WLAN how can I use with Cisco WLC 2504

I have two companies co-implantant and to decrease costs would like to implement a single Cisco WLC and separate traffic with the VLAN. I see that the controllers of the series Cisco WLC 2500 min supported number of WLAN: 5 and max: 75. That means actually? When I create more than 3 WLAN on a controller, the best practices page advises me against the use of more than 3 WLAN. Is it good to have more than 3 Wireless LANs, and what are the penalties to do?

5 and 75 are the number of points WLC can support access light weight.

By default, 2504 can manage up to 5 access points. You can increase this number up to 75 by adding the new license.

Also, it can support up to 16 different WLANs (SSID)


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