With Photos I can no longer share photos using Microsoft Outlook. Why?

Using iPhoto we went to the file and click on sharing. My photo/s would go to my Microsoft Outlook mail as an attachment. No problem.

With Photos vs, 1.2 apparently Mail is the only option to share photos. How can I share Microsoft Outlook?

To be able to share Outlook, it must provide an extension of application for sharing by mail. Apple Mail has such an extension, but the version of Outlook I have installed (version 15.13.4), does not provide a menu app extension share, and therefore it is not possible to use it for sending photos directly from Photos.  I don't know if the new version of Outlook includes an update to the app extensions.

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    Hi Chris,

    Welcome to Microsoft Community and we are happy to help you on this question.
    Depending on the issue, you downloaded a Microsoft Camera Codec Pack for Windows 8 on the computer which creates problems to open raw photos in Windows Explorer and in Windows Paint.
    I wish to gather information to solve this problem in a better way:
    (1) do get you any error message when you try to open the photos using Microsoft Camera Codec pack in Windows Explorer as well as in Paint of Windows on the computer?
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    IE9 is certainly the culprit and there is more questions. I know that some MVPs have contacted their MS threads about it and even received no answer.

    My guess is that MS will not address this issue. Do not forget that the development team of Windows Mail is dissolved by the MS in June 2006. (Yes, while Vista was still in beta). I seriously doubt they care.

  • Mobile Lightroom can no longer share to iCloud


    LR Mobile 2.3.1 removed the ability to share photos to iCloud.

    Is this a bug?

    It will be corrected?

    This a huge problem for my personal use...

    To work around the problem, you can choose to share - open in... - icloud album shared. Only works for a photo at the time but it is better then most until it set s.

  • E-mailing HTML with photos using SendMailJPkg

    I use Forms I try to send an email with an HTML page that has pictures. Here is my code to send the e-mail (in a button):
    ErrorStatus: = SendMailJPkg.SendMail)
    SMTPServerName = >: parameter.parm_mail_addr,.
    Sender = >: cl_mailing.email_addr,.
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    Attachments = > SendMailJPkg.ATTACHMENTS_LIST ().
    RtnSender = > nvl (:parameter.parm_mail_return,:cl_mailing.email_addr).

    It works with regard to sending the e-mail with the HTML page is displayed. However, the images in the HTML are not displayed. Does anyone know what I should do in the HTML code to get the photos posted? Here is my HTML code:

    tests of < HTML > < HEAD > < TITLE > < /title >
    < / HEAD >
    < BODY >
    < IMG
    src = "http://testsite/forms/icons/weekend.jpg" >
    < BODY / > < / HTML >

    No matter if I point the source to a URL online or a file on the database server, I still do not get the image to display.

    Help, please.
    Other suggestions to send a photo are welcome, since emailing the image is the subject of my question.


  • Whenever I download a file with Firefox, I can no longer go to the new URLS or searches; I have to exit and restart to get it working again.

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    Try below.

    1. In the address bar, type Subject: config and press enter. The subject: config "this might void your warranty!" warning page may appear.
    2. Click on I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue on the subject: config page. A list of parameters must appear
    3. Filter the list by typing in the search bar at top. Enter scanWhenDone. Now you should find the "browser.download.scanWhenDone" preference.
    4. Double-click this preference to set the value to false.
    5. Then, try to download something and see if it still has problems.
  • Can stream is no longer Amazon instant using Microsoft Silverlight Video, as I used to

    On my Macbook, I have updated my iOS X El Capitan 10.11.3 version today and now I can't get Silverlight to work more when you try to stream videos instant amazon!  I downloaded again Silverlight but when a movie starts, he says that Silverlight is not installed.  I have to assume that this recent update of El Capitan has something to do with it. Help!

    What browser do you use?

