With the help of VISA can not find the com port

I use visa read but cannot find any com port in Windows 7.

How can I find the com port in Windows 7?


Windows 7 is not released. A version of LabVIEW for windows 7 is not released. A version of NI-VISA for windows 7 is not released. Wait until MS releases windows 7. Then wait tile view deleted OR made available versions of LabVIEW and NI-VISA that work with windows 7.

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    After istalling Windows 7 on my Satellite P300 card wireless LAN Atheros can't find my bt homehub.
    I tried to change the channel on the hub and updated to update all drivers, but still no luck.

    Any ideas anyone?

    The wireless network card is properly activated?
    This BT hub is not known to me, but check settings WLAN hub and laptop and updated on both devices to run on the standard G only.

  • VISA-driver not send string COM port first, if there are odd bytes

    VISA-driver sends no COM port string first, if there are odd bytes


    Thank you very much for the help.

    I'm sorry, but I can't play this situation, I ask. Maybe I use another cRio, or may be I am wrong. I don't know why, but all workers,

    I'm sorry and thank you once again.

  • VISA can not find the oscilloscope connected via Ethernet (LAN)


    I'm using Labview 8.5.1 and installed 4.5 VISA. I connected my computer to an oscilloscope Agilent DSO5014A via the ethernet cable. I installed the driver (I even tried the 2 versions found here http://sine.ni.com/apps/utf8/niid_web_display.model_page?p_model_id=10256).

    In "Measurement and Automation Explorer" However, after clicking on 'Devices and Interfaces' and then 'new', the device is not automatically found and manual entry of the IP address is not more successful. (I checked that my Ethernet port works and cable as well)

    Any idea?

    Well, IP - thing seems to be linked to the AGILENT driver. Sorry, but I have no opportunity to test it, because I don't have one of these scopes. By the way: great synchronization

    Best regards from Munich

  • running the sfc, it said that I had corrupted, I found the log file, it shows 3 of files of microsoft has been corrupted it would send the file to see if you could help, now I can not find the file

    now, I can't return to sfc file to send an a was '32 \c\window\system' {}: 20 {103} 'file source tepmon in the store's also corruptedd


    To repair the system corrupted files on the computer that was not fixed by SFC scan, an upgrade in place might have to accomplish.

    (See option 1 in the link)
    Note: Before you perform an upgrade in-place, you must be prepared for the worst scenarios that led to your existing data on your computer being deleted. Make sure that you back up personal data to disks or other external storage devices before performing an upgrade on the spot.

  • Help! Problems can not find the drivers for my laptop for windows XP SP3 details inside

    Type of laptop: HP G60T 200


    The processor is Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T6500 2.10 GHZ

    I have a problem, identify the following drivers:

    Audio player

    Car graphics

    Wireless drive

    Ethernet disk

    Audio player

    HP Integrated Module

    SM Bus controller

    Modem on Bus High Definition Audio device

    Signal Acquisition data processing controller and PCI

    I searched other topics but apparently I failed to get the drivers and when I download the driver it's a bad driver or what facility there without having to install.

    Help, please

    Kind regards.

    Intel 4/5 Series Express graphics card , here

  • Problem with the com ports to win 8

    I've updated to windows 8 I run on Mac i.24 and have all the software and firmware up to dating from hyperion Chargers, but 8 is a mouse. When I run hyperion recorder I get a message that I have the wrong firmware, it things it a mouse. Help assistants of windows!


    Thanks for the update.

    Contact Support charger would be the best decision that I feel rather than make a downgrade or any other work around at this time by train.

    If you have problems related to Windows, please let us know. We would be happy to help you.

  • Help with error narrow bridge, I can't find where the bridge is always open.

    I try to install In Design. I get a message to close the bridge.

    So I left the bridge, did not help.

    I went to Task Manager > processes and endedbridge.exe, nothing helped.

    I opened bridge, disabled the option of starting with a log, logged in, reconnected again and started the installation again. Still did not help.

    I looked into the process from the Task Manager and I don't see that would be linked to the bridge, but I still get the error.

    I've looked through the link "work with your operating system" and can not find something here that is open.

    I am running Windows 7.

    Ah ha! I think it worked. I checked "show processes from all users" and another account had bridge.exe running.  Who finished and it seems to work, yay!

