WMP can play some mp4 files, impossible to read some, how do I solve this problem?

I use WMP version 12.0.7600.16667.

It can play mp4 files (so must have installed the codec requirred file), but cannot be played some I downloaded from youtube.

How can I fix it?

Help, please.


In general, MP4 is just a file extension, and the codec used for encoding defines the format.

But as you say it is downloaded from YouTube, the issue isn't with the WMP (or any other player). If you use Internet Download Manager or YouTube Downloader or any other software, the problem occurs. This is due to changes made by YouTube in their Web site. Update the version of the software was found to solve the problem.

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    I'm trying to make a DVD on Windows Movie Maker, but some of the clips won't play during the slide show, is there a way to solve this problem? I tried the reset, I tried to put videos a few times more, but whenever I play, a clip works very well, because it progresses and plays for the next clip, it appears white, but if I play the clip in an individual file, it works fine. Help, please.

    Just some thoughts...

    It may be useful if you are going to... Tools / Options / Compatibility tab...
    and uncheck all filters.

    Also... it might be a compatibility problem with your source files...
    (videos / photos / music files)

    Several formats are apparently compatible with
    Movie Maker, but the most reliable choices are:

    Photos - bmp
    Video - wmv or dv - avi
    Music - wma, wav, wmv

    Also... If it is a large complex project, you could have a system
    the question of resources. The answer would be to create
    more modest projects.

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • I try to download an MP4 file in FCPX and get this message "no Importable none of the selected files or folders can be imported." "Changing the selection and try again" does that mean and how do I solve this problem?

    I get the "No importable files" message when I try to download a webinar for editing mp4 file. I have try the MOV file and still no change.

    IS the file on the computer? Are you using the FCP import window? You can open the file in QuickTime format? If you can't that means the Inspector's report?


  • my windows media player won't let me play movies or download them.i cannot find a way to solve this problem.

    I use vista home 64.eu if I try to use another media player you need on my entire system. I hope someone can help me.thanks.

    Hi Kathy,

    What happens when you try to play or download them? Nothing at all? You get an error message? If what makes say exactly Word for word including all codes? What version of WMP are you using?

    Despite your comment about other media players "support for the entire system" (what means exactly what it means and what other media players are helps you - names and versions)?, I would suggest you download and try free VLC Media Player: http://vlc-media-player.en.softonic.com/.  He helped a lot of people with problems WMP.

    If it does not or you do not want to use a different media player, so you know when this problem started?  Try a system restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem started.  Here is the procedure: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/76905-system-restore-how.html.  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points.  If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re - install any software and updates that you have installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for updates.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • My address bar, my headers file, editing and tools have also disappeared, how do I solve this problem?

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    Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, then open view > toolbars and select menu bar and the bar of Navigation, so that they have a check mark.

  • Some applications (Soundcloud, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram) are not to say that I have a wifi connection when I clearly one. Why is this and how do I solve this problem?

    As I said, some applications are not I have an Internet connection when I do really. YouTube and Instagram both of my loading workflow error messages, Tumblr went to appear in messages on my dashboard at least a week to not show anything on my dashboard and Soundcloud would not load completely. I tried to reset all my default network connections and had to redownload all apps - but who does more, and now I'm stuck being connected on all of them (with the exception of YouTube, which is back to square one (I think)). We are dealing with issues with low storage because of the cloud is all messed up, so maybe she's the one, but I'm not sure. Anyone could try to guide me through fixing this? Thank you

    Hey there dubstepspacecatjr,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! From the sound of things, you experience problems connecting to the internet in specific applications on your iPod touch, such as YouTube and Instagram. You also tried to reset the network settings and reinstall applications, which are key steps in troubleshooting. I can certainly understand the importance of being able to access the internet in order to get most of these applications. I'll be happy to take a look at it with you.

    The first place wherever I would like to first of all is the use of this article:

    If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi - Fi network


    If you haven't already done so, good insulation should see if this connection within these apps problem persists when you use cellular data. In addition, check that you are able to browse and connect to Safari on your iPod.

    In addition, you do not want to look at the backup and restore of your iPod as a new device. From there, you can reinstall the applications and see if the same thing happens. This will help to rule out existing issues/corruption of software.

    The following items have the steps on how to create a backup in progress, but also to restore your device to factory settings:

    How to back up your device using iCloud or iTunes


    How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore from backups


    Have a great rest of your day!

