With the help of 33.0 FF, pages are not load when I click on the tabs loaded in the background. How can I fix it?

Additional information: I have Tab Mix Plus installed UnLoadTab and none of them is set to manually load the tabs before selected.

In the tabs under the Firefox Menu menu > Options > tabs section, is not loading tabs until you choose also audited?

This also occurs when the add ons are disabled? Questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode

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  • The sign @ arrives with the ' button and the "comes up with the 2 - How can I fix?"

    The @ sign with the ' key and the 'types of sign with button 2.  How can I fix?

    It looks like your dad keybaord was put at the disposal of the UK.  This can happen if you accidnetally you press a special combination keys that been implemented as the means of getting that deliberately.  Here's what to do: -.

    1 go to Control Panel, region & language, keyboards & languages, Change keyboards, general tab, select the correct keyboard in your area * if isn't one already shown [click on Properties... to see a preview of the keyboard layout] or click Add... & Select a new keyboard from the list [while you are in the list, click on the Preview button to see a preview]. When you have finished adding a new keyboard, move it to the top of the list using the buttons on the dialog box.

    [* The region for which the keyboard was made and for which its route has been set.  [I understand that there is a "US International keyboard" who suffers from this confusion between change quite easily, unless you have a need for special versatility, choose a keyboard layout United States specific instead if you find that this is what has been implemented on your system]

    2 then go into Control Panel, region & language, keyboards & languages, Change keyboards, tab bar of language and, if you regularly change the language settings, make the hidden language bar.

    3 then go to Control Panel, region & language, keyboards & languages, change keyboard, tab Advanced key settings where you can see the shortcut key sequence that could you have this problem by chance. You will also see the change key sequence that you may want to change by clicking on the button change the key sequence and affecting the switch input language & keyboard Switch not [when I changed them, I had to set not to switch input language and accept the change, then return to the dialog box set not to switch keyboard configuration].

  • Message in the event viewer running XP Pro with SP3 get following: 7026 ID: start system or boot start drivers following could not load: nvatabus nvraid. How can I fix it?

    Get the following in the Event Viewer error message have had this message for quite some time

    ID 7026: boot start or system start following

    driver (s) failed to load: nvatabus nvraid. How do I

    This difficulty?  I am running XP Pro SP3. Would appreciate any help in this matter.


    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    · Remember the recent changes on the previous computer o the question?

    The problem is related to the display driver installed on the computer.

    Check the status of the card/video display adapter installed on your computer.

    a. click on start

    b. click Run, in the Run dialog box type devmgmt.msc

    (c) in the Device Manager window, look for the screen reader and expand the drive, double-click the sub element to check if an error message or error code is listed.

    See the links below: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/support/ee/transform.aspx?ProdName=Windows+Operating+System&ProdVer=5.2&EvtID=7026&EvtSrc=Service+Control+Manager&LCID=1033

    How to manage devices in Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/283658

  • My home page does not open when I click on "new tab".

    OK, I made the topic: config and it changed to google.com appears when I open a new tab. It does not work for me. When I open a new tab, it happens;
    -There is no link at all
    -An icon for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, Google Maps, Google Mail, Outlook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram and an option to add another.
    -There is a gear top-left icon, when you click on it, it shows an arrow, a sign more, 3 by 2 blocks, paint palette, and a pencil.
    -This isn't the page that displays your most used pages, and is not the subject: Home screen, words: newtab screen or the on: white screen
    If anyone can help that would be great and thank you in advance!

    Well I fixed it. There was a 'astromenda' or something like that down so I clicked it and there is an uninstall option. Thanks for the help anyway

  • I can't get Firefox to load my comcast e-mail. I can browse the web using firefox, but it does not load my emails. How can I fix it?

    I have a Mac, and I use Firefox for years. Recently, I started having problems loading my emails from Comcast when I use Firefox. I am able to load my mail using yahoo and safari... but not on Firefox. Can I do to solve this problem? I tried to reset firefox several times... at first, it seemed to solve the problem, and then after the first 5 minutes, it was back to my emails does not. So I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled... but no luck in fixing the problem. Any ideas?

    try to clear your cache and cookies to see if that solves the problem. Incase it doesn't work, then it is possible that the cookies.sqlite file that stores the cookies is corrupted.

    Rename (or delete) cookies.sqlite (cookies.sqlite.old) and delete the other files of cookie present as cookies.sqlite - journal in the Firefox profile folder where the cookies.sqlite file has been corrupted.

    Start Firefox in Mode safe to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

  • Cannot print pdf.  indicates the pages are not selected when everything is selected or 1-12 is selected.  Why not print it and what has changed since he has always worked in the past?

    Cannot print pdf.  Message says pages are not selected when "all" is selected or when the "pages 1-12" is selected.  Why will it not print what is always in the past?

    Hi donw50735963,

    Please try the steps in the following article: Acrobat and Reader help / troubleshooting PDF printing | Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader

    Thank you


  • My panels are not displayed when I click on it in the menu drop-down windows. The box appears but not the Panel. Can anyone help?

    My panels are not displayed when I click on it in the menu drop-down windows. The box appears but not the Panel. Can anyone help?

    Try to reset your preferences using Cmd (LTRC) - Opt (Alt) - move when restart you the version of AI. Did you once two monitors?

  • My mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction, I intend when I use the touchpad on my laptop. It works fine when I use my docking station and external mouse. How can I fix it?

