough laptop model and I can't imagine that Toshiba offers incompatible drivers.

Maybe you are looking for

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