  • I can read a music cd and listen to music through my speakers but no sound at all sites online that I visit, like youtube or video clip, what would make this, and how then I solve this problem?

    I put a music cd in my lap tray, he plays very well & I hear the music.

    But when I go online to watch a music video, the video is playing, but no sound.

    I tried to adjust my audio device as the default device, but when I hit apply, it does'nt apply.

    It's frustrating to watch a video clip with no sound.

    Any info on how to repair or fix this would be appreciated.

    Hi marcelfauteux,

    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. what web browser do you use to access the Web sites?

    3 when was the last time it was working fine?

    4. are you able to view the videos on Web sites?

    See the link below and run them the fixit tool available, check if it helps.

    Diagnose and automatically repair audio playback problems


    See the link below and run the fixit tool that is available only if you use Internet explorer as your web browser.

    Playing video files crashes or blocking Internet Explorer or Windows


  • After reinstall Window Vista 32 bit, I can't move the slider to increase the resolution of the screen, how do I solve this problem

    My Dell Inspiron 530 sudenlly crashed, I could not start it. I called for the support of a group that I paid for. Technicians helped me start the PC, but they could not fix the screen resolution: in the display settings window, the cursor is on the left end of the bar, the low position and could not be moved. The technician finally asked me to save the folders files and reinstall Windows Vista. After the relocation, the screen resolution problem persisted. Technicians then reformat the HD, then reinstall Windows Vista again, the result was the same. We cannot change the resolution. Help, please.

    Hello Selim,

    I suggest to update the drivers for graphics cards and drivers from the chipset from the manufacturers Web site.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly
    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly
    Troubleshoot monitor and video card

  • Windows Media Player will not play the .mp4 files after installation IE10 - BEX error message

    Hello! Recently, when I tried to read a file .mp4 on Windows Media Player, the player would immediately stop working and tell me that he could not play this type of file, even if the day before he could do so without any problem. I had an option to close the program or click to more information, so when I clicked for more information, he gave me this:
    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: BEX
    Application name: wmplayer.exe
    Application version: 12.0.7601.17514
    Application timestamp: 4ce7a485
    Fault Module name: StackHash_0a9e
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception offset: 00000000
    Exception code: c0000005
    Exception data: 00000008
    OS version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional information 1: 0a9e
    More information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional information 3: 0a9e
    Additional information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Back to a system restore point previous fixed the problem and I could again play the files in Media Player, but during the night that Windows updates installed and the morning I could not play these .mp4 files once more. So I restored to a point earlier, changed my updates so that they are is more automatic and by installing each day at a time, I finally isolated the problem in Internet Explorer 10. If I install that, just Windows Media Player will not play these files.
    I tried a manual update of Internet Explorer 10, turn off all the options of toolbars shit and everything, thinking that when it automatically installs those who may be included, but that has not helped. Had to go back to my previous IE10 restore point. So no matter what, Internet Explorer 10 kills my ability to play .mp4 on Windows Media Player files.
    I don't have toolbars running on IE9 at all.
    I know that's obvious answer is 'do not install Internet Explorer 10' or if I do, download another player for .mp4 files. But the fact is, it shouldn't happen, it is indicative of something being wrong, and I would like TO be able to install Internet Explorer 10 AND use Windows Media Player to play these files. If someone else has had this problem, or know a way to fix it?
    Here are my system specs:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    Intel Core i5 - 3350P @ 3.10 GHz CPU
    ASRock H77M LGA 1155 motherboard
    8 GB DDR3 240 - Pin SD RAM
    Diamond Radeon HD 7870PE52GV 7870 GHz video card
    And all my programs are installed on this:
    SAMSUNG series Pro 840 MZ-7PD256BW 2.5 "256GB SATA III MLC internal Solid State Drive
    I'd appreciate any help you can provide! Thank you!!
    It sounds like your question. I think you should uninstall this update and
    hide and see if that solves your problem. Please report.
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
    Please mark as answer if that answers your question

    I tried myself after experiencing the same problem and error code. I uninstalled the KB2670838 update, and then my Windows Media Player finally worked again. I also found that IE 10 must be uninstalled as well. Installation of IE 10 also automatically installs the update of KB2670838 platform. After uninstalling KB2670838, IE 10 automatically uninstall with it, better you hide two updates so that they do not install again. From the link in the previous post, I learned that the platform update is having problems of conflict with the AMD drivers. Good luck to you and hope this helps.

