WL change ID. Cannot connect you to WLFS

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Other issues of Windows Live family safety

What version of Windows Live Family Safety do you use?
Version 2011 (15.4.3538.513)
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Windows 7

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I changed my Windows Live ID. Now when I start my computer the login WLFS pop up screen. I can't connect to WLFS because the ID field is a menu drop-down and I can't replace the previously entered code. How do I connect please?



Hello JR999HM,

[quote = JR999HM user] I changed my Windows Live ID. Now when I start my computer the login WLFS pop up screen. I can't connect to WLFS because the ID field is a menu drop-down and I can't replace the previously entered code. How do I connect please? [/ quote]

If that's the case then we just need to re - install parental control WL on your computer. Please follow the steps below:

Note: This should be done in a Windows login with administrative privileges account.

1. click on Windows start.
2. Select Control Panel and seen by category select programs and click uninstall a program. Seen by large or small icons, select and click on programs and features.
3. If you want to uninstall select in the list Windows Live Essentials 2011
4. Select delete one or more Windows Live programs.
5. Select parental control then click on uninstall .
6 reinstall parental control by downloading the client on this link: Windows Live Family Safety 2011

After you complete these steps, tell us if the problem persists.

Best regards

Eugene R.

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community forums.

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    For the contractor, regardless of its pw in callmanager, her initial supervisor login pw is identical to its connection. For example, if its login is nkariyawasam, even if your pw in CM is 12345, you will need to connect with the nkariyawasam username and the same password during your first login.

    Hope this helps,


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