With replacement of the router IP address change. No link to a wireless printer

Hello. Recently, I replaced my modem/router through my cable company. I now can't print anything on my HP 3050 printer wireless. I know that the IP has changed, but I can't manage to get a link. Any suggestions?


Try to reset your printer, so he can get a new IP (turn and turn it back on should work). The printer has an LCD screen? Usually, you can go into the settings and see the IP address. You may need to add back in Windows.

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  • Printer lost access to internet when the router has been changed

    My HP Photosmart Plus is connected wireless to my macbook air and has worked well for years.  Our company has a wired connection, enter into a linksys/cisco router and it gives access wireless via an SSID on my mac and your printer.

    A few months ago, the router has been changed and they did something for cable and wireless.  Im guessing they're on separate subnets or something because it is another problem is that I can no longer view the others on the network who are wired, even if I could before.

    In any case, ever since this time, I noticed that some smartphones and tablets had no internet connectivity.  They were connected to the wireless network that gave my internet connection perfect Mac, their signal is just as strong, but they had no internet connectivity.  So I figured that the DNS' have not been read right by these smartphones and tablets, I manually added the DNS' using my mac and now these phones and tablets work very well.

    I guess it's the same problem with my printer now because the only thing that doesn't work is eprint and web services.  I get a message saying that the printer could not reach the server, try again.  Ive restarted the printer and it doesn't matter.  I can see it has a properly assigned IP and I can print wireless for it, but there is no internet access.

    How 'to add' those DNS IPs to the printer?

    Hello quique123,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.  I understand you get a connection error message when you try to activate your printer Photosmart Plus web services.

    I've included a link to another post with measures, including screenshots, on how to set manual of the printer an IP address manually and DNS servers. As you go through the post, you will notice that it is recommended to use the Google public DNS servers when you set manual DNS servers.  Please do not worry that the screenshots are for a Photosmart 7510, the steps are the same for your Photosmart Plus printer.

  • PAP2T loses the connection when the external ip address changes

    I have a PAP2T adapter connected behind a Netgear DG834GT router.  Usually, I have no problem, however, my ISP has been known to change the dynamic IP address from time to time.  In this case the adapter will stay online until the reg expires during which he is not able to save the time and I get the error "unable to connect to the server.  Therefore, the only way I can get the adapter to work again is to restart the router, then restart the adapter.  If I reboot the adapter only it will not connect.

    I have the router providing a fixed ip address via DHCP. I have active STUN and the I the active NAT and NAT keepalive mapping.  The "reg expires" is set to 60.  When the adapter is connected correctly, it shows the external IP correctly.  However, it will not update after the external ip address change until I have restart the router and adapter.  I thought to get a static IP address, but try to avoid paying for it. Is this a common problem?

    I'm rather new to VOIP and I hope I have given you enough information.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    I finally got to work.  It turns out that I had to do an update of the firmware on the router and then place the card in the demilitarized zone.

  • Can not connect with the Adobe server to upgrade the PS. Tried with fiervall and the router and called my provider. She is also only CC there are problems!

    Can not connect with the Adobe server to upgrade the PS. Tried with fiervall and the router and called my provider. She is also only CC there are problems!

    Check your hosts file.

    help for that and other adobe.com sure common connection problems read, http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

  • PDFs with parts of the text have been highlighted, and now, suddenly, these docs print without the appropriate text highlighted. Never happened before. As seen on the screen, highlighting appears, but when you print, it's gone.  Help, please.

    PDFs with parts of the text have been highlighted, and now, suddenly, these docs print without the appropriate text highlighted. Never happened before. As seen on the screen, highlighting appears, but when you print, it's gone.  Help, please.

    Try to turn on the print with comments. The comments really are your strengths.

  • MFP M175nw + Speedport W 724V (Telekom) - WIFI connection does not work after replacement of the router

    Hello community,

    My parents at home to replace their router with a newer model (Speedport W 724 V Telekom, German) due to an electrical fault.

    Until printing today via WIFI on the 100 HP LaserJet M175nw MFP color worked like a charm. But now, there is no link with the new router via WIFI and it is not possible to connect by using WPS (they really tried everything). Just connect and print via USB in Windows 7 works... But they need to print from iOS (iPad) devices.

    I went through the terrible (long) manual - to discover that it may be a problem with the WIFI (ad hoc/infrastructure) connection method. But my parents were not able to change this method.

    I would therefore ask you help on the following:
    -How can I change the method of connection and connect the printer using WPS?
    -How can I reset the printer completely (reset to default values)?
    -How to print the configuration menu? I googled and it said to push the Cancel button (X) for more than 5 seconds to print this page. Is this correct?
    -How to find out the IP address of the printer to access webadmin interface? I have now, there is a, because it is mentioned in a ubuntu forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2193532
    - And finally: how to do a firmware update? It seems that there is a newer version available on that model and some said that connection problems could be resolved by upgrading the firmware.

