Wireless Microsoft notebook optical mouse does not work with g42 - 410 us laptop

Wireless Microsoft notebook optical mouse does not work with g42 - 410 us laptop


Hi Mary,

Did you install all the necessary drivers, firmware and/or software Intellisoft of the mouse and then restart?

You have good batteries in the mouse?

Verify that the mouse is compatible with working computer and your operating system?

Have you checked the mouse icon in the control panel (after all of the above) to a setting to activate?

Contact the vendor of your computer and see if you need to update something else.  When I installed my wireless mouse, it wouldn't work until I updated the touchpad, the firmware drivers and.

Good luck!


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  • my mouse does not work with care


    my mouse does not work with care, perfectly.

    today when I turn on my laptop, I can't use mouse.

    I tested it with another port, but my mouse does not work.

    day 3, there is my boy take in her mouth and lower teeth but I cauth.

    my mouse's turn on and turn off several time.it, s a mouse of the lamp and the South, but it's the turn of power.

    When I turn on the top of the Tower, the mouse is unknowen.

    Thanks and respect.


    It seems that the mouse has developed a problem. Have you tried it on other computers?
    Have you tried a different mouse on your computer?

    I hope this helps.

  • New mini optical mouse does not work

    Hi all:

    I used a mini mouse optical for a few years now without a single problem. I just plugged into the USB port, and that's all. Yesterday it died on me, so I bought a new.

    The mouse does not work and the cursor stays frozen at least that I move it using the touchpad on the laptop.

    OS is Vista
    Satellite P100 series

    More information:

    -the little wheel on the mouse will allow me to scroll the page to the bottom, but it's just what works
    -the drivers are all up to date
    -restore the computer to an earlier date
    -run a full virus/malware scan, nothing came
    -USB are good; I tried all ports, including the ports where something else that works has been connected
    -After I restore and connect my mouse in I saw the computer install the latest drivers

    The only thing I can think is that the new mouse is defective but I doubt that. However, it is possible I suppose.

    Can anyone else think of any other possible explanation and how I can solve this problem. Could something changed in the BIOS? Is there a setting that has changed I have to look?

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • My mouse does not work with Windows XP

    I have Windows XP and I changed the disconnected a mouse and pluged the other without in regards to power off of the desktop, the mouse does not move I tried other mouse, nothing, need help, P

    This diagnosis you have done to date?
    Error messages?
    Please provide details about your current problem.

    We are better able to help you if you help by providing us with as much information as possible...

    Suggestions for asking for help on a site.




    Most often when a device is not it's because of a driver.  Try reinstalling your.

    It works for win 7 & 8

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1


  • An external mouse does not work with my Satellite P300

    Sorry, but I m not well speak English.
    I have installed alcohol on my Satellite P300-1FE but my computer restarted
    I did it again, but it is impossible for me to work with my external USB mouse optical mouse "Trust mi-2500 x.
    It s not recognized. Can I update the driver, Vista tells me it's good, but Vista also indicates that it cannot install it.
    Vista gives me the error code "39".

    "When I am looking for a solution, I see the warning: keyboard cherri evolution is not compatible.
    I don't understand. Can you help me?
    I do not work with the keyboard, so it is impossible to not have an external mouse
    Thank you very much.


    Error code 39 always appears if the equipment has not been installed correctly.
    I think you should first try this:

    Remove the mouse driver installed and the software.
    Then remove the USB hubs and USB controllers in Device Manager list.
    Then restart the laptop and wait until the USB ports would be installed again.
    Install the mouse software, and then connect the mouse to the laptop.

    If this will not help, try to remove the installed application alcohol because that might be the reason for this compatibility issue.

  • Microsoft lifechat lx 300 does not work with VIA HD

    Hello guys, my last helmet played as ""(jouant alors que les orateurs option a été activée) speakers and I was able to use the improvements! "." play with the lx 3000 headphones via an option audio usb with no improvement even not of via hd! I tried the via hd headphone option (with improvements) and it does not work either! any help? thnx!


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you to refer to the article and run the hardware and devices troubleshooter.


    You can also check out the Articles below and check if that helps.



    If none of this helps, you can check your profile for corruption:


    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • My Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse does not communicate with the Transceiver.

    After the return from a road trip, I plugged my Miccrosoft wireless optical mouse and keyboard. At first, communicate with my Toshiba Satellite laptop, but the keyboard now works. The mouse works sporadically if I push the reset button on the Transceiver and he travels the three lights. When I check the State of the mouse, it shows good batteries (I replaced the still) and the right signal. The computer apparently see the mouse, but somehow the orders do not get through the ARVA. Any ideas?

    Hi Peter,.

    What is the model number of the Microsoft Wireless Optical mouse?

    I suggest you try to connect the transceiver to another port. Then check the behavior of the device. By trying the receiver on a different port, you can eliminate all the problems affecting the port itself.

    You can access the links below and follow the steps described in section troubleshooting problem mouse Microsoft Wireless on your computer and check to see if it helps you solve the problem.



    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • 6000 wireless mouse does not work with error Windows XP "it has not been verified with the Windows XP Logo."