  • Error "uh oh, the stage of rendering impossible.". Some features may be disabled. "pls help to solve this problem. Can't function without it

    Cannot use the extract error is: "uh oh, step of rendering impossible.". Some features may be disabled. "pls help to solve this problem. Can't function without it

    The forum of the extract is HERE.

    From the looks of things on this forum, you are not the only one having this problem now. Maybe someone will have an answer.


  • Why are the MP4 files I produce 'protected '?  How can I disable that?

    Why are the MP4 files I produce 'protected '?  How can I disable that?  In its current form, I can't open these files MP4 'protected '.

    Is there a setting in the process of file conversion project Pro first to MP4 I can change to prevent this?

    I have an Apple MacPro and spin the Creative Suite 5 production premium.

    Here is the screen shot which leads me to believe these files is 'protected '.

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    Matt Dubuque

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    There is no kind of protection added by Premiere Pro, so that if anything it is a Mac issue.  My guess would be something to do with permissions.

  • I tried to backup my iPhone several times. I get a message indicating that some files were not available at the time of the backup. How can I solve this problem?

    I attempt to backup my iPhone several times and it does not backup. I received a message stating "several files were not available at the time of the backup. How can I solve this problem?

    Hello Lope8725,

    Looks like you are trying to backup either iCloud or iTunes, but you have found an error on files being unavailable. Can reply you with the exact wording or a screenshot of the message you are getting?

    In the meantime, you can solve the problem with either of those two sections depending on whether or not it's iTunes or iCloud:

    If iCloud backup could not be completed or if you can not restore


    If your iTunes backup could not be completed or you cannot restore from a backup

    See you soon!

  • There are ten virus adware and malicious software attempting to invade my files; If you follow prompt to "remove all", nothing happens. How can I solve this problem?

    There are ten virus adware and malware that have file names tries to invade the following files: my dovument (7), Shared (6) and Local C drive files (78); If you follow prompt to "remove all", nothing happens.  There are three flashing warning signs alert me of evil potentiial for files named above. How can I solve this problem?


    We need more information. What antivirus do you use? Don't forget to contact support
    and forums. If the MSE a response - MSE here on answers forum. What version of Windows
    you use. It might also help if you named the malware involved.

    Please provide all the information we need to help us help you.

    How to ask a question


    This troubleshooting is for Windows 7 - Vista is similar - for XP using RUN instead of
    Start - Search.

    If you need search malware here's my recommendations - they will allow you to
    scrutiny and the withdrawal without ending up with a load of spyware programs running
    resident who can cause as many questions as the malware and may be harder to detect as
    the cause.

    No one program cannot be used to detect and remove any malware. Added that often easy
    to detect malicious software often comes with a much harder to detect and remove the payload. Then
    its best to be thorough than paying the high price later now too. Check with them to one
    extreme overkill point and then run the cleaning only when you are sure that the system is clean.

    It can be made repeatedly in Mode safe - F8 tap that you start, however, you must also run
    the regular windows when you can.

    TDSSKiller.exe. - Download the desktop - so go ahead and right-click on it - RUN AS ADMIN
    It will display all the infections in the report after you run - if it will not run changed the name of
    TDSSKiller.exe to tdsskiller.com. If she finds something or not does not mean that you should not
    check with the other methods below.

    Download malwarebytes and scan with it, run MRT and add Prevx to be sure that he is gone.
    (If Rootkits run UnHackMe)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-right on - click RUN AS ADMIN

    Malwarebytes - free

    SuperAntiSpyware Portable Scanner - free

    Run the malware removal tool from Microsoft

    Start - type in the search box-> find MRT top - right on - click RUN AS ADMIN.

    You should get this tool and its updates via Windows updates - if necessary, you can
    Download it here.

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-right on - click RUN AS ADMIN
    (Then run MRT as shown above.)

    Microsoft Malicious - 32-bit removal tool

    Microsoft Malicious removal tool - 64 bit

    also install Prevx to be sure that it is all gone.

