With 33.0, why can not directly enter a URL in the box address?

Until 32.0.3 (I am scrupulous on the explicitly download updates of Firefox manually), everything was more or less OK. I first encountered the problem w / my main PC under Windows 7, during the last week, I noticed that I could not type a URL in the box and go directly to this site. Now I did the updates on the other three PCs and two of them, I had the presence of mind to test this issue. On a PC Lubuntu (Linux) and another box of Windows 7, the address box becomes inert * after * the 33.0 update and NO OTHER CHANGES (for Adobe Flash, Firefox configuration, regardless.)

To manually enter a URL, type the address in the box run that works in both environments. If the current tab is empty, then Firefox will use. Otherwise, Firefox opens a new tab to visit the site. This behavior has been confirmed on both platforms.

Thank you also for making account with your findings,. m - roboto. I hope that this can also assist other affected users!

Tags: Firefox

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