    Please answer detailed possible, as I don't have much experience with Windows & PC in general.

    Thank you all for your support

    Hi DominikBach ,

    Here is this document in German for you. At the bottom of the left side of the page, there is a drop down to select the language next to the country.

    The Druckers as ein kabelgebundenes oder ein Drahtlosnetzwerk einrichten.

    Thank you.

  • Networking Windows 7 with XP using the router and no internet - machines cannot be


    I searched the web and tried all kinds of suggestions to do this, but my new Win7 machine does not always show my daughters XP machine, and vice versa his XP machine is not showing my win7.

    I don't want to have access to the internet so currently have my machine win 7 connected directly to my hub blank so that I can access internet from my win7 machine.  I then another connection from LAN port on my Win7 machine to the router which is also connected his XP machine.

    In my networks and sharing on Win7, I see my homegroup network, which has access to the internet.  Then the other network to the router shows as "unidentified" and the public, but I am unable to change anything on this subject? So can't make a working group or at home.

    The XP machine has also recognized the network and created a shared folder for its own files, but nothing for the win7 machine.

    Both seem to recognize the router and network, but not each other.  Am I missing something?  If it makes any difference, I've already named two machines with the same workgroup name.

    Is anyone able to offer advice?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you



    First you must make sure that the two PC's on the same workgroup. Just checking if they have the same subnet mask. And finally make sure you works discovered the network on Windows 7 PC.

    If computers are subnet masks different IP addresses, they will not be able to see each other.
    That I understood your message, you don't want to not PC your daughter to have access to the internet. You can assign static addresses of daughter and your computers. Try to do this:

    1 assign to computer on Win XP LAN network card public static address and the subnet mask  To do this, go in Control Panel > network connections, choose the connection you must edit (the one that goes to the Windows 7 computer) and click Properties. In the windows that opens, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Then choose use the following IP address and fill in the fields with the information above.

    2. the PC Windows 7 go Network and Sharing Center > change the settings of the card and double-click adapter that connects the computer to Win XP. Click on Properties and Internet Protocol Version 4. Then choose use the following IP address and put subnet mask

    3. on the Windows 7 PC to go network and sharing Center > advance change sharing settings. In the public profile check turn on network discovery.

    4. make sure that both computers are on the same workgroup (important)

    After completing these steps computers must be able to meet and communicate.
    Hope this will help. Please let me know the results!

  • Help: Laserjet M1536dnf does not scan after replacement of the router


    I have a LJ1536 that has worked well until I had to replace my network router after it failed. Now, I can print on both computers I have in the same local network, copy locally in the printer, but will not scan. The printer is connected to the router via an access point configured as client and connected to the printer wireless. After the failure this AP router had to be reconfigured to the new router.

    I tried scanning disabling firewall and anti-virus, delete and reinstall all software using the latest version on the web and nothing. FX HP Toolbox works very well. HP Print and doctor Scan did not help. WIA service is Started (auto mode) on the computers.

    I get the message on the two computers during an attempt of analysis:

    Inaccessible scanner

    Scanner communication cannot be established. If make sure that your product is powered, check the connection and make sure that your network is working properly. If these conditions are correct, restart the product and try to scan the image.

    If you are running a software firewall, it can block scan communication. Please visit www.hp.com/go/wirelessprinting for help to configure your firewall.


    Windows 7 64-bit on both computers

    LF1536 FW dated 14/01/2013

    Any suggestion?

    Hi Jhenrichs,

    Thanks for the reply.  If the AP was configured to router manufacturer's specifications, it should allow a communication as it did with the previous configuration.  Check the below settings that may fix the problem.

    The AP settings:

    1. make sure that port forwarding is disabled

    2 disable DHCP (this should only be enabled on real router), it can be set to automatic or static, but disable DHCP on the access point

    I hope this helps!

  • Configure my VCSC with VCSe on the public IP address

    Hi guys,.

    I have a session of control VCS under my company Private IP and I my client on public IP VCSe.

    It will be possible to configure my VCSC with the VCSe after the configuration of the areas?

    The ports must be opened by my team of firewall in this scenario?

    Anything else I need to keep in mind.

    For the record, it is only for the objective test.

    You will appreciate any response.

    Thank you


    > Then, practically there is no as such risk, and my client can use the public IP address on VCSe

    > without going to double network Option key. (which is used to secure more VCSe).

    Cisco highly recommend VCS-E deploy under the DMZ but it's true, too, many customers deploy VCS - E on public network directly.

    Please visit https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/2154738?tstart=150 for more information security VCS.

    Next version of the plan to be supported VCS X7.2 software build - in the characteristic basic firewall, which allows configuration to allow/deny list based on the IP / port / protocol which should contribute to better security level or even VCS-E deployment on the public network directly.

