Wireless network blocked by the Device Manager on HP 450 G1

Hello I'm a newbie. I installed windows 7 on my new 450 Hp g1, and everything works fine except the wifi.

When I open the hp connection manager it says that wifi is disabled in Device Manager.

I tried all the drivers from the hp site and none of them work.

When I open the Device Manager it shows me that he found under the name "other devices" controller network, but it is a small triangle on it and won't let me to install a driver that I found on the hp Web site.

So please help me and thank you.



This driver should work...


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  • No wireless network adapter in the device - Satellite Pro L300 Manager

    Internet works OK sometimes but then I get "no network.
    When I check I have find the network adapter (Atheros) "disappeared from the Device Manager.

    If I restart the PC, he reappears and I can connect again.

    I missed the Bios and updated the driver but it makes no difference

    You're writing on the WLAN connectivity, right?
    What model of laptop do you have?
    Original preinstalled OS?

  • Re: Satellite L40-139 - 10 error code in the Device Manager on the wireless network card

    I have a toshiba satellite L40-139 and I just instaled windows 7 64 bit on it. Since that time my atheros wireless device will not work. I tried updating the driver and windows but nothing.
    In the device manager says code 10 DEVICE can NOT START.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!


    If you read here:


    The Code 10 error code is generated when the Device Manager has not enough information or error that spread upwards by device drivers is not recognized by Device Manager.
    Then, go to the page of the driver and update the driver. If you do not have to win 7, try the vista driver.

    Welcome them

  • DV6409ca No. Wireless and three device Base system in the Device Manager

    I have a DV6409ca SNcnf73202t7 and ran Windows XP on it flawlessly for about a year.

    Last night I asked my laptop and this morning I woke up to the orange light of death on the front of the computer for the wireless and three newspapers of device Base system in the Device Manager. They run:

    Bus PCI 7, device 5, function 3

    Bus PCI 7, device 5, function 2

    Bus PCI 7, device 5, function 4

    I tried making restoration of the system, the removal of the chipset drivers / wireless/network and reinstall in safe mode and the search for solutions to many other people tried to make their wireless work.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


    You must download and install the Ricoh 5-in-1 card reader driver support for your laptop and driver page.

    Go to Device Manager and expand network adapters.

    Is the model of your wireless poster card he or she has completely disappeared from the Device Manager, does not come under the section of the network cards, or in the General list of devices such as a network controller?

    If she disappeared from the view, 99% chance the connection from the motherboard to the card slot plugs into is fried.

    This is a very common problem with the dv6000/dv9000 models.

  • should there be a network card is in the Device Manager list in windows vista

    Im having problems with my router belkin, wireless light is not on there is a driver of NIC installed on my computer to make this work im on windows vista

    Hi Carole-AnneJones,

    1 did you make changes to the computer before the issue occur?
    2. What is the brand and model of your network adapter?

    Method 1
    Yes network adapter should be listed in the Device Manager. Yes, need driver installed on the computer network adapter to get the active network adapter. You can try the steps from the following link:

    Network adapter problems

    Network connection problems

    Method 2
    I suggest you to download and install the drivers for your network adapter on the manufacturers Web site.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-in/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

  • Wireless adapter suddenly lost, disappeared from the Device Manager. How to prevent this?

    Hey :)

    Ive looked all over the internet, but still nothing quite similar to this...
    -Asus PC V551LB-CJ093H
    -Windows 8
    -Wireless network adapter: Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260
    The problem is: laptop suddenly loses wireless wireless adapter because suddenly friggin disappears from the Device Manager, as did not exist. Only the wired network adapter still works and all things Bluetooth. The only way to resurrect from the dead is to restart my laptop. But I don't like this solution X_x. How can I stop my laptop disconnect my wireless connection?
    What I've tried:
    Auto-updated the driver from Device Manager
    -' Find the hardware changes' on Device Manager
    -Disable "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" the power of the device management
    The only thing that has worked now:
    -Restart the laptop.
    Thank you very much for your help :D

    Thanks a lot :) I've manually updated the drivers from the manufacturer's website (intel), and the problem ceased to occur. I will you update if anything... Thanks again.

