"WLTRYSVC' 'event 2" '.

Impossible to computer to boot, solved by a restore point to earlier date. Reappened after the update of the window. Previous working configuration worked. Source WLTRYSVC, ID of event 2, Desription SelfServiceStatus () failed. Problem of Recorring. Running Windows XP Ver 3 Pro on Dell laptop. The boot process is not totally complete, and the system does not stop when you press alt control led and close. Hope there is an easy solution.


An Angeletti


Impossible to computer to boot, solved by a restore point to earlier date. Reappened after the update of the window. Previous working configuration worked. Source WLTRYSVC, ID of event 2, Desription SelfServiceStatus () failed. Problem of Recorring. Running Windows XP Ver 3 Pro on Dell laptop. The boot process is not totally complete, and the system does not stop when you press alt control led and close. Hope there is an easy solution.


An Angeletti

The "WLTRYSVC" is Dell - system tray application TrueMobile WLAN PC card. I seriously doubt that it is the cause of you is not able to start windows. However, you don't say what happened when you tried to start IE... error messages. Therefore, it is difficult to give you advice. Try to update the driver for your Dell TrueMobile WLAN PC card.

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  • How to invite people to an event calendar with the new iOS 10?

    Before I updated to iOS of 10, I was able to create a calendar event with the apple iPhone built-in calendar and there is an option to 'invite' contacts him so they could add to their calendar. I can't find this option now after the new update. Where and how can I do this?

    Invite others to an event. You can invite people to an event, even if you're not the one who, on demand with Exchange and some other servers. Press an event, press on modify, then on the guests. Type the names, or tap to select the people to contact. If you don't want to be notified when someone refuses a meeting, go to settings > calendar, then disable view guest declines.

  • the iOS 10 not displaying calendar widget is not the events

    After the update to iOS 10.0.2, the calendar available on the lock screen widget does not always display the events. Nor the duration of the event or the event name appears, but a white widget with calendar color bar can be seen.

    This is not always the case, but very often. For ex, if you open the calendar application, then check this widget, event, but after that you lock the screen and check again, it would disappear.

    Hello jyothishureth,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding from your iPhone Calendar widget still shows no events. I use my daily calendar to keep me organized. I can understand your concern. I'm happy to help you.

    If you haven't done so already, I recommend that you restart the phone. This can solve many unexpected behaviours. Follow the steps below:

    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Red slider appears.
    2. Drag the slider to turn off your device completely off.
    3. Once the device turns off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    If the problem persists, try to remove the widget and adding it back on. Use the following steps:

    1. Right above the home, lock screen or Notification Centerscreen.
    2. Scroll down and tap on change.
    3. To add a Widget, press on . To remove a Widget, press on . To reorder your Widgets, touch and hold next to the apps and drag the in the desired order.
    4. Finally, tap done.

    Use Widgets on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Have a great day!

  • not all the events of the day on the notification screen


    I can't get all the events of the day in the calendar widget on the screen of the notification of my iPad. Genius Bar and Apple Support are unable to solve. Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    for this I think should download sparse, ultra calendar application very simple, advanced and simplified

  • Events calendar on Mac sync iPhone or Apple Watch

    Input events calendar I have on my Mac don't sync my iPhone or Apple Watch.  Events calendar on iPhone synch to iMac.  in iCloud preference, I've marked contacts, calendars and notes.  All the work schedules.  Any suggestions?

    Option 1) update your calendars and reminders of the app of calendars:

    Open the calendar application.

    Choose View > refresh calendars.

    Try option 2) remove the account in calendar > Preferences > accounts.

    Now add back.

    Option 3) if it still fails to work, try to test in the comments or new user.


    Go to system-> Preferences, create a new user in users and groups.

    Switch to the new user by logging incoming/outgoing or use the fast user switching.

    Connection with Apple ID

    Only select Calendar for this test.

    Open calendar and test by adding an event and see if it syncs with the iPhone.

    You still see the issue?

    If so, see these steps by khati for Installation of Sierra difficulty. I suggest you reinstall Sierra again.

    If not, then the problem is in your user folder.

    Journal of the user and then Log in your user folder.

    With Calendar.app quit...