    Where did you download Silverlight from? You must download it here-> https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/Get-Started/Install/Default.aspx

  • Troubleshoot sending photos to Microsoft Outlook

    I want to send pictures to a friend on the email address and when I select my pictures of pictures and then make them smaller, there is no page grew up e-mail.    What is the problem.  This is an intermittent problem that seems to come and go.  Can you please help?


    See this link-


  • where can I find answers / help for Microsoft Outlook Express 6. A batch of 4 months of emails hepatitis has disappeared from my file SENT. THX

    Cannot find where to look for help on Outlook Express (OE 6). ???  A lot of emails suddenly disappeared from my file of SENT MESSAGES, and I need them.

    Help of OE is at: XP Networking & Online , but I can help.
    View | Current view. Show all Messages is verified? If this is the case, then you have to do.
    Two reasons the most common for what you describe is disruption of the compacting process, (never touch anything until it's finished), or bloated folders. More about that below.
    Why OE insists on compacting folders when I close it? :
    Why mail disappears:
    Recovery methods:
    If you are running XP/SP3, then you should have a backup of your dbx files in the Recycle Bin (or possibly the message store), copied as bak files.
    To restore a folder bak on the message store folder, first find the location of the message store.
    Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.
    In Windows XP, the .dbx files are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in the Solution Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder options | View.
    Close OE and in Windows Explorer, click on the dbx to the file missing or empty file, then drag it to the desktop. It can be deleted later once you have successfully restored the bak file. Minimize the message store.
    Open OE and, if the folder is missing, create a folder with the * exact * same name as the bak file you want to restore but without the .bak. For example: If the file is Saved.bak, the new folder should be named saved. Open the new folder, and then close OE. If the folder is there, but just empty, continue to the next step.
    First of all, check if there is a bak file already in the message. If there is, and you have removed the dbx file, go ahead and rename it in dbx.
    If it is not already in the message, open the trash and do a right-click on the file bak for the folder in question and click on restore. Open the message store up and replace the .bak by .dbx file extension. Close the message store and open OE. Messages must be in the folder.
    If messages are restored successfully, you can go ahead and delete the old dbx file that you moved to the desktop.
    If you have not then bak copies of your dbx files in the Recycle Bin:
    DBXpress run in extract disc Mode is the best chance to recover messages:
    And see:

    A general warning to help avoid this in the future:
    Do not archive mail in default OE folders. They finally are damaged. Create your own folders defined by the user for mail storage and move your mail to them. Empty the deleted items folder regularly. Keep user created folders under 300 MB, and also empty as is possible to default folders.
    Disable analysis in your e-mail anti-virus program. It is a redundant layer of protection that devours the CPUs, slows down sending and receiving and causes a multitude of problems such as time-outs, account setting changes and has even been responsible for the loss of messages. Your up-to-date A / V program will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more information, see:

    And backup often.
    Outlook Express Quick Backup (OEQB Freeware)
  • can I send my AOL to Microsoft Outlook emails?

    Hello.  I have the new laptop with Vista and MS Office.  Can I set up my Outlook so that it gets all my AOL emails and I see them to Outlook?  AOL is my personal e-mail account, but the interface is quite poor and difficult to use for any home office or business. I prefr the interface of the Outlook I use at work/Office.  But do not know how I can implement the "back-end" to my laptop at home so all my AOL emails are routed to Outlook rather than having to go on the Webmail to check AOL... probably I set up the news of the POP server and all that sort of thing.  Which I've never done if someone can point me in the right direction or at an easy-to-follow this tutorial would be great.

    Thank you very much

    Please see:

    HAL Hostetler, TCE
    Engineer senior/UPDATED--MS MVP-Print/Imaging - WA7BGX
    www.kvoa.com - KVOA television, Tucson, AZ.
    Live Hot Licks - www.badnewsbluesband.com

  • How can I increase the size of attachments that can be sent using Microsoft Outlook?

    I use Office 2007.