  • Wireless adapter is no longer present in the Device Manager


    I have an Asus laptop 1015E (http://www.asus.com/us/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/1015E/#overview) running Windows 8.  I don't know when it happened, but the built-in wireless adapter is no longer present in the Device Manager.  I tried to use the Asus install app to reinstall the driver Asus Wireless Radio control, but it just says: it is already installed.  I also went to the site of asus via an ethernet connection and tried to download the latest drivers for wireless card, but installation cannot.  It seems as if the laptop detects most hardware, so I can't install driver software. Any ideas on how to proceed?
    Thank you

    Hi wolves.

    Do you receive an error message/code?

    When a device does not work, it's mostly because the driver has been corrupted.

    Here are some ways you can follow to resolve the problem:

    Method 1:

    Check out the link and follow the steps in the article:

    How can I troubleshoot network card?


    Method 2:

    You will need to install the Chipset Drivers first and later network adapter drivers.



    Method 3:

    Check the BIOS of the laptop to check that there isn't an option to toggle the map.

    Note: You can contact the manufacturer of the computer, if you are not comfortable access or make changes in the BIOS.

    Note: Changing the BIOS / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    In addition, contact the OEM of your system and see if they can replace the adapter or run a test to make sure that the adapter is working properly.

    I hope this helps. If you have any other queries/issues related to Windows, write us and we will be happy to help you further.

  • I can't connect to the network using the Wi - Fi connection. In addition, the Device Manager is empty.

    Device Manager is empty and I can't make wireless connections more

    If Device Manager is empty, check article to see if it will be useful.

    Article number: 311504 - no items appear in the Device Manager list when you open

    Perhaps because the service Plug-and-Play is turned off (disabled).

    Please reply back and let us know if that is the case.

    Thank you

  • How can I fix adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface of network problem that shows an indication of a problem in the Device Manager?

    I've never seen this problem before.  The yellow triangle with the exclamation point is visible on this network adapter called Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface.  The driver update does not work, and apparently the last and the best driver is already installed for this device.  I tried to disable and searching for the hardware changes.  Whenever the device is displayed again with an indication of problems triangle and even yellow exclamation point.  It is said that the device cannot start.  I rebooted the machine to see if something has changed.  There can be no.
    I just uninstalled the device and scanned for hardware changes, but it has not been detected and remains missing under the network adapter category.  I ran diagnostic system provided by HP software, but nothing seems to be defective.


    1. What is the code that you see under the status of the device and the exact error message?
    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?
    As you have already tried updating the drivers and still you face the same problem, you can try to uninstall the existing driver and manually download the stand-alone version of the driver and install it.
    Step 1: first of all, I would say you temporarily disable any security software and then try to install.
    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.
    Step 2: Now try to install the drivers
    a. open the Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    b. identify the sound card, right-click on it and select Properties .
    c. go to the driver tab and click Uninstall to uninstall the driver associated with the device.
    Restart the computer and install the latest driver.
  • Cannot detect wireless networks or start the autoconfiguration Wlan service

    I locked my phone on thanksgiving day and came back later that night and connected... and my Wifi wasn't working. It shows all the available networks.

    -I am still able to connect to the internet via the Ethernet cable
    -My wifi switch is in the on position
    -In the Device Manager it says that it is WORKING CORRECTLY
    -It displays a red x in the taskbar, indicating that theres no link and no network available
    -When I go to control panel > network and Internet > network and sharing Center Center it is completely empty, nothing is there... only 4 icons... nothing else.
    -It does not show the button wireless in Windows Mobility Center more
    -J' bought a Linksys wireless adapter and it will not work unless I have activated the wireless network Manager windows... which I am not either.
    -J' uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers from the Web from Toshiba site
    -J' did a system restore and it didn't

    -My modem works fine

    -Other home computers are able to connect to wireless modem

    This is what it says when I try to start Wlan AutoConfig 0xc00ce508:0xc00ce508 of error «Windows failed to start service autoconfiguration WLAN on local computer»

    I did a 'sfc/scannow' in the administrator command prompt and it said "protection of resources windows found corrupt files but was unable to solve some of them"

    Nothing works.