    Go to the library to the user (see below)

    Scroll to the bottom for calendars

    Place these files in the Recycle Bin

    • Calendars/calendar Cache
    • Calendars/calendar Cache-shm
    • Calendars/calendar Cache-shm

    Also in the user's library, scroll to containers. Move these to the desktop.

    • Containers/com.apple.CalendarAgent
    • Containers/com.apple.iCal

    Scroll down to preferences. Move these to the desktop.

    • Preferences/com.apple.CalendarAgent.plist
    • Preferences/com.apple.iCal.plist

    Sign out under the Apple in the menu bar.

    Open a session

    Open Calendar.app

    It's working now?

    Library of the user to see the

    The user library folder is hidden by default. In the unhide: select the Finder in the Dock. Less go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you will see the library.

    Find the library user folder

    http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/resources/0167/site/chap11.html#FindingtheUserLi braryFolder

  • Import emails .ics calendar events

    I recently updated my 5 c to 10 IOS iPhone and I can't import all events in a calendar .ics file into the standard calendar from an email app.

    Previously in older IOS, the method was:

    1. open email with the .ics file.

    2. tap on the file in .ics to display a list of events.

    3. scroll to the bottom of events and press 'Add all' and then select the calendar to which events are to be added.

    Nothing is more a ' add all ' button. I tried to add events one at a time, but appears not to half of the working time.

    I met the same problem.  I tested this by creating a file ICS w / calendar (version 8) on my Mac OS X (el capitan 10.11.6) then sent me.

    Using the default e-mail program, I can see the file but cannot add them both.  Is there another way, we are supposed to do now?

  • Badge of reminders stuck to an event

    I have this weird problem with reminders app on my Mac OS Sierra (A 16, 323). It shows always 1 number of events missed on the Red badge on the app icon in the dock, but I did not all events there at all. I cleaned up the list. I tried to discover through hidden events, find something with the search box, search backward events, use automator to delete all reminders - nothing seems to work. I have to say that I do not see reminders on my iPhone is and no badge here. It seems that this badge stuck only on my MacBook, even if all my devices are synchronized via iCloud. One more interesting thing. Recently, I did a clean install of Mac OS Sierra, and the badge is still there. So I guess that it is not a cache or are anchored related issue. When I disable iCloud in the accounts of reminders - badge will disappear, but it comes after I have activate the account again.

    I had similar problem with my calendar on Mac app. He has been linked with the sharing of the family. We have disabled the family sharing and there was a note on it in the calendar, it was a little hard to find and because of this badge has been featured on the calendar icon in the dock. When I deleted this notification - badge was gone. And I guess, badge on reminders showed up after I disabled the family sharing as well.

    Anyone had the same problem? I mean it's not critical, but this badge makes me crazy because I still think I could have missed something in list of reminders. And Googling for what it does not work with effective solutions.

    Hey there, thiaramus.

    Thank you for using communities of support from Apple!

    I see that the reminders app always shows a missed test badged on the dock, even if you have not all events there at all. I know how it is important to ensure that you do not have reminders showing if there is none. I can help you with this.

    You did some great troubleshooting so far. What I would like you to try now is to test this question in a new user account. Please see the following resource to test a problem in an another user account on your Mac: How to test a problem in another account on your Mac user

    Once you have connected the new user, please login to iCloud and make sure that reminders is enabled. Then, see if you get the same badge icon.

    See you soon!

  • Calendar of future events is not displayed

    Calendar does not show future events in the search & spotlight search also

    Welcome Kevin_lpc,

    Thanks for posting on Apple Support communities. I see that the calendar does not show upcoming events in your Spotlight search. I know how it is to have. I'll be more than happy to help.

    Take a look at this article:

    Use the search on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    In particular, take a look at the end that talks on the parameters. You want to make sure that the calendar is enabled in Spotlight search.

    Change search settings

    Go to settings > general > Spotlight search.

    From there, you can enable or disable the Suggestions of Siri and choose which applications to include in your search. For example, if you don't want to see the results of the research in your Messages app, you can deselect Messages.

    If you don't want Siri or Spotlight to suggest close places, go to settings > privacy > location Services and press Siri and dictation. Under allow access to location, tap never. Find out where you can use the Spotlight Suggestions.

    Take care!

  • Someone put an event on my calendar and yet I have not given everything the world approval.  How did that?

    SSomeone register an event to my calendar and still I have not given permission to ANYONE.  How did that?

