WLC CISCO - VMWare and additional network ports

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Hardware wise, I managed a 8540 and a CISCO 5508 wireless lan controllers, so know around the GUI.

With the release of the VMWare Cisco WLC, it is ideal for a development and test lab environment. However anyone who has used will know it out of the box it does support 2 network cards (one for service and the other for management / data).

The question:

How to add additional network ports? In VMWare, it's easy, but how do you get the CISCO config to recognize? I have searched the forums and other areas, but can't seem to find someone who did this.

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Yes you are right, you can use only 2 network cards on VmWLC. never tried adding other network cards.

But what you want to do? Is to add a virtual interface on your WLC?

If so, you can configure your VmWare interface as a trunk and then create all your WLC virtual interface by defining the id vlan. Which makes sense for you?

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