    Please help me, it drives me crazy. Thank you very much in advance :)


    If everything checked OK wise network, and you have mentioned before: ' sfc/scannow' in the command as administrator prompt and it said "windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to trouble".

    It is perhaps that some kernel files are corrupted and cannot be updated.

    Refresh the Installation of XP.

    To be safe, back up your data and some special stuff to a flash drive.


    Boot from the original XP CD. Pass the first screen offering Console repair and proceed as if you install a new XP.

    After accepting etc., the new Setup screen lights up and would detect the current XP installation.

    You have an option to press R to repair.

    Use it, would take about 45 min. and you would an Installation of XP refresh all by keeping your Application, data and XP configuration.

    P.S. If you have made changes to the WinXP definition (special permission as firewall) security to look on them after the update because they could go back to the default value.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Realtek NIC does not show in the Device Manager - until a hardware scan is done

    A few months ago, I purchased a dv6 3240us and not downgraded to XP Pro win7 no problem, everything has been installed - everything I tried worked fine without any problem at all. I do not use this computer on the Internet - but I got the opportunity to connect the NETWORK card to a piece of equipment, I was working on that. When I went to change the IP address of the laptop - no local NIC (supposed to be Realtek) present in the Device Manager.  I installed the driver when I went down to XP without error.  I can only see the wireless adapter and it also shows on the system tray. When I right click on network adapters in Manager devices and do a scan for the hardware - the Realtek card is? and now everything works fine until I stop, then I have to go the process again. I watched the Realtek driver and he says its all working properly - any suggestions?


    I'm not familiar with the BIOS settings too consumer laptop, but see if there is a setting for a LAN Power Save Mode - maybe in the configuration menu of the device.

    On HP Business laptops, there is such a context, and the default value is enabled. What is this setting is to remove the wired NETWORK card at least that the PC is plugged in and connected to a LAN cable. This saves battery power.

    They also have a LAN/WLAN definition switch that disables the NETWORK adapter when the other is in use. For example, if I plug a wire to my Wired NETWORK card, my wireless NETWORK card is automatically disabled.

    If you have such a LAN Power Save setting, turn it off, and your NETWORK card must always be visible in Device Manager.


  • Best wireless network installation with the switch TP-Link

    Hi all

    Few question numpty maybe, but what follows... We just moved to a new (larger) home with thick walls and I want to set up a new wireless network.

    The current installation is:

    Fiber cable entering the House in the basement and connected the modem to the service provider that provides 150 mb internet. I changed the capacity wireless on the ISP's modem and connecting an airport extreme (2014 model) via the LAN to the modem. The extreme is in the office but on the 3rd floor is having connection problems than you can imagine. All rooms have access points CAT5e who all meet in the basement. I have two spare Aiport express and two Apple TV that I would use. Also I bought a TP-LINK 1000mbps (16 channels) Network Switch.

    Could someone please tell how the best set-up of my home network. For example, the Airport Express to the 3rd floor connected to the switch (wired) network or to an extreme in the Office? Apple TV also connected to the network switch?

    I would like to end up with a solid wireless network that passes without problem from extreme to Express necessary each time you walk and you want to use an Apple TV for television on the ground floor and one in our room.

    Many thanks and apologies once more for this very basic question... I have expanded my front (extreme Express) wireless network but just don't know how best to use the switch.

    Thank you

    The simplest up set... which is almost always the best game in place... would be to connect the switch 16 ports to the modem/router and then connect devices to the switch. In other words, if your modem/router has 16 + Ethernet ports, the simplest network configuration would be to plug as many devices as possible directly to the modem/router.

