With a sampling of the data with DAQMX, error-200279 occurs when making 2d array dbl


I did a system of simple analog voltage with DAQMX data acquisition.

It is made for reading of capacitance, where output capacitance value out of a circuit in the periodic voltage signal.

What I want is to get data from four capacitors simultaneously through four channels, using samples n n (dbl 2d).

The structure of my VI is almost similar with examples of continuous sampling of voltage in LabView, with the exception of a few other calculations in the loop.

And for the synchronization of the trigger, I've corrected the edge of release with the external signal from the capacitance reading circuit.

Version no. 1 has a channel for data input voltage. Version n ° 2 has four channels for the input data.

While ver.1 can get accurate reading of four capacitors circuit data each (a single channel at a time),.

ver.2 acquires four channels of data, with a single thin data channel, all the others were wrong.

I saw a 200279 error occur in the DAQMX read part 2d dbl, so I tried increasing the buffers by changing the sampling frequency or the number of samples, but it wasn't everything.

I rose for most of the forums with the 200279 error, but the solution would not work on mine.

Anyone can find the problem? I will attach my screws it may include a bit of Korean language, but most of them are in English, shouldn't be too hard to recognize. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh I forgot, my DAQ is NI USB-6259, and it works in Win XP sp3 and LabView 8.6.

Thank you.


Hello Azurenight,

The 6259 is a DAQ card of the M Series Multiplexed, which means that it is not possible to sample each signal at the same instant, rather the channels are all sent through the ADC even and must be sampled in order. More information on this can be found here:

LabVIEW Help: Multiplexing compared with simultaneous sampling


It may still be possible to get the data you need with the card you have - could you give more information about the maximum eligible period between samples on different channels?

If you require * real * simultaneous sampling, you will probably need different hardware.

Kind regards

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    Error-200279 to AI Read.vi:7

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    Attempted to read samples that are no longer available. The requested sample was already available, but has since been replaced.

    Increase in the size of buffer, most frequently the reading of data or by specifying a fixed number of samples to read instead of reading all available samples would correct the problem.

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    Kind regards


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    To the best of my knowledge, HR inserts not all onLoad events. It seems that the model you have onLoad event (I don't know how it got there), but there is no javascript file referenced so it errors.

    If you do not need this onLoad event, then pull it out, but how did get there? What is a hereditary project? Make sure that this is not something that should be there, and what's the problem, it's that there are no referenced javascript files. Talk to one of your developers, they will understand.

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