    > So, I'll ask my client just buy a public IP address, that's all, and we are ready to go?

    A public IP will demand on VCS Expressway, VCS control can be use the NAT address glow (IE share internet access of the network of offices).

    You must also SRV DNS management (if small deployment probably better to use the external DNS service, there are a lot of company provide a service the two service also responsible DNS hosting and as free service).

  • in the export file name changes loses link catalog

    I'm a newbie LR3 (or any version of LR also). Been using CS4 and CS5 now for a little over a year

    & became comfortable with 5 Raw and Raw 6 now.

    I have the wierdest thing happen when I 'import' my photos in LR3 (no matter if it is a card or an external hard drive). I have created a preset in the section file to change the name of the file to import handling. So instead of the file DSC_0001.jpg, the preset I replace it (then), Mikes_photos_20100725_DSC_0001.jpg. Export works very well, everything is great. I even let LR running (and tried to restart the computer or the program), but when I get back later, the catalog cannot find pictures (image of low resolution cat., but not on the picture). I said that it cannot find "DSC_0001.jpg. It's right there in the folder it is looking, but the new name - given the file by LR3 when importing is no longer the short name but the most recent long name. When I click on the new name, he said something like, "make sure that you want to link this since both names are not the same?

    Does anyone else have this problem or can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

    Make backups to import? Is to make a second copy enabled in the import dialog box?

    I just reproduced the error rename you described (and mentioned in the thread I linked above): when you have backups to import enabled and a file with the same name already exists in the backup location, rename it on import will fail and leave a broken link between the catalog and the file.

  • Three computers all accounts for every child now dealt with separately in the family, how to add a link to them?

    I have three computers in the House where my kids at school at home make their school work.  In the past, I have their accounts linked to a single identity within the family safety and can enable and disable applications or web sites for each child for all the computers in the House from one place.  For some reason any now each account for each child on each computer is listed separately so that if I want to add a web site to a particular child, I need to do it in three different places.  In addition, there was once a button to allow the Web site on all children so if I want to allow for each child, I need to go to every child on each computer that is a lot more work.  How to re - link the so that each computer is connected to the same family safety account?  Thank you.

    Hi Troy,

    I'll be happy to help you with the problem you have with parental control. I understand the frustration when things do not work as it should.

    I suggest you to connect to http://familysafety.microsoft.com/ and delete the child's account and re - add.

    Please follow the link below to find out how to add accounts of child safe family.


    Hope this information is useful. Just reply in case you need additional information. I'll be happy to help you.

  • How can I find the name and the password for my web server integrated for my wireless printer?

    I think I chose a name and a password to get into my settings for my wireless printer want in my (EWS) but I don't know, but I can't remember what they are, if I did it, and now I can't change the settings of the printer, scan or anything like that.  I was wondering if anyone knows how to find them, or get back them.  Or I have to uninstall and start all over or what?  Thank you very much for your thoughts in advance, I know that sounds stupid, but I don't know what to do now,


    Hello kenc58.

    I'll try and help you solve this problem for you. If you touch install you the key on the front panel of the printer to go wireless. When, in the wireless section, scroll down to the last option which is restore default network. After that, you will need to run the Wireless Setup Wizard again. The Amin password should be gone. I hope this helps.

  • How can I determine the MACaddress of the Gen 4 Apple TV so that I can connect to my network. Must register on the router MAC address to connect to the internet.

    Security on my network requires that the MAC address of the device must be registered on router or I can't connect to the internet. Does not use a password based security configuration. How to find MAC address before the introduction of Apple TV?

    Contact your ISP

  • On the servers IP address change


    Outside, need to change IP address on the network of the company, including essbase servers. We have two servers set in place for essbase, one is the database (SQL server) database server, another is for all services (Essbase, EAS, Share services) related to essbase. I was wondering if the forum can provide some guideance on it. Change the ip address will affect the performance of servers? Some tips on how to prepare for this?

    Thank you

    If you run a full report registy to produce the output html and then find the IP address, if you do not see the IP address then it does not have much to worry.

    See you soon



  • The router security has changed, how do I enter new password

    I've updated my router security from Verizon today. I have to enter my password on everything that I connect to the internet. How can I enter the password to connect my printer to my network wireless in my house?

    Sorry, but I don't see how your answer tells me how to solve my problem. I don't see doing tells me about the types of wireless networks. There is nothing to click to answer my question, either.

    I have uninstalle just the printer from my computer, downloaded the driver on the HP site and reinstalled. He now has an excellent connection.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Product HP: HP 4620 Impression of the OSs: OSX (wireless), Windows 7 Home Premium (USB connection) Problem: after that I have an OSX wireless printing, all future work print of the Windows 7 system sit in Quebec until the Windows box is restarted.  A

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