    Other variants are possible, for example, the network might look like this:

    Internet > Modem/Router > AirPort Extreme > switch > devices... or, you can connect certain devices to ports Ethernet on the AirPort Extreme and some to the ports on the switch.  One thing to keep in mind however... If there is a problem... Troubleshooting may not be easy since it will be difficult to know where the problem actually lies.  Much easier to all have, or of possible devices, connect to the switch.

    Unfortunately, the AirPort Express devices will be of real bottlenecks on your network.  These devices are notoriously slow as well as wireless, and even if they work well, the speed will be does not exceed 100 Mbps... since it's the speed of the port to the AirPort Express.  In fact, I expect each Express to provide a wireless signal in the range of 50-60 Mbps.

    Another thing to keep in mind of the wireless network is that Macs will usually a good work of tilting automatically to the point of wireless to the other as moving from one place to the other in the House... but the iPhones, iPads, PCs, and other mobile devices will do that very well... If they do at all.

    So with these devices, you will need to get used to temporarily disable the WiFi on the device and the device when you move in one region to the other, and then turn WiFi on must generally then pick up the signal from a nearby wireless access point.

  • Satelltie M40X: NIC disappears from the Device Manager

    I have a Satellite M40X with Windows XP SP2 and my card (Realtek gigabit) network is no longer seen by Windows (or Linux: test performed with a Ubuntu live CD).

    The lan card is not seen by Toshiba HW Setup. I disappeared 2 days ago, was back yesterday that a d is not present today...
    LAN card is enabled in the BIOS.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    The PC is 13 months (out of warranty Toshiba...)

    Some registry keys are damaged and so the LAN card is not visible in the Device Manager (very possible) or the LAN card is damage (more)

    I think you should try to reinstall the operating system. If after installing new network card is not visible in device (such as unknown device or network card) Manager then it s a bad material work and in my opinion, that the replacement or repair will help.

  • His problem in Windows XP Home - a yellow! in the Device Manager on satellite

    When you install the audio drivers that it finds a modem on hih def audio, then when you restart it throws an error message upward. I rolled back the driver but still need to solve the problem of noise, in Device Manager, I have one yellow, another device, PCI device.

    Audio drivers appear to be there and working, the drivers are inheritance this is just? It looks like a conflict somewhere. I went from Vista after network problems now XP has sound problems.

    Ideas please

    Hi David

    I ve checked your other assignments created here in the forum and it seems that you are an owner of Equium A100-027 PSAAQE series.
    Am I wrong?

    First of all, I would like to clarify a few things.
    Especially the yellow exclamation points appear in the Device Manager because anything could go wrong during the driver installation procedure or you have used everything simply a bad drivers.

    I think you first need to know if you have used the correct drivers!
    Please go to the page of the Toshiba driver and check again the driver versions and download again.
    I noticed that many users download the bad drivers and try to install it.

    On the Toshiba page, you will also find installation instructions. There are 2 txt files.
    One for XP and one for Vista.

    Please make sure you use the appropriate for the good OS installation instruction.
    Download all the drivers, then follow the order of installation mentioned in the txt file!

    Normally, everything should work ok and you should be able to install any drivers!

    Best regards

  • Why in the Device Manager, NIC, tab power management properties, allow this device to wake the computer check box is gray out?

    Why in the Device Manager, NIC, tab power management properties, allow this device to wake the computer check box is gray out?

    Here is the document


    See the Suggestion of Shekhar:


    Political group to turn and set the option for the inside network card power management tab


    Kelly XP Tweaks - on this page scroll down to #204.  On the right side you will see "power schemes/configurations of restoration.  Here are the scripts.  You should see a window with «do you want to run...» »


    A link that did not work... TEC438020 http://www.rm.com/Support/TechnicalArticle.asp?cref=TEC438020.

    If you delete the start TEC438020 letters... This would have worked.   Sorry but for some reason that my shortcuts duplicate urls notice the end of the above url shows the same letters that I told you to remove.  Do not forget that in case it happens again in the future.  (God forbid)

Maybe you are looking for