    Hello. What is your calendar synchronized with other calendars? Gmail or Outlook for example. Could you have accepted an event from an e-mail? These are the settings > calendar > events are in Active Apps?

  • Why not the preferences of the general calendar for "the day ends at:" only offers the possibility of 'am' and not 'pm '? And alerts for an event from 14:00 activate at the right time, but it's at 02:00.

    The "day starts at:" options correctly offer options of "midnight" through time "am" to "noon". Thus the "day ends at:" should have options starting with "midi" and moments of "pm" to "midnight", but instead, they are all time 'am '.

    And alerts for an event from 14:00 activate at the right time, but it's at 02:00. Maybe it's a consequence of the above.


  • Is snooze for events calendar from iOS10?

    After the upgrade to iOS v10.0.1 has more option of repetition of the events calendar from the locked screen.

    It is some basic functions which was included in previous versions of Mayor (I think on v8.x) but now is gone...

    This will impact significantly every single business user

    Hi issac73,

    Thanks for the update to iOS 10! I see that you are unable to repeat your lock screen calendar events. Below you will find some tips on managing your Notifications while the iPhone is locked.

    Notifications on your lock screen

    In iOS 10, you can interact with notifications on the lock screen to catch up on the news, answer messages and more without unlocking your device.
    Here are a few ways in which you can view and interact with the lock screen notifications:
    To view your lock screen, press the Home button or the sleep/wake. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, pick up your device to see the lock screen.
    To respond to a notification, by sweeping left on it, and then tap answer. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, use can use Touch 3D. Just press the notification deeply, then answer.
    To open the application to answer, drag right on the notification.

    Use the Notifications on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    These tips should help you to make the most of your Notifications on your lock screen. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Have a great day.

  • OS3 no other event - even though there are events

    I installed os3 on my Apple Watch, but the face displays "No. more Events" despite the fact that there are a lot of events.  How to view my upcoming events?


    It can help restore your sync data:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go: Watch My (tab) > general > reset > tap reset sync data.
    • The process runs in the background (invisible to you), allow a minute or two later.
  • iMovie 10.1.2 media imported not in events

    iMovie on Macbook pro mid 13 "mid 2012 10.11.6 OS 10.1.2 I spent several evenings import of media from a digital camcorder.  All imported media appears in various projects on the page of the project window.  Can I review and change.  But this isn't in the event library and the project does not appear in the movie library.  There are old imported items in previous iterations of iMovie.  I'm totally confused.  I tried to read the documentation.  Also, I don't get the dialog to select a theme.  I tried to create a movie in a new library on a new disc and still can't find a media.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi, KathleenH,

    Your projects appear in the form of projects, which means they are in your iMovie library.   In Finder, click your movies folder, and then Ctrl-click on the iMovie library folder, then display the contents of the package.   You should then see a list of all your projects.  Do not disturb or change anything either or you disrupt the structure of the library and potentially cause corruption of the library.

    In iMovie itself, go to the media browser and select iMovie library in the pane displayed on the left of your screen.  Click on the small triangle to the left of the iMovie library menu item and must display a list of your projects as well.  It cannot present all of them, but no matter.



  • Making clips composed of a browser-problem event

    I have been slow (1 hour or more) video on a go pro and import it in FCP to edit; my go splits pro 1 hour long video into several separate clips (usually 4), and after them get into final cut PRO, so I have to combine them into a single file once again, I am using compound of clips.  The fastest way to do it, I think, is to select clips in the browser of the event, right click and create a clip made up; However for some reason any when I do that one or more clips in the compound clip are generally reduced much, so I have to open the item in the timeline and restore clips concerned so that they are at their full length.  Anyone know why this is happening and how to prevent it?  I can work around it is but it is annoying to have to do.

    Don't know why this is happening. Out of curiosity try to make an empty compound clip, opening and adding content. The same thing happens?

  • All my photos/events before 2013 are missing from iPhoto.

    All my photos/events before 2013 are missing from iPhoto. I checked the record events on the left. Can someone help me locate the photos? My MacBook Pro is up to date OS x 10.11.6

    What has changed since they were here?

    Given virtually no details the best guess is that you have several libraries of liPhoto - hold down the option key when launching iPhoto and see how many libraries are there in the window that appears choose library - test each of them to see what it contains


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