    I'm using Windows Vista with a Sony Vaio laptop.  At the office, I have a docking station with keyboard and external mouse.  Everything works fine with this Setup.  But when I unplug the docking station and use the touchpad on the laptop, my mouse pointer moves in the opposite direction, that is my intention.  I move my finger and the pointer down.  I move to the right and the pointer goes left.  How can I fix?

    Go to start /Control Panel, and then double-click the icon '' mouse. '' When this window opens, select the tab "Touch Pad" at the top. There's a box near the bottom called "Touch sensitivity", click on that. Change the settings a little bit lower than what they are currently at.

  • Page not in line with the margins, how can I move it?

    Hi all

    My form has seen many changes over the past months and at one point, the 'page' (JAI) moved outside the margins of the content area, and I can't understand how to bring it back. I use ES4, all the software updates completed a month ago. Here is a screenshot to show what I mean:


    The 'page' is not centered and is contained outside / margin on the edge right (and inside on the left). Why? and how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you!!!

    Where others have this problem, what I ended up doing was creating a blank form, and then copy my entire page / subform (JAI) and paste it into the new form. Everything aligned correctly, but I had to rebuild all my actions.

  • Search page does not. When I click on the blue writing take research, it says server not found after trying to connect.

    I am running XP using firefox (SERVER NOT FOUND) also tried IE (PAGE NOT FOUND or some THING LIKE THAT SAME PROBLEM AS FF WORDED DIFFERENTLY) only the address bar will allow me to do the research. When I click on the blue writing on page research he always says server not found. Need to copy and paste website address or manually type in the bar. System Restore said I need to contact my domain administrator to access, what's new. Also even when you use the firefox address bar began to plant on a regular basis. Clean the cookies and cache without change. Tried a few other things start and run reset win socks or something don't me remember now has failed. Also a CBC site I just think appeared at a closed point, but he continued to hear that it works with no visual representation on screen had to reload. Tried changing to IE and changed to yahoo from google without change. This server not found - cannot find 1clicksearch.p.info or something. Check the line workoff checkbox is not a factor. Any help would be appreciated. Also, using service pack 3. I also tried an older version of firefox before IE, I noticed also wasn't yet cleared all the info like bookmarks which would focus on the old version. Not looked at proxy made no difference to no automatic option tried proxy. I did a lot of research using the address bar and search pages site address I found similar problems on son but not what I treat exactly. Also when I type in the box on the google page often the google search button and the button enter won't take me to the search page and I have to use a top bar or hit, I feel lucky. This last problem, according to me has been on for a while, but not much more than a problem.


    Please provide us with accurate and complete error messages that you receive.

    Try the steps outlined in the article below and check out them.
    "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error when you view a Web site in Internet Explorer

    For any problem with Firefox, please contact their support team.

  • My hdmi cable transmits is no longer the audio with the video, how can I get audio to transmit

    Why the audio transmitted with the video, it is used to


    Open windows control panel, open Device Manager and open display devices - note equipment listed here i.e. ATI, NVidia or Intel.

    Then connect your laptop via HDMI to your TV.  Do a right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar, and select playback devices.  Click once on the left (just to point out the entrance), the HDMI output that has the same name as your graphics card, and then click the set as default button, see if you now audio through the HDMI connection.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • My eBook device constantly throws E_ADEPT_CORE_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED, but my Adobe ID is registered with the device, how can I solve this problem?

    I tried to get this problem fixed compared to the cat, but they were not at all useful.

    The problem is I have a splinter Tolino, and for some reason when I plugged in my 3 Surface Pro so that he would free Adobe DRM authorization has been lost. So, when I went to turn it back on in the book, I realized that I had forgotten the password. And I went to the Adobe site and requested a change of password has changed. I then went back to my Tolino and activated the Adobe ID it and everything seemed good, until I tried to read a book. He told me that the Adobe DRM is not activated and he raises the error E_ADEPT_CORE_USER_NOT_ACTIVATED.

    How can I solve this problem?

    Hi Jason,

    This error is visible while trying to open a book that is allowed for a different user than the currently logged in user.

    To correct this error, please try to connect under the Adobe ID whose content was accomplished with.

    Kind regards


  • Suddenly, a lot of my favorites have lost their icons and now have a small dotted line to their place square. They are not open when you click on it? Help please.

    Guess the question covers. I use Firefox on Windows 10 41.0.2.

    For problems with the file places.sqlite (bookmarks, historical) database, you can check in the Firefox profile folder.

    If the extension of Maintenance of places cannot repair the database places.sqlite file remove all places.sqlite files in the Firefox profile folder to rebuild the database places.sqlite latest JSON Firefox backup in the folder bookmarkbackups.

  • The back and forward arrows are grey all the time - how can I fix?

    I am currently using firefox ver 21. However, the front and rear buttons are grayed out and will not work. I'd be happy to re - install the program, but how do I re - install without losing all my favorites and settings.

    Please notify.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe or make changes.

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

  • Firefox does not start when I click on its icon. As far as I can see, all the program files are present.

    Firefox functioned perfectly earlier today. Tonight, when I tried to start Firefox as I usually do by clicking its icon in the quick start of Windows 7 bar there is no frequency. The same thing happens when I click on the application icon in Windows Firefox program folder. Is some way this can be fixed easily?

    I ran a full scan with Norton 360, Malawarebytes and Iobit Malware Fighter, whose no is no problem. Also, I checked the settings of Norton 360 and found no problem with the settings of Firefox. I downloaded the Firefox installation files and ran a custom implemented, by clicking on upgrade. Firefox now works well with all the Add-ons, bookmarks, history, cookies and saved passwords intact.

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