    Original title: Wireless mobile mouse 6000 will not work on XP but when I bought it iwas sure it worked with Windows 7 and Windows XP.
    I bought a mobile wireless mouse from microsoft for more than a year for use on windows 7. When I bought it, I thought that I remembered, it also works with Windows XP, but I can't get the software to complete. I get an error message saying: it has not been verified with the "Windows XP" logo. Is it true, or is there something else wrong.


    The Wireless mobile mouse 6000 is compatible with Windows XP. I suggest that you download the drivers for the Windows XP operating system from the link provided below and check if the problem persists.

    Mobile Mouse 6000 wireless


    You can also get in touch with Microsoft hardware support for assistance.


  • optical mouse does not work.

    What hardware/software problem could prevent a Logtech M185 and a wireless mouse NSB work on a desktop Compaq under Windows XP SP3, after notice of default HID mouse Targus AMW50US at startup from hibernation?

    The problem was my fault and is solved - when I received the error message that I plugged a USB mouse different without uninstall first the mouse failed and the user device human interface entries in Device Manager.  When it was done, I was able to use another wireless optical mouse.

  • My new mouse does not work with my laptop?

    I just bought a new USB mouse and plugged on my laptop, he repeats to me the device is not recognized, but requires no driver, its simple card and its use.

    My windows keep saying that the device is defective, the mouse is brand new.
    My question is... How to solve this?
    or how I turn off my windows and so I can leave my phone manually accept the mouse.
    I need to use it tonight, as its very urgent.
    Many ways

    Fazz Shei

    Hi, Fatima.

    Please follow the steps in the methods to solve the material problems and USB question concerning:

    Are you able to connect other USB devices?

    Check the status of the USB device in Device Manager:

    a. go to control panel of configuration-Device Manager,

    b. If you see a yellow exclamation mark next to the device, the driver is disabled and must be updated

    Method 1:

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows


    Method 2: Update the USB drivers


    Please post back with the result.

  • 104Key of Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 USB keyboard does not work with a KVM

    I just bought v2.0 of 3000 Microsoft Wireless Desktop combo. I have a KVM switch for two rounds. My problem is the new keyboard switch, in general you simply press the [scroll off] button twice and it doesn't work. I tried to fix this by what I can find, but without success. I need help.



  • Wireless Comfort - scrolling Laser mouse does not work

    I just bought this product and everything works great except a Horizontal scrolling. Vertical scrolling works very well. When I rock the left or right scroll wheel, nothing happens. I tried it on spreadsheets, wep pages and documents (resized so that there is a horizontal scroll bar on the screen). I use WIN7 64 bit on a ThinkPad Trackpoint and touchpad as both enabled. I disabled them both with no result. I have tried uninstalling the drivers for pointing devices. Right now, I don't know if there is a hardware problem or not... I don't know how to check that the action "to toggle" is detected. Any ideas?

    I did some other tests and realized that the Horizontal scrolling WORKS in most applications. It doesn't seem to work in IE9, but I was wrong. Applications Windows (Explorer, Notepad, Wordpad, etc.) all seem to work as well. It turns out it's Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird) and OpenOffice (calc, writer...) that are not. I guess we can call this "resolved" as far as HP is concerned.

  • my mouse does not work with adobe first since yerterday

    Please, I need help. Until yesterday, everything was fine with my first pro cs6 adobe and my laptop.

    My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P55 - A

    Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz

    8 GB RAM

    8.1 Windows 64-bit x 64

    NVIDIA GeForce GT M 740 (version 368.22)

    BUT I worked in a project and the click of my mouse has started giving me some problems. First, he worked very slow. Then the clicks only worked when I tried for the second or third time. I tried with new batteries (twice), two new mice (conventional and wireless). Nothing changes. The same thing every time.

    I started using the trackpad, and I had very similar problems. I can't drag clips easily or cut them. The slider is very good, but the clicks are the problem.

    Help me please

    John Hi, I have not much used these days Adobe Premiere, because I was dedicated to a different task in my job, but the new mouse (fourth), cable, looks very good

  • Updated Microsoft Silverlight... does not work with my computer

    The program Microsoft "Silverlight" guard automatic loading on my computer, a laptop Toshiba L505, under Windows 7 Home Premium... it does every time I can't get on the internet... I get the message "Unable to connect to the DNS server", I deleted the program several times (much time and frustrating)... then I can connect and everything works... I DON'T WANT OR NEED THIS PROGRAM... HOW CAN I PREVENT THE IT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD

    Silverlight forums:
    http://forums.Silverlight.NET/forums/ Harold Horne / TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011. The information has been provided * being * with no guarantee or warranty.

  • My mouse does not work with Firefox, ok with everything

    I use Firefox for some time with no problems. This morning my mouse disappears when I am using Firefox. It is very well with any other including other browsers. I guess it's easier to simply migrate to Google Chrome?

    I have a Mac OS X Version 10.7.5

    Well, if you want to give up just like that, it's up to you. Or . . . .

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}
    While you are in safe mode;
    Press < Alt > or < F10 > to display the toolbar.

    Windows; Tools > Options
    Linux; Edit > Preferences
    Mac; name of the application > Preferences

    Then Advanced > General.
    Find and stop using hardware acceleration.

    Dig safe web sites and see if there is still a problem. Then restart.

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