Wireless USB mouse and keyboard no longer works when disconnected and then reconnected. Cannot connect to system to be solved.

I am facing a problem on my XP machine.  Here is what happened...

I unplugged all devices and USB keyboard and mouse USB in order to move to another office.  Then I put everything back in place, then started my machine.  Mouse and keyboard not responding do not, so I can't connect it to resolve the issue.  Tried in safe mode without success.  My mouse and keyboard are made from Microsoft and are wireless.  Unsuccessful despite everything I try.  Any ideas?


Hi Nascarfan48,

Thanks for the update. We recommend that you check if this article helps you fix the current number:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/258826

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  • wireless keyboard no longer works when I changed the batteries

    my keyboard microsoft keyboard elite 1002 says she is low on battery.  I changed the batteries.  The keyboard was not working so I searched on bluetooth, did not find it and re - he added.  I let him choose the password.  I typed on the keyboard and press enter on the keyboard.  The unit now looks like being there.  But it does not work.  I tried to do these steps (remove and add the keyboard) 3 times.  What could be wrong?  The power of the battery shows as "good" when I checked in the properties of the keyboard.

    Hi ckcinc,

    You can follow this link & check if it helps.

    Resolve the failure of mouse or a Bluetooth keyboard to function

    You can also contact the Microsoft Hardware support for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • My wireless keyboard does not work when the power is on, but connects after reboot. Aspire z3 - 61

    Hi all, I have an Aspire Z3-61 that the keyboard is not connected when turned on. If I restart the computer, it works fine. of course turn on/off and rebooting is not the best way that I would get my keyboard works. It does not have to use the on-screen keyboard, and to start windows. I have to restart it to connect. Thanks in advance for any help.

    An alternative workaround that I used when I had the problem was to disable the Windows quick start.


  • Paved tactile and G550 keyboard do not work when I remove KB and mouse wireless

    I have a G550, which works very well. I bought a keyboard and wireless Microsoft mouse and they work very well also. Recently I had to take the laptop on the road and I didn't take the big KB wireless. But if I take the little thing USB wireless, the keyboard and the touchpad on laptop NOT WORKING. How can I solve this problem? Thank you very much!

    PS: This laptop is a bargain! I bought new from Office Depot last year during a promotion of the tour-of-your-old-mobile and paid about $ 400 for it. I've also upgraded to professional Windows thanks to a college. I am extremely pleased with this machine and can't believe that I got it for a price as low.

    Hey johannfu,

    When you have connected wireless keyboard, was the keyboard and the touchpad works on the G550?

    otherwise and only the Wireless Microsoft keyboard worked, then it is a strong possibility that the pilots who came from the crushed wireless keyboard drivers for your G550 keyboard and touchpad.

  • I have a wireless optical mouse and I can't remove the usb of my laptop Gateway receiver. It is stuck there. How to get out?

    I have a wireless optical mouse and I can't remove the usb of my laptop Gateway receiver. It is stuck there. How to get out?


    The unit just has USB slide out. If it is stuck, consult with a real computer store (the one that makes
    his own service in the House and not leeks and glances at a Best Buy or other stores) or gateway

    Gateway drivers and downloads

    Technical support Gateway

    Door Documents

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • upgraded to Win 7 - optical mouse zoom is no longer works, is there a solution?

    We have just improved my mobile son of XP to win 7, now the zoom optical mouse 3000 feature no longer works. He is visually impaired and needs this tool in order to be able to read the screen. Is there a downloadable fix for this?
    Thank you for any input,


    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    Mouse, touchpad and keyboard with Windows problems

    Additional information:
    Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not correctly

  • MacBookPro keyboard no longer works on VMware Fusion:


    I don't know where the problem lies - be it with VMware Fusion, Microsoft XP Pro or MacBookPro material.

    But I initially installed those and had no problems. But now the laptop keyboard no longer works since the

    Storefront Windows XP (it works fine on Mac OS (Leopard 10.5 X))

    Please don't tell me I have to get a Windows USB keyboard.

    Maybe I need to install a driver? However, XP doesn't have the driver.

    Thanks in advance:

    Michael Yanowitz

    VMware tools are installed...



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  • JETech 2010 keyboard no longer works correctly!

    Keyboard no longer works. At least remove them and T keys do nothing. I have blue tooth, forgotten unit redefined and networks... Any other ideas please? Thanks in advance X

    Try the keyboard on another Mac or PC. If it still fails, you know the keyboard is broken. You can also try the keyboard when it is started in recovery as a basic test mode. That will tell you if the keyboard works well when a single copy of the operating system is running without all your installed applications.

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

    Select the option to browse the web to try the keyboard in Safari in recovery mode.

    If the device is 2010, you should seek to buy a new device, otherwise if it is new & still in warranty, return it to the store or the manufacturer.

  • Pad at the top of the keyboard no longer works after installing Windows 7

    I have a cl dv7-1273.  Just changed from Vista Home Premium 64 for Windows 7 64.   Win 7 installed OK.  After you install the pad at the top of the keyboard no longer works in the dialogs like this.  When I entered the numbers here I had to use the keypad.  Keys still work in Word, Excel, Evernote, etc..