    MS Outlook 2007 does not impose no limit on size of attachment - see office help to

    Attach a file or other item to an e-mail message and the forum Office.
  • I can no longer send smaller photos

    My microsoft outlook no longer works

    My microsoft outlook no longer works

    Wrong forum. Please repsot to Microsoft Office Outlook:

    Try this method. It can save you a trip Forum Outlook:

    Start button > in the search box, type outlook.exe /resetnavpane > press the Enter key

    Note: there is a 'space' between "outlook.exe" and ' / '.
    Outlook is open now? For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • How can I printi exactly the size of my photos using printer wizard microsoft

    I'm usingt software Microsoft XP Pro, how can I print photos using Microsoft Wizard in their original or exact format?

    I'm usingt software Microsoft XP Pro, how can I print photos using Microsoft Wizard in their original or exact format?

    I guess just saying the pictures be cropped to fit
    models and prefer the full picture without worrying
    of the model.

    The free Picasa software has an option called "shrink to fit".
    allowing the photo full to print with no cropping.

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    (for Windows XP/Vista/7)

    A Google search will find a lot of tutorials Picasa...
    the following examples should help you get started.

    Picasa - print Photos at home

    Picasa - Installation Basics

    How to use Picasa

    Picasa Tip: Scanning old Photos

    After you download and install Picasa...
    Open the program and double left click
    an image to open the editing functions.

    To add text to the front of the photo...
    choose... Simple retouching / text button...

    "Retouching" features: crop, add text, editing
    (More tutorials in the left column of this article)

    Picasa - legends of printing on photos

    Picasa - gift CD or DVD


  • Update 4.0 to esx 4.1.0 348481 can no longer connect in SSH


    I've recently updated 4 host esx 4.1.0.  I called them VM1, VM3 and VM5 VM7. I also installed a new physical server Vcenter. For one of the hosts, (VM1), I decided to do a fresh install using the CD. I am doing this for my own personal reason so I'm forced to redo a machine from scratch due to rehabilitation.

    For my 3 other hosts (VM3, VM5, VM7), I used the Update Manager tool, followed by documentation and some UTube tutorials. This seemed to work well. I had all the computers in a cluster, and they all worked without any problems.

    What I'm trying to do now is to install a component of Dell. Following the instructions for it, I ran into an issue with SSH. I can no longer connect SSH using PuTTY with the two previous accounts that I had before the upgrade.

    When you perform a new installation, I always create a 2nd account called vmadmin. I'm doing this on the same screen, he asks the password to root for the installation CD. Once I have installed host I use an article of Vmware to access SSH root (8375637 KB)

    Interstingly enough VM1 (installation of one I did costs since) allows me to connect in SSH using VMadmin... and roots. But the three hosts I upgraded using the Update Manager is no longer connect in SSH allows you to use one of the two accounts.

    Using Vcenter I can connect to the host directly using roots but is no longer it will allow the account vmadmin connect (permission denied).

    When I connect to the host using Vcenter, I see the vmadmin account. I tried to look at the properties on both my work (VM1) host computer and a work not to compare... but everything looks the same.

    Can anyone help with what do I do to fix this? and or add a question if I can respond to the need for additional information?

    Thank you


    I guess that you don't have a DRAC card in your server... otherwise, it is simple to access the console and resolve the problem.

    Have you try to connect to each host and add a new user?


  • When you export, Lightroom default 5.5 by e-mail instead of hard disk when I put up presets user on a computer that is running windows.  Could this be a framework for Microsoft outlook that does this?  I can't understand.  Thanks in advance.

    I use the latest version of Lightroom (5.5) and when I try to set up new user export presets, Lightroom keeps default 'e-mail' instead of 'hard drive '.  I am using Microsoft Outlook.  I just want to export small files in a folder on my hard drive to upload on a photography website that I belong to but Lightroom wants to email them instead.  I can't understand this strange behavior and why it does not work as it is supposed to.  I don't know if it's a problem of lightroom, an OS problem or a problem with Microsoft Outlook.  Thanks in advance.

    I had the same problem and I solved it by choosing post-processing-> after export-> Do nothing, instead of just leave it blank. It will be useful.

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