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put it-right on - click RUN AS ADMIN

    Prevx - Home - free - small, fast, exceptional CLOUD protection, working with others
    security programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something to come back
    here or use Google to see how to remove.
    http://www.prevx.com/   <-->
    http://info.prevx.com/downloadcsi.asp?prevx=Y  <-->

    Choice of PCmag editor - Prevx-
    http://www.PCMag.com/Article2/0, 2817,2346862,00.asp

    Try the demo version of Hitman Pro:

    Hitman Pro is a second scanner reviews, designed to save your computer from malicious software
    (viruses, Trojans, rootkits, etc.). who infected your computer despite safe
    what you have done (such as antivirus, firewall, etc.).


    If necessary here are some free online scanners to help the



    Original version is now replaced by the Microsoft Safety Scanner

    Microsoft safety scanner



    Other tests free online


    There may be necessary sanitation - which some depends on your version of Windows.
    RUJ SFC/scannow and checkdisk (CHKDSK) - if necessary to do a repair installation. For
    more information on these methods require responses - Windows Forums for your version of

    Answers - Windows Forums

    Also, be sure to provide all the information we need to help us to help you:

    How to ask a question


    For extreme cases:

    Norton Power Eraser - eliminates deeply embedded and difficult to remove crimeware
    This traditional antivirus analysis does not always detect. Because the Norton Power Eraser
    uses aggressive methods to detect these threats, there is a risk that it can select some
    legitimate programs for removal. You should use this tool very carefully and only after
    you have exhausted other options.


    If you are in North America, you can call 866-727-2338 for virus and spyware help
    infections. See http://www.microsoft.com/protect/support/default.mspx for more details. For
    international information, see your subsidiary local Support site.

    Microsoft support - Virus and Security Solution Center

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • My phone displays an error message on the startup file and it mentions the installation media, how can I solve this problem?

    Separated from this thread.

    My phone displays an error message on the startup file and it mentions the installation media, how can I solve this problem?


    See if that helps you.

    Do a Safe Mode system restore to before the problem started.


    How to access Safe Mode



    If it doesn't, try a startup repair and / or a system restore using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft

    Manufacturers recovery disks normally do not have Service Options; they are normally a relocation to the factory only settings option.

    Here is the guide to repair Options using a Vista DVD from Microsoft.

    If a friend or a work acquantance of yours has one, you can borrow and use it for repairs.


    Table of contents

    1. Overview of Windows Vista repair options
    2. How to perform an automatic repair of Windows Vista using Startup Repair
    3. Advanced Tools Overview
    4. Conclusion

    If you do not or can not borrow a Microsoft DVD there is a download of a file ISO of Vista Startup Repair available that you can put on a Bootable floppy to make the above startup repair and that the method is recommended by a large number of posters in these Forums.

    Unfortunately, you have to buy it.

    Here is a link to it:



    There are several methods to reinstall Vista.

    This can help you (download files and make your own DVDs):


    And here are instructions on how to burn ISO disk images:


    The download links and information on how to make the ISO file, and then create the Setup DVD above are at this link:

    "How to download a Vista ISO and create a Setup DVD or USB"


    "How to create a USB of Vista Installation key '



    You can contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send you a set of recovery disks.

    They should do this for a small fee.

    To reinstall Vista using their recovery disk/s, you start from the 1st recovery disk they provide and follow the manufacturer's instructions to reinstall:

    You need to change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order:

    How to change the Boot order in BIOS:


    "How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals.



    And if you have never received a recovery disk when you bought your computer, there should be a recovery on the drive Partition hard reinstall Windows how much you bought your computer.

    The recovery process can be started by pressing a particular combination of the key or keys at startup. (Power on / start)

    Maybe it's F10, F11, Alt + F10, etc., depending on the manufacturer.

    Them or us ask the right sequence of key.


    Some manufacturers have more available Vista recovery disks.

    If this happens, you may need to try this instead:

    You can also borrow and use a Microsoft Vista DVD, which contains the files for the different editions of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) must be installed. The product key on your computer / Laptop box determines what Edition is installed.

    Other manufacturers recovery DVDs are should not be used for this purpose.

    And you need to know the version of 'bit' for Vista, as 32-bit and 64-bit editions come on different DVDs

    Here's how to do a clean install of Vista using a DVD of Vista from Microsoft:

    "How to do a clean install and configure with a full Version of Vista '


    And once the operating system is installed, go to your computer manufacturer's website and get the latest drivers for your particular model or laptop computer.

    And phone Activation may be necessary when you use the above installation method.

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '


    See you soon.

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