    I am answering my own question for others who may have the same problem

  • Satellite A30: Can not find the COM ports when trying to query the modem

    I have satellite A30 and I reinstall windows xp at home, but I can't find any com port whenever I try to query the modem the display hardware confilct, but in Device Manager no sign of error/confilct, I did everything what I can.
    Add the port,
    Add more then 1 port
    disable the printer port
    change the printer port
    Reinstall derver modem,
    In short, I've done everything I can. its always show (! yellow) mark.if I add the port and if I remove the port and there is no sign of error.
    If someone help me to solve this problem a little,

    Post edited by: mghouskhan

    The modem uses a virtual com port. It s not a real port.
    I wonder why it usually happens after the installation of the new operating system, you must install drivers Toshiba together in the right order
    Installing the chipset utility is important

    The modem driver should do the work and you n t need to activate com ports
    Please choose the right side of the page of the Toshiba driver modem driver after installing the OS correctly. I think that's the key




    The jar file is not there in the bin folder, the path should be:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\PFI_old\lib\pfi.jar

  • Satellite M30: Cannot use COM with the Modem port


    I have a satellite m30. I have problems with the com port to use with the modem. I get an error code saying 12 resources etc. There is no i/o or IRQ conflict IRQ 04 and e/s beach is 03F8 - 03FF. I tried to uninstall various things to free resources, but still the same error.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This problem when you use the Toshiba Recovery CD?
    Try to disconnect all the external devices and install Windows from the Toshiba restore CD.

    Additional please check several comments here in the forum area Modem. I found several threads with similar issues

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    Use this module.


  • I can not find, select, install the appropriate SR2 extended RAW for Phtoshop CS6 file to use with my Canon 5DSR camera... Please help

    I can not find, select, install the appropriate SR2 extended RAW for Phtoshop CS6 file to use with my Canon 5DSR camera... Please help

    Hi drdrum,


    Update the software of camera raw as Canon 5DSR is supported camera raw version 9.0 and above.

    Here is the download link: https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/update-error-u43m1d204.html

    Also, here is the list that displays the camera with respective camera raw support:https://helpx.adobe.com/camera-raw/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html



  • HP Pavilion 15-p003ax: can not find the drivers for HP Pavilion 15-p003ax. Help, please.


    I got a new laptop HP Pavilion p003a 15 yesterday with already installed windows 8.1. However, I do like windows 8.1 and format it with freshly installed windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Now, I can not find a driver for this model. The official site of HP for this model does not appear any driver for any operating system as its display "no software or drivers are available for this product with the selected operating system." "Please make a different selection, or visit the product home page." If I select windows 7 or windows 8.1.

    At the present time, I have no

    1. video Controller

    2 driver (PCI/VEN_10EC & DEV_B723 & SUBSYS_2231103C & REV_00) network controller

    3 Ethernet driver (PCI/VEN_10EC & DEV_8136 & SUBSYS_2269103C & REV_07)

    4. SM Bus controller

    and so on.

    Here is the official link of this model but can not find anything there.


    If need help to find the drivers for windows 7 64 bit

    Thank you


    It seems that the site is functional as I can see all the links of driver for W7...


    You must use IE10 or IE11 to correctly access the support pages.

    If you use IE9 then you need to make some changes...

    1. for pages works properly, you must use Internet Explorer 10 or 11.

    It is a problem for some of us who climb to IE9 such as those who have Vista or a new install of W7.

    The workaround to get IE8 or IE9 to access the page of the pilot is to:

    1. activate the command bar at the top of the browser (click just to the right and check the option of command bar).

    2. then click on the small arrow to the right of the Tools menu.

    3. click on compatibility view settings

    4 uncheck use Microsoft compatibility lists.

    5. close and refresh the page.

    You will probably then a message you must run IE10 or IE11, but you can close this and get to drivers.

    If you still have problems with the page, so here are the links to direct download for the drivers, you need for the devices you have posted:

    Note: The first 3 drivers I posted are not on any HP consumer notetook support page.



    USB3: Install these two and restart.



    Video controller:

    AMD graphics driver high definition (HD)

    File name: sp68613.exe

    Network controller:

    Wireless 802.11b/g/n Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE LAN drivers

    File name: sp68901.exe

    Bluetooth controller (required for the model of wireless card you have):

    Realtek RTL8723BE driver Bluetooth

    File name: sp66983.exe

    Ethernet controller:

    Realtek LAN driver (LAN)

    File name: sp68383.exe

  • I posted a question can not find the question and or response. Help, please

    I posted a question can not find the question and or response. Help, please

    AFAIK, you can't share a catalog like this.

    The only recommended method is to store your images and catalogue on an external drive, you can alternatively plug in both computers.

    With today the external USB drives, the speed is still correct, and many users are satisfied with this solution.

Maybe you are looking for