WMP600N not work in nmode or combo with Belkin N + Router

Hey all,.

Having a problem with the products listed above.  I have ready every post I could find on the internet and forums and tried all this.  But nothing seems to work in my situation.  I installed the latest drivers, tried every channel and frequency on my router and can't get the card to operate outside the b/g mode only.  Also open running network, I did not have anyone in the range I have to worry so encryption is not a problem

I'm on Windows 7 x 64 host

Any help is appreciated.

I fixed it, had to change the bandwidth of combo 20/40 for the setting to 20.  That's after losing 30 minutes to deal with "OK have you tried restarting your computer" chat support.  Gites difficulty FTW

Tags: Linksys Adapters

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