    Someone on the forum had the same problem of pad during the upgrade to win 8.  They solved the problem by uninstalling Comcast constant guard.   I removed a constant guard and now my keypad work.  Is there something in constant guard that is in conflict with the keys from HP laptop during upgrade to Win 7 or 8 Win.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones shortcut keyboard no longer works

    I've updated my OS to V4.5.0, and now my voice mail shortcut keyboard no longer works. I have now the message "assign a speed dial key w." can anyone confirm this shortcut no longer exists or if it has been replaced by something else.

    Sometimes, I saw a simple reboot of the device to correct this.

    With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    If still not, and then assign your voicemail at this speed dial button.

  • In the latest Version of FireFox 9 Page Starup of Mozilla Firefox, pls which is the default home page no longer works, when you click it says invalid link, look at this and fix it...

    In the latest Version of FireFox 9 Page Starup of Mozilla Firefox, pls which is the default home page no longer works, when you click it says invalid link, look at this and fix it...

    Can be caused by a corrupt installation of Visual C++ (several versions can be installed-by-side; SxS) it lacks certain runtime components (Redistributable Package).


  • Acer XC-605. I have a wireless usb device and a usb dongle. Can I replace my w wireless card

    Acer XC-605. I have a wireless usb device and a usb dongle. Can I replace my card without extra wire with usb3 Sockets. If so, should what material I go for? Front Sockets have been botched again and are now worse thn useless. Thank you.

    Thanks Asdfguy86. The map you suggested was not good because it was full of size, but, thanks to your liknk, so I knew what to ask and what seearching I just added "low profile."

    My search came up with this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008N3FPXS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    This has also been enlarged but came with an alternative mounting plate.

    There is a free space above so I was able to move my antenna wi - fi so far and release the slot for pci express to the new card usb3 so I was even able to keep my embedded wireless and bluetooth. What a result!

  • Keyboard does not work when I start windows

    my keyboard does not work when I boot my laptop.   When I do any changes inside through properties keybord (even the spped blinking cursor) he started working. but when I press capslock, it stops working again and I have to still to change the settings in the keyboard properties to make work.i have tried to install the new software, I got my laptop to format but it still does not.

    need help with this and please tell me the solution if r there all

    If by "I got my laptop to format", you mean you have reinstalled Windows and the problem persists, it is probably a hardware problem. If you have a keyboard that can be plugged into your laptop, there the same problem?

  • is there such a thing as an internet connection timer? I'm lost and then community internet connection g at different times of the day.

    is there such a thing as an internet connection timer? I'm lost and then community internet connection g at different times of the day. I have just hooked to the nbn (national broadband - Australia Network) and have just bought a wireless modem/router 9323 method. I set it up and it worked. I noticed that I have two internet connections when I go to access the internet. one is a broadband connection and the other is nettcomm wireless 9323. What gives with that?

    You have a connection wireless and broadband that you could use one or the other or both. It is recommended to use one at a time. Contact your internet provider and discuss the issue with them.

  • After restarting windows and then no error in config/system is finally windows starts successfully with no problems quo. __

    "windows couldnot start because the following file is missing" c:/windows/system32/config/system.
    This message appears at the first start, but when I press ctrl + Alt + Delete, restart windows and then no error in config/system does finally come windows starts successfully without problem usually. I searched on the internet that all solutions are given if windows XP does not start. But in my case after restart only a single window loads successfully. I'm dubious before using the recovery console.
    Please help everyone,
    no case I found the solution to this particular problem.

    The question was preceded by a loss of power, aborted reboot or abnormal termination? (This includes pulling and buttons power).

    These can cause corruption in the file system that must be fixed before you do anything else. If none of these events occurred (or even if they have not taken place), you must verify the integrity of your file system before anything else (especially "try" things).

    Never, never, never start with the support engineer technical 'expert' who are hired by Microsoft to implement the KB307545.  You are likely to be in for a frustrating waste of time and might just make things worse.

    Always, always, always start with a chkdsk with first error correction.

    There is zero logic to start try to copy files to a hard drive with a corrupted file system so corruption of file system must be fixed first using the XP chkdsk program and run chkdsk can solve your problem completely.
    Use the XP Recovery Console to check the file system on your HARD drive and fix the problems and then try to start your system - this may be all you need to do.  Or, you are welcome to just start trying things that might work.
    Start the Recovery Console Windows using an XP bootable installation CD, or create a bootable CD from the Console of the Recovery XP (no XP media required).
    A CD of XP Recovery Console is not the same as the recovery disks that may have come to a store to purchase the system.
    If you have any bootable CD to run the XP Recovery Console or that you are not sure what type of bootable CD you have, can create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console and don't forget (no support for XP not necessary).
    If you need instructions to create a bootable XP Recovery CD of Console, we can predict that too (just ask).
    After booting into the Recovery Console, you should be in this folder:
    For each of your hard disk partitions, you must then run:
    Chkdsk /r
    For example, at the Recovery Console prompt, enter:
    CHKDSK c: /r
    Let chkdsk finish to correct the problems, he could find.  It may take a long time to complete or seem to be 'glued '.  Be patient.  If the HARD drive light flashes, it's something.  Keep an eye on the amount of the percentage to be sure that it is still making progress.  It may even seem to go back sometime.
    The chkdsk/r must be completed without error, you may need to run several times until it does.
    Remove the CD, and then type "exit" to exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer and the report with your progress.

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